Job seeking: Finding casual and parttime jobs Presenter:

Job seeking: Finding casual and parttime jobs Presenter:

Job seeking: Finding casual and parttime jobs Presenter: Olivia Doyle International Student Advisor Employability International Student Life: Employability support Swinburne Specialist support for international students aiming to work in partnership with you to develop your employability Provide professional insights and guidance Connect you with programs, events and activities to advance your

professional career internationally and in Australia Employability road map a professional development guide for each stage of your Swinburne student life cycle More details: 2 International Student Life Employability Swinburne Monthly Employability News Regular program of employability seminars

Skill seminars Student appointments Connections Networking events Cross cultural events 3 International student employability events Semester 1 2016 Casual / part time job search Tues 15 March 3.30 pm EN205 Setting yourself up for career success Weds 9 March 12.30 pm TD121

Gaining professional experience while you study Weds 16 March 12.30 pm TD121 Essential graduate employability skills Thurs 17 March 12.30 pm TD144 Swinburne Swinburne Making career connections networking skills Mon 21 March 11.30 am TD121 Professional communication skills Tues 22 March TD144 VERBAL 11.30 am WRITTEN12.30 pm Workplace rights & responsibilities

Weds 23 March 2.30 pm BA702 Industry connections professional speed networking Weds 6 April 4.45 pm Student Lounge Australian workplace culture & introduction to Aussie Rules Football Tues 12 April 11.30 am EN203 PLUS more to come! Semester 2 Job Club Dates Thurs 3 March @3.30 pm in AGSE104 part jobs Tues 15 March @ 12.30 pm in BA507 workplace rights

Fri 8 April @ 12.30 pm in AGSE203 Thurs 21 April @ 1.30 pm in BA708 Plus more later in semester No need to register just come along Swinburne 6

Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne What well cover today What is the difference between part-time/casual work? Benefits of having a part-time/casual job How to find a part time/casual job Using SwinEmploy Your rights and responsibilities Careers and employment assistance 7

Swinburne Part-time work and casual work Casual employees: are employed on an hourly basis and dont usually get sick leave, annual leave or other benefits. Rates of pay are generally higher to make up for this. There are no guaranteed hours of work. Some additional benefits apply after a long period. Part-time employees: work fixed amounts of hours per week. They receive a pro-rata amount of pay and benefits. 8

Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne Benefits of a casual or part-time job Starts your employment history It is beneficial when you apply for professional positions It can generate work-based referees Gain employment experience Specific skills for example: handling money, teamworking Demonstrates your reliability and trustworthiness Demonstrates your ability to work as part of a team

Builds generic employability skills Communication, Customer Service, Problem Solving, Initiative and Enterprise etc 9 Swinburne Pathways from part-time or casual work to full-time employment Many professional careers begin in part-time/casual employment Front line management For example: McDonalds, Myer Banking For example: Part-time/casual customer service roles can progress to full-time banking professionals

Accounting For example: Part-time/casual accounts clerk can progress to full-time accountants 10 Swinburne Some typical part-time and casual student jobs Hospitality Waiter Kitchen hand Barista Retail Retail assistant

Customer service assistant Cashier Promotions Education/Childcare Tutor Nanny/babysitter Other Tele-marketing Market researcher Warehouse picker/packer Labourer Accounts/Administration Accounts clerk Bookkeeper

Data entry Admin Assistant Plus many more 11 Swinburne Job search strategies 12 Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne

Part-time and casual roles are: Often found through word of mouth or networking Often seasonal - summer holidays, major sporting events, Christmas Recurring (companies employ the same staff as last year) - - 13 Swinburne SwinEmploy Swinburnes online job database A range of jobs are posted on SwinEmploy including

casual/part-time and tutoring positions To access this service students must register on SwinEmploy using their SIMS username and password at 14 Swinburne Job search websites Seek Mycareer CareerOne Spotjobs Pedestrian TV Gumtree

Indeed Always take care when applying for jobs Some of these websites are free to advertise and not vetted to ensure pay and conditions comply with Australian standards 15 ) Swinburne Check out company websites directly 16

Swinburne Recruitment agencies Tend to have part-time and casual roles for employers offering multiple roles Hays Skilled Chandler Macleod Sarina Russo

Specialist agencies (industry) Listing of recruitment agencies 17 Swinburne Swinburnes preferred supplier recruitment agencies Cli cks Dixon Hoban Hudson Slade

* Provide temporary staff to Swinburne 18 Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne Networking Let your network of family, friends, lecturers, neighbours, colleagues etc know you are looking for a job they may have valuable contacts!

Remember dont ask them for a job - ask for information or referrals Keep them updated about your progress 19 Swinburne Cold calling Identify who you would like to work for and contact them directly via telephone, letter or in person More than 50% of jobs are found through informal job hunting methods! Tips: Write out a script and practice before calling Dress appropriately if applying in person Make sure you take notes of who you spoke to and when - always follow up/call back

Always be courteous and respect they may be busy and try not to take up too much of their time 20 General Cold Calling Intro Swinburne Hello. My name is ___________________________. Im hoping to speak to someone about work that might be available at _______________________. Good morning, (use their name if you know it). My name is _________. I'm calling to ask about any opportunities for work at your company.

I've got a lot of experience working in _______ and ________. Are there any suitable openings at your company at the moment? Can I send you my resume in case any jobs come up in future? 21 Swinburne Following up an email with a phone call Hello, _________. My name is _______________. Im just calling to check that you received my email with my cover letter and rsum attached. Would you like me to provide you with any further information? More great tips

22 Swinburne Other sources Newspapers (local) Job boards at major shopping centres Shop windows help wanted signs Volunteer work pathways to paid employment Industry projects can lead to part time job offers LinkedIn & social media sites 23 Swinburne

Where else could you look for part-time or casual work? 24 Swinburne Examples of training to enhance your job search Hospitality Responsible Serving of Alcohol Barista Food Handlers Certificate Aged Care Certificate III in Aged Care Bookkeeping / Accounts Excel MYOB/Quickbooks

25 Swinburne Your rights as a part-time or casual employee Conditions of Employment: Recommended rates of pay Junior wages Induction Entitlements: Breaks Minimum/maximum shifts Superannuation Workplace Health and Safety

Understanding your safety rules and procedures 26 Swinburne Your rights as a part-time or casual employee Conditions of Employment & Entitlements: Fair Work Commission Fair Work Ombudsman (Useful check your pay tool) Workplace Health & Safety Worksafe Victoria

Youth Central Great overview easy to understand 27 Swinburne Job search traps! When looking for work you need to be cautious about: Insufficient information Where you send your personal details Requests for unnecessary information People who charge you to find work Paying for a job

Commission only jobs Unpaid job trials Tip: Always keep a record of hours worked 28 Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne International students International students must be enrolled in their course before commencing work. You need a:

Tax File Number Student visa The student visa enables you to work 40 hours per fortnight during semester and full-time during semester breaks 29 Job Seeking (Part-Time/Casual) Swinburne Tips for part-time and casual resumes Include your availability for work

Weekends/evenings/semester breaks Keep your education details brief You dont need to go into great detail about your educational qualifications if they are not related to the role Target your skills to the job Reliability, customer service, team-work, cash handling Driving licence & access to vehicle Include previous basic part-time jobs Babysitting, lawn mowing, working in family business 30

Swinburne Part-Time and Casual Employment Resume 31 Swinburne Centre for Career Development services Drop in or email resume and cover letter for checking LinkedIn profile checks Interview practice Workshops & seminars Student conferences Employment services via SwinEmploy Job search video and information sheet resources Careers counselling

Comprehensive website 32 Swinburne Visit the Centre for Career Development Hawthorn office is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm Second Floor The George Building 34 Wakefield Street Ph: 9214 5360

33 Swinburne Questions? 34

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