SUSTAINABLE PPD IN A VOLATILE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT THE EGYPTIAN EXPERIENCE MARWAN EL SAMMAK ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Egypt A Country in Transition Political Egypt Economic Social The Alexandria Business Association was registered in March 1988 as a non-profit, non-government organization. Alexandria Business Association (ABA) began its activities

providing support to the private sector; promoting the interests of the business community; providing networking opportunities; consolidating business and social ties and advocating the views of the members to the government. A B A A c ti v i ti e s Member Services 18 Committees Business sectors Cross Sectoral Services Development Programs

Community Development Microfinance Project Community Service Activities Philanthropic Activities Advocacy Evidence Based Advocacy (Islah, MRI) National Dialogue Subnational Dialogue Demand Driven Advocacy Microenterprise Reform Index - Issue I 2013 Islah Reform Index Issue II 2012 Position Papers 2011 Decentralization - Administrative Development Access to Finance

Islah Reform Index - Issue I 2009 Establishing ABA Advocacy Unit 2008 Problem Solving Issue Based Approach Demand Driven Advocacy Needs Collaboration with IFC Advocacy Reform in Collaboration with

Initial engagement: Collaboration with IFC, to set up a private Sector Observatory, to monitor Business Startup Streamlining project in Alexandria. Project Design: Project evolved into a full fledged Evidence Based Advocacy Project, establishing a Private Sector Observatory within ABA. Progress Over Time: Establishing an Advocacy Unit, housing a National Private Sector Led Dialogue Platform. Local to National Dialogue Using Islah Reform Index The Index was designed based on the World Bank Doing Business Policy Areas, from a local perspective.

Created to regularly measure and monitor the progress of government reforms as perceived by the business community. Contributing to improving business practices in Egypt through continuously illustrating and communicating the business climate performance, challenges, and potential. Creating a clearer perception and understanding of the nature and practices of business reform in Egypt.

It is an Index to be used for a public - private dialogue, to identify and address the agenda of reform. Islah Reform Index ABA Partners: IFC GAFI Alexandria University EBA

CCFE Cairo University ISLAH I Policy Areas Covered: 1-Starting a Business 2-Dealing with Licenses 3-Registering Property 4-Employing Workers 5-Dealing with Banks 6-Protecting Investors 7-Paying Taxes 8-Trading Across Borders 9-Enforcing Contracts 10-Exiting a Business 11-Infrastructure and Logistics

ISLAH II Islah Launch Events Small and Micro Enterprise Project ABA is considered one of the leading NGOs in the field of promoting small and micro enterprises, addressing financial inclusion. ABA started a comprehensive credit program in January 1990. The program is internationally recognized and received several awards as one of the world's best practices in Micro Finance due to the diversification of its credit programs and the innovative use of tools to achieve its objectives. Small and Micro Enterprise Project To date Total Amount lent EGP 4,898,237 - $ 1,760,798

Total No. of Loans - (Jan 2014) 2,179,737 Average Loan Size L.E. 2,130 - $ 304,4 Amount Lent - (Jan 2014) EGP 440,373,000 - $ 63,822,186 No. of Borrowers 796,847 Women Borrowers

55% Repayment Rate 98.54% Staff Members 1197 Branches 60 Branches over 6 Governorates National Level PPD Using Microenterprise Reform Index Helping diagnose and address MSME

problems that may lead to converting them from the informal to formal economy. Creating a useful tool to help the government identify development areas and creating incentives to encourage small business owners to grow their business. Giving a voice to MSMEs that face challenges for sustainability in current turbulent economic times due to marginalization and poor resources. Microenterprise Reform Index Governorates Covered Business Sector

Sample Size 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 601 Alexandria Algharbya Monofya

Elbeheira Kafr Elshiekh Manufacturing, Services Trade Micro industries ABA Partners: IFC Ministry of Trade and Industry Measuring Competitiveness: MRI Components MRI is based on WEF Competitiveness Report 1. Institutional Environment How laws and regulations affect business productivity as well as their influence on firms choosing to be part of the formal or

informal sector. 2. Market Efficiency An overview of the consumer goods, finance and labor market effect on MSME operations. 3. Business Sophistication Level of professionalism in MSME management, marketing, planning, market information utilization and competitive advantage. MRI Launch Event Egypt Doing Business Report 2014 SNDB Egypt project was in response to a request by GoE, led by the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Local Development

15 cities were carefully selected according to Subnational DB standards and in order to ensure that urban centers, port, touristic and frontier cities are represented, to allow for replication. 4 indicators (starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property and enforcing contracts) were measured in the 15 cities. Trading across borders indicator was measured in 5 strategic ports. Sub National PPD Using Egypt Doing Business 2014 Egypts performance in Doing Business 2014

Egyptian best practices compared internationally )Global Rank( )Global Rank( 149 39 Dealing with Construction Permits 105 56

Registering Property 156 103 Enforcing Contracts 128 104 Ease of Doing Business Doing Business Indicator Sustainable Private Sector Led PPD

Local Level PPD - Using Islah I National Level PPD Using Islah II / MRI Sub National PPD Using Egypt DB 2014 Partner Associations Member Base Sustaining PPD in Egypt National Level PPD Invite in coming government to set up a structured national PPD, with identified reform agenda. Expand network of alliance to include more business associations in other governorates Plan the issue of Islah III and MRI II Ensure voice of private sector and MSMEs is unified and represented in front of government counterparts.

Potential automation of survey for wider coverage Local Level PPD Utilize Egypt DB 2014 results to develop a reform agenda for Alexandria Establish and sustain a Dialogue with Alexandria Governorate and other private sector partners, to implement reform agenda. Capitalize on established Alexandria Business Council, headed by ABA, to monitor government commitment and reform process. THANK YOU

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