Belfast Metropolitan College Application Guidance for International Students

Belfast Metropolitan College Application Guidance for International Students

Belfast Metropolitan College
Application Guidance for International Students
( Course details: )
1. Fill in the Application
Form. This can be
obtained from the BMC
International Office, or
downloaded at:

2. Attach a copy of your
passport/ visa, school
certificate and your final year
school/ university exam
transcript (with individual
subjects and grades), as well
as your IELTS - or other
English Language certificate and send them with the
completed application form to
the International Office at
[email protected] or
[email protected] .
If your transcripts are in
another language, they
need to be translated into

3. The Admissions
Office will send you an
email to confirm the
receipt of your
It will normally take 2-3
weeks to process your

4. If successful, we will email
you a Place Offer Letter,
offering you a place on the
course. This will include:
A Place Acceptance Form.
A request for the deposit and
payment details.
All deposits are part of your
tuition fees. For an Intensive
English Course, full fees
must be paid. Deposits must
be paid at least 7 weeks before
the first day of class.
In certain countries the visa
application process is very
intensive. Applicants from
these countries will be asked to
pay full first year tuition fees as
their deposit. These countries
include: Russia, Nepal,
Pakistan, India, Bangladesh,
Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana.

6. You apply for a T4
Student Visa (or Student
Visitor visa) in the British
Embassy in your country.
If your visa application is
rejected, you must send us
a copy of the refusal letter,
and we will refund the
deposit; we keep 100 GBP
for administrative charges.

7. When you get your
visa, please check that the
details are correct before
you come to the UK.
Please let us know when
you receive your visa and
when you are due to arrive
in Belfast. If you wish to
arrange an airport pickup
or have accommodation
requirements, please let us
know at least 7 days
before your arrival.

Deposits are only refundable if
your visa is rejected.
5. When we receive your
deposit, we will ask
applicants applying for a Tier
4 Student Visa to show their
bank accounts to make sure
they are in line with UKVI
conditions. If this is
satisfactory, we will send
you the Formal Acceptance
Letter with CAS number to:
support your Visa
provide accommodation
NB - Student Visitor Visa
letters are sent out by DHL

International Office
Belfast Metropolitan College
Titanic Quarter Building
7 Queens Road
Belfast BT3 9DT, N Ireland, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 28 9026 5171 or +44 (0) 28 9026 5192
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

8. When you arrive in
Belfast, come to see us
in the International Office
so that we can check
your passport/ visa and
complete your payment
and enrolment.
Students need to pay the
remainder of the first year
course fees before
enrolment can take
place; there is NO
instalment plan for
International students.

9. Once you are enrolled
and have your student
card, you can start going
to classes and studying
for your new future!

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