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ACADEMIC LANGUAGE What is it? Tier 1 vocabulary is all words of casual, daily speech (usually only difficult for students who are learning English as a second language). Tier 2 vocabulary (or academic vocabulary) exposes students to multi-meaning words that transcend all content areas.

Tier 3 vocabulary is domain or discipline-specific and should be encountered in the content-area classroom in an authentic context. Examples Tsunami Example Tier 3: tsunami, wave-lengths, latitude, harbor wave, peninsula

Tier 2: impact, immense, towering, relatively, devastation, convert, adapt, capsize Tier 1: power, local, motion, speed, water, season, injury Importance of Tier 2 Vocabulary in Student Learning They are highly generalizable across all content areas (multidisciplinary learning). They require deliberate effort to learn,

unlike Tier 1 words. They are far more likely to appear in written texts than in speech (close reading skills). They represent subtle or precise ways to say otherwise relatively simple things. They are seldom scaffolded in depth by Example Frayer Diagrams What is it?

Importance in Student Learning Academic Vocabulary Examples Characteristics/Facts/ Properties or Non-Examples WORD

WHAT IS IT? EXAMPLE CONNECTIO N Foldables Picture Concept/Term Pronunciation

Part of Language Definition Formula Use the term in a sentence that provides context. A C R O S

T I C S Acrostics are powerful memory devices that can take you to Costas second and third levels. To write an acrostic, select a key word that is central to the concept you are studying. Write the letter of that word vertically. Then make a list of companion words that describe the concept.

Find way to partner them with the original letters you wrote vertically. Topic: Sponges Key Word: Porifera P orous sacs O ssculum acts as exit for water current R eproduce asexually by budding or sexually with gametes I nternal spongocoe F our kinds of cells E xternal anatomy strengthened by spicules R egeneration of damaged tissues by amoeboid cells A nimal kingdoms simplest members

Venn Diagram Use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two Vocabulary words or ideas. The Ring of Truth Create a Ring of Truth for the assigned term or concept. Inner Circle Write the term or concept being reviewed Outer Circle List specific facts, ideas and information about the term or concept Outer Area Write down common wrong or incorrect ideas or information the Person on the Street might have about the term or concept.

Underneath the Ring of Truth, use at least 2 paragraphs to explain why the wrong ideas are incorrect and why people might have these misconceptions. Fact s Common Main Wrong Concept Ideas Info Idea

s Songs Write the lyrics of a song to a familiar tune. The song should summarize at least three key points about your topic. VOCABULARY CARDS Front Side Has a Cartoon or Diagram 1. The diagram or cartoon must have at least 4

different colors (other than black and white). 2. There should be a minimum of writing and explanations on this side of the card. Back Side Explaining the Words 3. Word (spelled correctly) 4. Link A word useful in remembering the word, the meaning should be known: often related or rhyming with the vocabulary word 5. Definition Meaning of word using terms the student understands (1 of the 3 sentences) 6. Usage Sentences The 2 other sentences helping delineate the meaning of the vocabulary word.

These should be student generated. Public Service Announcement You are charged with writing a radio public service announcement on one of the assigned concepts. 1. The PSA must be no longer than 30 seconds when read aloud. 2. The concept must be identified at least twice during the PSA. 3. The PSA must include at least 5 vocabulary terms or phrases from the current unit. 4. Each vocabulary term or phrase must be highlighted.

5. After reading of the PSA, there must be a one-sentence declaration of the organization responsible for developing the PSA. 6. Write a 2 to 3 paragraph-long explanation of how and why the PSA would influence people to better understand the main concept. Haiku and Cinquains Haiku - Poem that emphasizes nature, color and contrasts. There are three lines with syllables distributed in a 5, 7, and 5 syllable pattern. Then, write a 3-5 sentence explaining how the Haiku demonstrates an understanding of the concept or term. Cinquain Five-line poem written about a single concept, object or

idea. The five lines contain 2, 4, 6, 8 and then 2 syllables. Each line is supposed to deal with an aspect of the topic. Example: The title Describes the title. States an action. Expresses a feeling. Another word for the title. Raindrop Moisture, Falling Sustain, Nourish, Cleansing

Teardrop Diamond Dropping Earthward Dewdrop AVID Strateg y Six Steps to Better Vocabulary Instruction AVID Strategy: Mark the Text 1. Number the paragraphs in the article. As you read the article: 2. Underline key words.

3. Circle words for which you are unsure of the meaning. 4. Highlight important ideas. Put a star by ideas that could be used as evidence. Marzano, R. J. (2009). Six steps to better vocabulary instruction. Educational Leadership , 67 (1), 83-84. AVID Strategy Wingman Socratic Seminar 1s Sit in chairs in the inner circle. 2s and 3s Sit in chairs in the outer circle. RULES

1. Be courteous at all times. 2. Listen while others are talking. 3.Support all comments with evidence from the source. 4. Avoid raising your hand to talk instead jump in at an appropriate time. 5. When disagreeing with a previous comment disagree with the idea rather than attack the person. 6. Address the group when talking, not the teacher. Round 1

1s will address the question using evidence from text and using paragraph markers. Wingmen are silent. They offer support to 1s through sticky notes.: Question: What significance does the article hold for Kelly Mill? Round 2

2s will address the question using evidence from text and using paragraph markers. Wingmen are silent. They offer support to 2s through sticky notes.: Question: Do you agree with the article? Why or why not?

Round 3 3s will address the question using evidence from text and using paragraph markers. Wingmen are silent. They offer support to 3s through sticky notes.: Question: What can we do with our understanding of this article and the presentation?

AVID Strategy Closure: GIST Go to your email and complete the Google Form survey question by completing a GIST of 20 words of how you will ensure you are addressing Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary instruction in your classroom.

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