Voyage Colony A group of settlements far from, but ruled by, the home country Vocabulary Charter

A legal document that gives permission to explore, settle, and govern land Fever To want something above everything else

English Exploration Of North America & North Carolina 1. Queen Elizabeth gave permission to Sir Humphrey Gilbert to explore and settle land in the New World.

2. They believed an English colony could be used as a base of attack against the Spanish. 3. Purpose A. Find Gold B. Liberate the people of the New World from Spanish rule C. Help the unemployed in England by sending them to America for land and work.

5. 1578 Queen Elizabeth I issues first Charter for English colonization to Sir Humphrey Gilbert 6. Sir Humphrey Gilbert A. Soldier & Explorer

B. Given charter for exploration and settlement of New World C. Poor Leader D. Dies on the trip back from failed settlement 7. Sir Walter Raleigh A. 1584 Queen Elizabeth I gives Humphrey charter to Sir

Walter Raleigh B. He was Queen Elizabeths favorite advisor C. 25 March 1584 Walter Ralegh was granted a royal patent to colonize any new lands in the name of the crown. D. 27 April 1584

Two barks, under the command of Ralegh's servants Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe, departed the west of England on a reconnaissance (survey/exploration) to North America. Philip Amadas Arthur Barlowe Bark

E. 10 May 1584 The expedition arrived at the Canaries. F. 10 June 1584 Amadas and Barlowe arrived at the West Indies, from which they departed twelve days later. G. 2 July 1584 The explorers found shoal water and smelled land.

H. 4 July 1584 The explorers sighted the North American coast. I. 4 July 1584 through 13 July 1584 a. The expedition sailed 120 English miles up the coast of North America before finding any river or entrance to the sea. b. English penetrated the first entrance they discovered and anchored 3 harquebus shots

(gun)within the haven (sound). c. After giving thanks to God, they manned their boats and went to the land next adjoining. J. 13 July 1584 Amadas and Barlowe took possession of the land. K. 13 July 1584 through mid August 1584

For two days, the Englishmen remained in the area of their initial anchorage, and conducted explorations. On the third day, they saw their first Native American. A E R G

N I D 13 & 14 July 1584 we espied one small boate rowing towardes us having in it three persons: this boat came to the Island side, foure harquebuzshot from our shippes, and there two of the people remaining, the third came along the shoreside towards us, and wee being then all within boord, he walked up and downe upon the point of the land next unto us: then the Master and the Pilot of the Admirall, Simon Ferdinando, and

the Captaine Philip Amadas, my selfe, and others rowed to the land, whose comming this fellow attended, never making any shewe of feare or doubt. And after he had spoken of many things not understood by us, we brought him with his owne good liking, aboord the ships, and gave him a shirt, a hat & some other things, and made him taste of our wine, and our meat, which he liked very wel: and after having viewed both barks, he departed, and went to his owne boat againe, which hee had left in a little Cove or Creeke adjoyning: assoone as hee was two bow shoot into the water, hee fell to fishing, and in lesse then halfe an houre, he had laden his boate as deepe as it could swimme, with which hee came againe to the point of the lande, and there he and there he divided his fish into two parts,

pointing one part to the ship, and the other to the pinnesse: which, after he had, as much as he might, requited the former benefites received, departed out of our sight. L. 15 July 1584 The next day, an English delegation was received by Granganimeo (brother of the King), who according to Barlowe The next day there came unto us divers boates, and in one of them the Kings brother, accompanied with fortie or fiftie men, very handsome and goodly people, and in their

behaviour as mannerly and civill as any of Europe. His name was Granganimeo, and the king is called Wingina, the countrey Wingandacoa, and now by her Majestie Virginia. The manner of his comming was in this sort: hee left his boates altogether as the first man did a little from the shippes by the shore, and came along to the place over against the shipes, followed with fortie men. When he came to the place, his servants spread a long matte upon the ground, on which he sate downe, and at the other ende of the matte foure others of his companie did the like, the rest of his men stood round about him, somewhat a farre off: when we came to the shore to him with our weapons, hee never mooved from his place, nor any of the other foure, nor never mistrusted any harme to be offered from us, but sitting still he beckoned us to come

and sit by him, which we performed: and being set hee made all signes of joy and welcome, striking on his head and his breast and afterwardes on ours to shew wee were all one, smiling and making shewe the best he could of al love, and familiaritie. M. August 1584 (no date cited) After completing precursory (quick) explorations and learning something about the native population of the area, the explorers departed for England, taking with them the two Indians Manteo and Wanchese.

Wanchese Manteo 8. Returned to England with: A. Local crops corn, beans, & squash B. Local animals deer and buffalo hides C. Two local natives Wanchese & Manteo D. John Whites drawings & maps

9. Results: A. January 6, 1585 named area Virginia B. Knighted Sir Walter Raleigh C. Second trip planned and financed

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