What can a smarter handheld operating system offer

What can a smarter handheld operating system offer

What can a smarter handheld operating system offer you as an LDAR Professional? Standards Certification Education & Training Publishing Conferences & Exhibits Chris Patterson InspectionLogic Corp.

Presenter Chris Patterson started his career in 1982 as a Particulate Air Quality Technician working in the Aerospace Industry. In 1992, he entered the LDAR industry at the ground floor as a field technician on the Texas gulf coast. Chris held a variety of positions working for monitoring service contractors, including day-to-day management of over 40 LDAR technicians. He held key positions at Essential Technologies, provider of the once popular FEMS

software for fugitive emissions. Chris is presently the Director of Technical Services for InspectionLogic Corporation, a role he has held since 2000. Chris Pattersons field experience and software expertise has been instrumental in helping InspectionLogics LeakDAS product become the worlds most popular software application for LDAR program management. With market share of nearly 80%, its very likely that the gasoline in your car had to pass through valves that are monitored using LeakDAS. When he is not doing technical support, product testing, or helping develop new products Chris enjoys camping, fishing, boatbuilding, and other outdoor activities. He is happiest when he combines all of those into a single trip and goes down a river in a homemade boat teaching his kids how to flyfish. 2

Do you have a smartphone? The first iPhone was released in 2007 and quickly dominated the entire smartphone market. The phone has gotten better and better with each release and you can do remarkable things with one of these devices. The first Android phone was released in 2008. Android grew quickly and is now the most popular handheld operating system in the world. 3 Competition is good!

When the iPhone was released I said that the most important thing about it was the change that it would force other manufacturers to make. Apple and Android are constantly adding features and capabilities and trying to make better devices. 4 Bad News! Originally introduced in 1996 (as Pocket PC), Windows Mobile has ruled the ruggedized handheld space for years. Manufacturers such as Juniper Systems, Symbol

Technologies, Motorola, and Bartec have used Windows Mobile to give us the most popular devices in use in the LDAR industry. 5 Bad News? Why is this bad news? Windows Mobile has not received an update since January of 2009. 6 Years? If you go buy a brand new Windows Mobile handset

today you are buying a handset with a 6 year old operating system. 6 Yes, 6 years. 6 years is an eternity when you look at how fast the mobile world, led by Apple and Android, has been changing. Think about that for a second. The people we employ as field technicians are carrying modern smartphones and really know how to use them well. They come to work

and we hand them a handset that has an ancient operating system and a frustrating user interface. We then expect perfection in each of their hundreds of daily inspections. 7 Time for a change It has taken years to get there but ruggedized, safety rated Android based handsets are now available! They cost less and do more than previous devices. What are some of the things they do better?

8 Finger Friendly Swipe the screen to navigate, touch buttons or icons to start actions, type with your fingers or thumbs. No more hunt and peck keyboards! 9 Screen Real Estate Android has a nice big screen, far bigger than Windows

Mobile, this makes it much easier to present information in an easy to understand fashion. Windows Mobile 640x480 Samsung Android Tablet 1280x800 10 Processor Speed Snappy. When you click a button or swipe a screen you can expect the device to respond. We like the word snappy. We dont get to use snappy

when we talk about Windows Mobile. 11 Memory Management Big datasets and complex applications are no longer an issue. 12 An example Let me give you a quick example of what we are doing

with Android when it comes to Method 21 monitoring. This is a good example of what using a smart operating system allows us to do and how it will benefit you. 13 Some background I have to first give a little background about Method 21 and time stamps. Where LDAR has been: 1) No time stamp at all 2) Single time stamps

3) Two time stamps per inspection In each of these situations we stored a single PPM reading showing only the highest PPM during the entire scan. 14 The big question? When we wrote LeakDAS Mobile 8 for Android we really wanted to use the capabilities of the new operating system. Better graphics, faster processor, real memory management, etc. So we set to work on Method 21 and asked the question, What does a Method 21 reading

look like? In other words, how do we represent the data so that you can prove you did a Method 21 compliant monitoring event? 15 What does Method 21 really say? Place the probe inlet at the surface of the component interface where leakage could occur. Move the probe along the interface periphery while observing the instrument readout. If an increased meter reading is observed, slowly

sample the interface where leakage is indicated until the maximum meter reading is obtained. Leave the probe inlet at this maximum reading location for approximately two times the instrument response time. 16 The Method 21 Graph We decided to capture every PPM for every second of the entire scan and draw it in real time on a graph*. Not only the highest PPM reading, but every PPM reading.

Did the technician go back to the point where they saw an increased meter reading? Proof that the technician actually managed the M21 Time element correctly. No gray area. *The Method 21 graph is Patent Pending 17 18 What else can we do with a smart operating system?

Tracking what was happening BETWEEN the monitoring events is almost as important as the monitoring events themselves. Android devices have a wealth of built in sensors. Camera

GPS Compass Gyroscope Accelerometer Proximity Sensor 19 What can we do with those sensors? Did the technician move between monitoring events? How far did they move? How many steps? How many feet?

What direction did they move? What direction were they facing when they logged their reading? What was the orientation of the handset? Flat on a table or being held in a hand? What did technician have for breakfast? I was kidding about one of the above items. 20 What the future holds. LTE Enabled Handsets are now available as well. That

means we can keep a full time connection back to the database anywhere you have data coverage. Imagine a scenario where you no longer had to build routes. You could use the location awareness of the handset to automatically display the components that are nearby and needing to be inspected. You could also see in real time exactly where your technician is working. 21 Windows Mobile

1996 2011 R.I.P. 22

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