Surrealism -

Surrealism -

Surrealism The Life and History of Salvador Dali the only difference between me and a mad man is that I am not mad- Salvador Dali By Ronan Burton Salvador Dali Salvador

Felipe Jacinto Dali, was born on May 11, 1904 in Catalonia, Spain Salvador Dali Salvador was a Spanish

painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer Salvador Dali After passing through phases of cubism, futurism, and

metaphysical painting. He joined the surrealists in 1920. Soon he became the most famous surrealist of the time Dalis artwork He said he believed that his paintings

came from an unreal dream space, which is understandable because of the hallucinatory things in them. Dalis artwork He moved to the USA

in1940 and stayed there till 1955. During that time his paintings were often on religious themes, for example, the crucifixion of saint John of the cross

The End In 1955 he moved back to Spain and died in1989

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