The French Revolution "Radical" Phase: 1792-1794 Maximillian Robespierre

The French Revolution "Radical" Phase: 1792-1794 Maximillian Robespierre

The French Revolution "Radical" Phase: 1792-1794 Maximillian Robespierre (1758 1794) Georges Jacques Danton (1759 1794)

Jean-Paul Marat (1744 1793) TODAY: The Political Spectrum 1790s: Montagnar

ds Girondists (The Mountain) Feuillants Jacobins Monarche

n (Royalists) The Jacobins Jacobin Meeting House A Jacobin Club Meeting The Sans-Culottes:

The Parisian Working Class Louis XVI as a Pig Louis XVIs Head (January 21, 1793)

he Death of Citizen Louis Cap So impure blood doesnt soil our land! Attempts to Control the Growing Crisis Committee of Public Safety [CPS] * Responsible for the pursuit of counter-revolutionaries.

That meant anyone who said or did anything that opposed the revolution. Led by Robespierre! Committee for Public Safety

Revolutionary Tribunals. 300,000 arrested. 16,000 50,000 executed. The Reign of Terror Terror is nothing other than justice,

prompt, Let terror severe, be the inflexible. Revolutionary Playing Cards A Republican Calendar

A New Republican I 1792 1793 Calendar Year II 1793 1794 III

1794 1795 IV 1795 1796 V 1796 1797

VI 1797 1798 VII 1798 1799 VIII

1799 1800 IX 1800 1801 X 1801 1802

XI 1802 1803 XII 1803 1804 XIII

1804 1805 XIV 1805 The Gregorian System returned in 1806. The De-Christianization Program 1. The adoption of a new Republican

Calendar: * abolished Sundays & religious holidays. * months named after seasonal features. * 7-day weeks replaced by 10-day decades. The De-Christianization Program

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was turned into the Temple of Reason. The public exercise of religion was banned. Those caught were often executed The Temple of Reason

Come, holy Liberty, inhabit this temple, Become the goddess of the French people. The Festival of Supreme Being A new secular The Guillotine: An Enlightenment

Oh, thou charming guillotine, Tool? You shorten kings and queens; By your influence divine, We have conquered our rights. Come to aid of the Country And let your superb instrument Become forever permanent To destroy the impious sect.

Sharpen your razor for Pitt and his agents Fill your divine sack with heads of tyrants. The Invention of the Guillotine The Monster Guillotine

The last guillotine execution in France was in 1939. The First Coalition & The Declaraton of The French plague the regimes of Europe Pilnitz fear the same may happen to them. They must act to surpress the revolution! Monarchies of Europe - if the Royal Family

is harmed, Paris will be leveled!! FRANCE 1792 1792 -1797 1797 AUSTRIA

PRUSSIA BRITAIN SPAIN PIEDMONT Marie Antoinette as a Serpent Why is she hated? She is Austrian traditional enemy of France

She does not understand the French people, especially the poor She is married to the King who has failed the French people

Marie Antoinette on the Way to the Guillotine The Assassination of Marat by Charlotte Corday, 1793 The Death of Marat by Jacques Louis David, David, Marat's colleague in the

1793 Convention, had visited him only the day before the murder, and he recalled the setting of the room vividly, the tub, the sheet, the green rug, the wooden packing case, and above all, the pen of the journalist. He saw in Marat a model of "virtue." The day after the murder, David was invited by the Convention to make arrangements for the funeral

ceremony, and to paint Marat's portrait. He accepted with enthusiasm, but the decomposed state of the body made a true-to-life representation of the victim impossible. This circumstance, coupled with David's own emotional state, resulted in the creation of this idealized image. The Arrest of Robespierre

The Revolution Consumes Its Own Children! Danton Awaits Execution, 1793 Robespierre Lies

Wounded Before the Revolutionary Tribunal

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