State of Minnesota Sample PowerPoint Template

State of Minnesota Sample PowerPoint Template

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement Solving Problems that Change Lives Manager and Supervisory Core 2017 MN Office of Continuous Improvement Minnesota Department of Administration | Why are you here? Introductions: Starting with WHY 2 What Does Your Why have To Do With CI?

Why 3 Why Are We Here? We, who serve in government, have an important obligation to improve how it works. Our state government must provide better services, more efficiently, and at lower costs. People who live and do business in Minnesota rightly expect government to work faster, better, and more efficiently. Governor Mark Dayton, October 2011 4 We Dont Work Alone!

5 What is Continuous Improvement (CI)? Tools and methods to help us (figure out how to) work faster, better, and more efficiently and effectively! We call it Solving Problems that Change Lives 6 Continuous Improvement! 1913: Economy and Efficiency Commission

1963: New Dimensions for Minnesota 1984: Strive Towards Excellence in Performance (STEP) 1992: Commission on Reform and Efficiency 1999: Big Plan 2004: Drive to Excellence 7 Why Do (Should) we keep trying to improve?

Status Quo lity i b performa ta nce expec n u Increasing customer expectations o tations c e c c

r o ra workf g e n i k t n i budgets r a c ti

Sh a t s e r o r Declining rg Agin o f g pop ure cy Increa ulatio

s s e sing e n r n e p r mploy a c i p l ee reti

s b remen Pu tran t rate d an Increasing Sense of Urgency for Change! 8 Why Should CI Be Important To Me? Improve Customer Satisfaction Better service experience

Increase Employee Engagement Great innovations come from everywhere Enhance Quality Less rework Reduce Costs Reinvest in other areas ROI

Return on Investment (ROI)! 9 Why Should CI Be Important To Me? CI supports the inclusion of staff and customers based on experience with the process and regardless of background Reduces Bias Requires Diversity of Thought Needs us ALL!

CI is about Equity, not Equality 10 Great! How Can I Make CI Happen? CULTURE Organizational and team culture can encourage or discourage continuous improvement Culture Managers and supervisors have a huge role in creating organizational and team culture! Were going to talk about how you can cultivate a culture that supports CI! 11

A CI Culture Wants to see problems Champions those who identify them Works to fix problems without blame Includes customers and staff in improvements Celebrates fixing problems 12 Are You Really So Important? Yes! Top 3 Reasons People Quit Top 3 Reasons People Stay Chance to Innovate People

Variety in work Skills Not Used Boring Work Manager/Boss You Have The Power! 13 Howyou can you fostera aculture cultureofofCI? CI?

How can OTfoster N Bonus (With Reverse Brainstorming!) (With Bonus Reverse Brainstorming!) -Seth Godin Where do you work? 14 Safety, Its About More Than Injuries!

15 You Have The Culture, What Now? Improvements! ? Culture That Supports CI 16 The Important Effort Balance Everyday Improvements Major Projects

Manage Manage m Tracking Time Expertis e More Small Efforts ent ment

Tracking Time Expertis e Fewer Large Efforts 17 It Doesnt Have To Be (So) Complex! Activator, not Administrator! 18

Be Strategic The (project) Why Plan and execute projects focused on key goals that close the performance gap You cant do it all! 19 Remember, ROI needs R and I! If you dont have the resources to implement improvements you might not want to spend the resources on identifying improvement opportunities. If you dont know what success looks like

its difficult to know when you get there! If no one is responsible no one gets it done. 20 Your Role Problems are gold Listen and Respond Be Brave! Be Bold! You Have the Power!

Be Strategic Circle of Safety 21 Our Role Project management and implementation Project tracking Awards Culture

Results Solving Problems that Change Lives Leadership training Culture assessments (BGCI Index) Capacity 22

Learn More CI Tools and Methods Training n m I C / v o g . If you get at least 15 people together, well come to you: FREE

MNCI Newsletter CI Community of Practice MN Public Sector CI Yammer Community 23 Thank You! Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement | [email protected] | @CI_Minnesota Solving Problems that Change Lives. 24

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