Plymouth County Soil Survey Update (Extensive Revision 1990-2010)

Plymouth County Soil Survey Update (Extensive Revision 1990-2010)

Plymouth County Soil Survey Update (Extensive Revision 1990-2010) Its Done! Plymouth County Soil Survey

Size: 425,000 acres MLRAs: 149B & 144A Scale: 1:12,000 Minimum Size Delineation. 1/2 acre 34,354 soil polygons 8,656 Special spot

features Whats the Difference 1969 Plymouth Scale 1:15,840 (MSD~2.5) Gloucester Soil acreage = 35,550 Field work 1950-1963 Pre-taxonomy, soils described

to shallow depths (30 in some) Sb = Sanded muck / bog Urban areas unclassified 28 series recognized 106 mapunits No coastal/tidal marsh soils 2010 Plymouth

Scale 1:12,000 (MSD~0.5) Gloucester Soil Acres = 2,875 Field work 1989-2009 Soil Series names on cranberry beds Urban areas classified as high as possible to series 6 New Soil Series, 9 Dropped, 52 series in all. Classified to 65 inches.

Georeferenced sites 231 mapunits Tidal series, dune soils, and beach units established. Comparison 1969 Survey 2010 Survey

1969 with 2010 in Red The Plymouth Mappers Pete Fletcher* 1989 to 1992+ Jim Turenne 1990 to 2003 Meredith Ashworth 1994 to 1999 Rob Tunstead 2000 to 2010 Brian Parks 1997 to 2009

Tom Peragallo 1991 to 2008 William Taylor 1990 to 1995 Donald and Debbie 2008 to 2010 Other Mappers: Terry Schnider, Brian Lesinski, Phil Angel, volunteers and interns. Thanks to All! *Petes acres mainly on the dunes and beaches!

The Website Started 1996, one of the first soil survey WebPages. Provided update data, farmland lists, series info, data, soil description database, geophysical info Over 2 million hits since inception now SIS (Soil Information System) Developed in 1998 with RC&D one of first GIS projects to provide soil interpretive data using the updated mapping. Hundreds of copies of the CD sent out.

GPS and GIS in Field The (Original)Soil Tunnel (aka Wormhole) Developed by two volunteers from U.K (Nicky Shirt and Michael Bonner. Educational display taken to schools to teach about soils, curriculum written and interns trained.

Featured at the National Mall in Washington DC. Digital Products Soil CD with digital maps and attribute info, General soil maps for towns, catena charts, scanned atlas sheets, soil interp data. Plymouth County Soil Scientist Technical

Assistance ERT Technical Ground

Penetrating Assistance Radar Investigations Water Table Hydric Soil Workshops Monitoring Well Program Title 5England New

Workshops Hydric Soils Technical Committee (NEHSTC) Farm Bill Technical Assistance 9 County Area Basic Services RapidSoil Carbon Assessment (RaCA)

New Technologies GPR with integrated GPS Capability GPR - 2D - Peat Thickness ( Procedure developed to utilize GPS and GIS to provide detailed maps of

peat thickness in bogs. Southeastern Massachusetts Index Monitoring Well Network

Network of over 38 well sites setup in SE Mass. Town request (Board of Health Officers) / Watershed Groups Assist w/ new Soil Series definition and NASIS data population Data confirms and assists with revisions of established Soil Series definitions Info used in Hydric Soil Identification (National & Regional Keys)

Title 5 - Soil Evaluator Workshops Began in 1994 and continued through current. Sessions eductated professionals on soil evaluation for septic system siting.

Money went to District to hire contract mappers to accelerate the survey. Rapid Carbon Assessment (RaCA) Current National Initiative to

determine soil organic carbon content. Assessment uses a spectrometer to analyze the soil samples collected.

Environmental Review Team (ERT) Purpose Provide local officials, boards, and commissions with accurate natural resource information and interpretations to make wise land use decisions Project Areas: Quivet Neck, Dennis Viall Farm, Rehoboth Cole Property, Carver

Tidal flats at Quivet Neck, Dennis Hydric Soil Workshops The Workshop from hell Barnstable MA. New England Hydric Soils Technical Committee (NEHSTC)

Geo-referenced Site and Field Notes All data collected during the survey has been geo-located and the point data made available to users via WWW (Google Earth). Data includes pedon descriptions, lab sampling data, water table and climate sites, GPR

investigations, field notes. Web Soil Survey ( Also: Soil Data Mart (

Google Earth Soils Information ( drupal/node/429) Also available on Smart-Phones Google Google Thanks Rob!

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