Sunny Spain Tourism in Spain - Geography Home Page

Sunny Spain Tourism in Spain - Geography Home Page

Sunny Spain Tourism in Spain Mr Boland Geography Changing Spain Sheep and goats reared.

Trees cut down leading to overgrazing and soil erosion Changing Spain Fruit/veg/ citrus fruits grown year round

Irrigation schemes to overcome drought SPANISH TOURISM The reason Spain is Europes most popular tourist

region has to do with Hot summers. Mild winters. Sandy beaches. Good night life. Low costs of

living. Describe the winter and summer weather (Temp/Rain/ Hours of sun) Look carefully at the temperature and rainfall. What is the mean temperature for the year. What is the temperature range Sun Sea and Sand

Hotels and apartments build beside beaches. Restaurants and discos located close to beach. Resorts are family

friendly with marinas. Niche holidays like golfing are popular in the winter for retired people

There are a lot and positive and negative impacts that tourism can have on an area. Take a look at the following images and decide what they are.

Advantages and disadvantages These jobs are seasonal. Jobs for locals in hotels. Construction jobs building hotels.

Towns are now lively and interesting. Services have been greatly improved Standard of living has increased. Land values have increased. Farms have a market to sell

their products Hotels are sometimes, unplanned, tall & ugly.

Towns have lost there culture and identity. These services are overused in summer months.

Prices for local products have increased.

Locals cant afford land for building houses Even with irrigation farming are finding it difficult to keep up with the growing tourist sector.

Advantages and disadvantages of tourism What impact does tourism have in Kenya? Advantages Disadvantages

Use these prompt words to help you complete the table. Use examples from Kenya where possible. local produce? noise? litter? income?

who benefits from tourist spending? jobs? crime? conservation? landscape?

water supply? Tourism leading to good transport and communications. Large scale tourism needs modern transport and communication

links. A lot of money is invested in infrastructures to make these better and attract more tourists.

Airports and cheap flights connect Spain to other European countries. Spanish Roads

E15 along the Mediterranean coast supplies the tourist areas with both products and tourists. Rail network connects

all major cities. Some trains operate at over 300km an hour People use this climate also for agriculture,

industries and tourism. With increased temperatures due to global warming it is expected that these areas will become hotter,

drier and will need good irrigation schemes. How Climate Influences Tourism Hot weather and

beaches attract a large amount of tourists. Thousands of people are employed in the tourism industry. How might people

be employed in the tourism industry??? EXAM QUESTION ``

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