Somerset Mission

Somerset Mission

SOMERSET MISSION Somerset Academy, Inc. promotes a culture that maximizes scholar achievement and fosters the development of responsible, selfdirected, life-long learners in a safe and enriching environment S - Set high expectations O - Objective M - Meaningful curriculum E - Effective R - Resourceful and responsible life long learners S - Scholars who achieve proficiency and beyond E - Evaluate continuously and use data to drive curriculum

T - Teachers who are highly qualified LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY Harrogate, TN Application Fee waived for SCPA students In state tuition offered Bachelor of Science Associates of Science in Nursing Athletic Training Bachelor of Science in Nursing Social Work Bachelor of Business

Administration Environmental Science Accounting Marketing Veterinary Health Science Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts Art Media Communications Business Political Science ATTENTION SPARTANS The bus loop gates and the gates by the office are to be kept closed between 8:15 and 3:30. Juniors and DE Students: Dont forget to sign in/ out when leaving campus, or Mrs. Rains will revoke your privileges! Please place Jimmy Johns orders before 10:45am. When dismissed for lunch, you MUST come straight to the main office to pick up your order.

Lost and found will be located in the back right side of the cafeteria School supplies are available in Guidance. Guidance Department Mrs. Hernandez (107)Grades 6-12 A-J Ms. Daigle (110)- Grades 6-12 K-Z Students are responsible for logging off the computer when they are done using it. If you do not logout and someone else misuses the computer, you will be the one facing consequences, not that other person. INTERESTED IN helping out on PROM COMMITTEE? Contact Mrs. Zirger or email [email protected] -1 unexcused tardy earned between classes = 1 detention -1st period tardy if you are a bus rider = 1 detention* *unless the bus is late arriving to school -3 unexcused tardies from parent drop off = 1 detention DO NOT. . . Hang out in the stairwells or on the second floor during lunch. Chew gum. DO NOT BRING GUM! Go on the basketball court with a skateboard! Use the elevator without approval from the office. Leave campus if you are a Middle Schooler, Freshman or Sophomore (Except for DE students)

Allow an underclassmen in your vehicle without prior permission, or you will lose all privileges for the remainder of the school year. Throw anything off the balcony. Throw anything from the ground level to the 2nd floor. Eat or carry food over the basketball court or turf field Litter or leave garbage around at lunch Hang out by the wavy wall side or behind the basketball court bleachers Play football on campus Hang on or grab the basketball nets/rims LUNCH EXPECTATIONS The lunch line will stop selling food after 12:10. Do not wait until lunch is almost over to get your food No Earbuds at the food line. The cafeteria staff needs to communicate with you. Pushing or skipping will result in disciplinary action. Pick up after yourself. Dont be surprised when the cameras catch you

Do not run in the cafeteria or spill out area. Do not eat or carry food over the basketball court or turf field! HOLIDAY CANNED-FOOD DRIVE November 5th-16th, 2018 All cans collected will be given t r a e h a e v a !H to Sarahs Kitchen n a c a Each homeroom will have a box Bring

<3! for the collection of the cans y l l a NHS members will come around e r e l p o e -P to pick up cans t i d e e n Homeroom class with most

collected cans will be awarded --SPONSERED BY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY with a PIZZA PARTY. Dual Enrollment Spring Term Are you interested in doing dual enrollment this SPRING? If so, please make sure to follow these instructions. Potential DE students: Students Currently in DE: 1. You must have a 3.0 unweighted GPA You must have 4 HS credits by at the end of Fall 2. Must take and pass the PERT in order to start DE Fill out an advisor request form found in the main office 3. and turn it in to Mrs. Hernandez/ Ms. Daigle with 4. PERT

scores 5. Wait to be called down by Ms. Daigle/ Mrs. Hernandez to do paperwork/ register 1. 2. 3. 4. Update your guided pathway at IRSC with your advisor Fill out an advisor request form found in the main office and turn it in to Mrs. Hernandez/ Ms. Daigle Add classes to your mypioneer portal Wait to be called down by Ms. Daigle/ Mrs. Hernandez to do paperwork/ register Spring registration is open from October 30, 2018 December 12, 201 NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Last name breakdown: A-J Hernandez K-Z Daigle

z Club Schedule Student Government Association (SGA) Meets in 224 on Tuesdays Drama Club- Meets on Tuesdays after school Fashion Club- Meets on Tuesdays in 122 GSA- Meets on Wednesdays in 232 during lunch Duly Noted- Wednesdays afterschool in room 222 Magic! The Gathering Club meets after school Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 in room 132. Reptile Club-Meets Thursdays afterschool from 3:35-4:30 in 247 French Club- Meets Thursdays afterschool from 3:35-4:35 in 124 First Priority- Meets Fridays in 232 during lunch Asian Pop Culture Club- Meets in 232 afterschool on Fridays FFEA Club- (next meeting for FFEA is on 11/28 at 3:45 in room 122) If you would like to add your club to this list, please email [email protected] with the day, time, and location of your club. z

Tutoring Schedule Monday: English/Language Arts- Lunch and Afterschool Tuesday: Math- Lunch and Afterschool Wednesday: Social Studies- Lunch and Afterschool Thursday: Science- Lunch and Afterschool Girls Soccer Practice Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:00 Boys Soccer Practice Wednesday and Friday from 4:30-6:00 Both practices will be at Bayou County Ln, PSL, 34983. *There are still slots open for girls soccer. If you are interested, come out to practice today or Thursday.* z

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