S||SET - Harvard University

S||SET - Harvard University

march 31 K e v in W a lle n D e s t in y P r o d u c t io n s J a m a ic a C h a r le s N e s s o n B e rk m a n C e n te r H a rv a rd L a w

R ic h a r d R e e s e D C S J a m a ic a S ta ff S tu d e n ts S=SET

STUDENTS & STAFF EXPRESSING TRUTH with REVERENCE FOR LIFE our program has two wings curriculum architecture or our rhetorical

space Curriculum: Start with the Child Within Lego yo Mind Telling Stories Make Music Make Pictures Ask what IT Means

Lego Robotics Lego Yuh Mind Marvin Hall An introduction to programming the machine. Participants will build Lego robots and control them with instructions from the computer and send their robot on a mission. In the process students will gain an overview

of robotics, learn about mechanics, gears and sensors, and be introduced to computer programming. Storytelling, Recording, Digitizing Dawn Vaz and Anthony Ashford An introduction to self expression, interviewing and storytelling.

Participants will work in pairs to interview and record each other. Digital Music Production Wayne&Wax A Studio-style digital workshop in which participants learn to

produce and edit music Digital Audio Video Production Amilcar Bradford & Chemist A Studio-style digital workshop in which

participants learn to produce and edit music videos Chemists Picture

What Would You Do? Charles Nesson and Kevin Wallen Participants will explore and discuss scenarios posing problems of situational ethics chosen to enhance values of professionalism and respect.

Architecture: Create Balanced Rhetorical Space and Fill IT with Energy and Love Build a Balanced Radio Environment, with balance built into structure, not censorship Build a Balanced Classroom with civil norms technologically expressed Build a Base of Support among Beneficiaries of Development

Reach Out The radio environment and its purpose using the skills we acquire to build our environment balance in rhetorical space videos to teach improvement in our process studies of what our old process is

The classroom environment and its purpose learn digital skills within moderating structures engage in creative expression participate in research to improve process discover individual and collective identity fine andgive the best you have to offer peace and respect

Base of Support: Who benefits from Development? We convene an Executive Education Seminar and Program for Beneficiaries of Development with request that they reciprocate We offer concerts and other entertainment.

Reach Out September 2005: SSET CyberSchool Inauguration, Jamaica Date TBD: SSET Executive Education Seminar, Jamaica November 18, 2005: Presentation of the Model Invitation to the World, WSIS Tunisea Learning

Trust & Truth student digital library teaching assistant teacher

digital classroom Digital Classroom Computer Labs in each facility equipped as production labs for audio-video-text New information environment in all facilities

created by low power FM transmission and Internet amplified by video feedback by many means integrated by net Digital Library Mirrored Data Bases in Universities Open Repository offering Permanent URL for All Digital Works All Languages

Respect for the Terms of Constraint under which digital works are deposited Market commission charged on all works sold Proceeds to the benefit of those whose work is freely distributed Open Invitation to the universities and philanthropies of the world to participate Peace and Respect

links Gleaner Story on Program Press Conference Explaining Program Killings at Tower Street Tower Street Cry Father Reeces Cry dubble dubbleyou Boston Jerk

Ruffest Times Wallen Quiz first night on Gibraltar

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