Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) - Mike McMahon

Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) - Mike McMahon

Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) A presentation for the Board of Education May 8, 2007 Background SIM comes from the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (CRL) Founded in 1978, the Centers mission is to dramatically improve the literacy performance of students

considered to be at-risk for school failure through research-based interventions CRL believes Role of content teachers: teach content and reinforce literacy Reading intervention: reading teachers use

research-based programs to teach Integration with other successful programs Professional development tailored to meet the needs of the school Leadership=school based literacy leadership team AUSD Story 1989: Special education teacher receives training in SIM instructional methods

1990-1995: SIM implemented within Special Education and General Education; individual teachers receiving training, but no systemic support in place 1995-2000: professional development across the SELPA; 2000-2006: school wide application at Woodstock Elementary 2001: CRL-KU staff member worked with administrators to develop a district plan AUSD Story Encinal High School Content Enhancement & Learning Strategies Summer Institute 2006

Instructional Coaching 2006-07 Alameda High School & Island High School Literacy lead teacher from each school attende dthe Learning Strategies Summer Institute 2006 and implemented a SIM reading class Chipman Middle School History, Science, & Elective teachers learning Content Enhancement Routines Strategic ELA teachers & implemented reading strategies Wood Middle School & Lincoln Middle School Dialoguing with professional developers From Richard Elmore

School Reform for the Inside Out; Policy, Practice, and Performance Encouragement and support, access to special knowledge, time to focus on requirements of new tasks, and time to observe others doing itfour basic principles of broad-scale reform. Content Literacy Continuum: Developing Systems Leading to Aligned Literacy Instruction in Secondary Schools

All students will have the skills to listen, speak, read, and write and strategies necessary to learn in each of the academic disciplines. Enhanced content instruction: all students Embedded strategy instruction: strategies to access text across content areas Intensive strategy instruction: Fusion or Xtreme Reading program; DISSECT, PENS Intensive basic skill instruction: REACH Therapeutic Instruction: Speech/Language Strategic Instruction Model Content Enhancement Routines

Learning Strategies Strategic Tutoring District-wide Coherent Focus on Adolescent Literacy Improvement

All 6-12 schools 70 teachers to the Summer Institute 70 teachers for ongoing coaching support throughout 2007-08 Focused efforts on building courses of study based on data; alignment of general & special education Focused efforts are built into master schedule Administrator training seminars during the year Building District infrastructure: Secondary Literacy Leads, Development of AUSD SIM Professional Developer cadre

Sustainable Investment for AUSD Students U.S. Department of Education Grant District-wide focus qualifies us for multiple grants to sustain this focused effort Research and Implementation grants to financially support Year 2 and beyond

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