St. Michael-Albertville School District Benefits

St. Michael-Albertville School District Benefits

Contract &Benefits NON-LICENSED EMPLOYEES 2017/2018 Casual Employee / Coach / Advisor / Event Worker / Seasonal and Temporary Worker User name: 14lastname Password: last 4 of SS # Paraprofessional / Custodian /

Nutrition Services / Clerical / Tiger Club Username: Your network login Password: Your network login password Click Change Status to clock in and record your work hours. Click the Time Off Days to request time off. (be sure to allow pop-ups) Click My Profile to review your profile

information. Click the Payroll Check History to view payroll information. AESOP Time off & Sub Request Time off requests submitted in AESOP Subs also requested in AESOP Password Passport has instructions; handout with detailed instructions are in

your folder ID: Your buildings phone number; PIN: your employee ID number Fridley Public Schools Employee Guidelines for Public Social Media Networks Social networking sites can be powerful tools for sharing information and building community around important topics. The use of public social networking sites can present challenges for educators. Employees using personal accounts on public social media networks should consider the following guidelines:

Protect confidential information (FERPA/MN Govt Data Practices Act). Use District provided tools to conduct school-related business (District provides multiple resources for communicating with parents and students with the expectation that staff will use those tools). Post responsibly (be sure that all content associated with you is consistent with your work and with the Districts beliefs and professional standards). Keep work and personal activities separate (accessing personal social media accounts during work time or on District systems and equipment is prohibited). Master Agreement Information Sick/Vacation/Jury Leave (see your master agreement/letter of assignment)

Must submit documentation for jury duty & payment for jury duty service Subpoenas If you are subpoenaed, scan or interoffice mail subpoena to Jennifer Claseman, Director of HR, immediately. Need Help Selecting Your Health Insurance Plan? Enter the following information: Group Number 3138

Site Number 0 Effective date of your insurance From there you can enter cost information, medical providers, prescriptions, family members, etc. and the system will let you know if your providers are in-network/out of network on the different plans OR Find out if your doctor is in your network here: District networks are listed on the Benefits Plan Summary sheet on the prior slide/in your folder. Premiums and prorations of district contribution set by your contract/letter agreement

Other Benefits Health Partners Dental Insurance (see your master agreement/letter of assignment for details) Long Term Disability LTD benefit provides 70% of basic annual salary in the event of disability caused by sickness or accident; waiting period for this benefit is 60 calendar days. The premium for the plan will be paid by the employee through payroll deduction. All eligible employees must participate in the plan (see your master agreement/letter of assignment for details).

Life Insurance The District provides a group term life insurance policy on the life of all eligible employees (see your master agreement/letter of assignment for details). Other Benefits (contd) Flexible spending Daycare flex spending account Medical flex spending account 403(b) matching annuity Eligibility for match determined by your master contract/letter of agreement

May begin 403(b) contributions before being eligible for the match, forms available on the Intranet @ Employee Resources/Payroll and Finance/403(b) Forms Employee Assistant Program 1-866-326-7194; text US HPEAP and concern to 919-324-5523 or; password Fridley Online Benefits Enrollment http://enroll.corphealthsys.c om Step 2: Login using the following:

User ID: Use the user name that was provided in the email this document was attached to (all one word, all in lower case) Password: frid0715 The User ID, and password are CASE SENSITIVE, they must be entered as lower case.

Step 3: Change your password and log back in: On your first login you will be prompted to change your password. Follow the instructions on the screen. Step 4: Review and accept the Terms and Conditions of the enrollment: You must review and accept the terms and conditions in order to

proceed with the enrollment. You will be guided step-by-step through the enrollment process, just follow along, enter the required information and click GO TO PERSONAL DATA button in the dialog box to update your personal information. Step 5: Update your Personal Information:

Step 6: Update your Dependent Information (If any): Make any necessary changes to your dependent information. Select the ADD DEPENDENT button to add a dependent. You must enter complete information for all dependents that you intend to cover under the benefit plans. Click the radio button next to an existing dependent to edit that dependents personal information. When dependent information is completed click on the GO TO ELECTIONS button in the dialog box to review/update your elections. Step 7: Make Plan Elections. Make any benefit changes by using the drop down boxes by any coverage that indicates select option. See below screen print. Note: Any coverage with ext to the name has a link to more information about the plan.

Dont forget to press the button. When your benefit elections are completed click on the Calculate Premiums radio button, this will show both your monthly costs and Districts monthly costs for 1.0 FTE emp ep 8: Select a Reimbursement Method. ect your reimbursement method; enter banking info if you want direct deposit. Press the button to save your elections. Step 9: Debit Card.

You are automatically enrolled and will receive 2 cards if you elect to enroll in a Flexible Spending Health Care or a Flexible Spending Limited Scope account and/or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). When you have read the debit card information, press the button to continue to the next step of the enrollment process. Step 10: Review / Change beneficiary information. Review your beneficiary information for accuracy. If you wish to make changes, do so, then press the When you have completed your beneficiary information click on button to save your changes.

button. Step 11: Confirm your enrollment. Enter your email address and click to complete your enrollment. You will then receive an email with confirmation of your elections. Should you need to make adjustments, you can return to the site as often as you wish until the enrollment period closes. Questions Jennifer Claseman

Kris Carlston Tammy Knapp Director of Human Resources Human Resources Coordinator Benefit Administrator

Fridley Public Schools Fridley Public Schools 6000 West Moore Lake Drive Corporate Health Systems, Inc./Digital Benefit Advisors Minneapolis Fridley, MN 55432 2860 Vicksburg Lane N

[email protected] Plymouth, MN 55447 6000 West Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 [email protected] Phone - 763-502-5013 Fax - 763-502-5045

Phone - 763-502-5003 Fax - 763-502-5045 Direct - 952-873-7132 Fax - 952-939-0990 [email protected] Reimbursement Email and Fax: [email protected] 952-939-0990

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