Mike Gargrave Thornliebank Parish Church (S.W. Glasgow) from

Mike Gargrave Thornliebank Parish Church (S.W. Glasgow) from

Mike Gargrave Thornliebank Parish Church (S.W. Glasgow) from Oct 2014 Clincarthill Parish Church South Glasgow (Hampden Park area) to Sept 2014 The Church and The Elderly Approx 70% of all people who attend church are 65 plus. While we strive to attract younger people, we have a responsibility to all people in our community. We make assumptions about the demography of our community, and the trend is for churches to think they need

a youth worker, which is not always the case! The Great Commission - Matthew 28: 19 and 20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age. Note The Great Commission is not age conscious, it doesnt say Go and make disciples of young folk only, although to read the mission plans for todays churches you may think that it did!

1. Clincarthill - Mount Befriending Service 2. Clincarthill - Dementia Friendly Church 3. Queens Park Football Club Chaplaincy 4. Thornliebank Refresh Cafe & The Mount Befriending Service What is it and how did it begin? The Mount Befriending Service is open to people who are 60 plus irrespective of

background, status or faith in a way that supports others agencies working with older people in the community. In Feb 2001, Mount Florida Parish Church worked through the Church, Community & Change process with Tearfund. Through listening to the community, a clear need was identified for a befriending service for older people, as many were experiencing isolation and loneliness within the community. The Mount Befriending Service

What is it and how did it begin? This community research was confirmed through discussion with the local medical centre, and the Church on the Mount Befriending Service was set up to offer support to vulnerable elderly members of Mount Florida and its environs, and to alleviate the pressures on carers, and encourage vulnerable elderly people to become involved in their local community. The service opened in 2003 and became an independent charity (Mount Befriending Service)

in Oct 2013 because of difficulties religious groups face in attracting funding. The Mount Befriending Service Aims: The service aims to promote the welfare of those residents by providing, managing and operating a Befriending Service. They are committed to working collectively with and to complement the services of other community groups, statutory and voluntary organisations. To achieve their aims, the Befriending Service

will provide the opportunity for volunteers to gain new skills and experience as well as offering encouragement and support. The Mount Befriending Service Who is eligible for the service? The service is available to those: Aged 60+ Resident of the south east area of Glasgow Who do not have adequate social or emotional support networks or are otherwise socially isolated or live alone

Who have recently been discharged from hospital or community health services The Mount Befriending Service Training for Volunteer Befrienders includes: Introduction and Background of Service and Service and Volunteer Expectations. Limits, Boundaries, Confidentiality & Communication. Relationships, Values and Attitudes, Health & Safety and Elder Abuse. Ongoing available training includes: Train the Trainer - Bogus Callers

Accredited First Aid training Awareness sessions on specific issues as appropriate. Clincarthill Parish Church A Church for the Clincarthill - Dementia Friendly Community Church

Clincarthill Parish Church was among the first churches in Scotland to gain the accreditation Dementia Friendly. This accreditation is awarded by Alzheimers Scotland to business, workplaces or organisations that have fulfilled the criteria of being Dementia Friendly. Clincarthill Parish Church A Church for the Community 1. Dementia Friendly Church was borne out of recognising a need for the

service. 2. A number of our members had spoken about how isolated they felt when their parents were diagnosed with dementia. They were given no information or support and had to care for their loved ones from a position of ignorance and fear. 3. The desire to provide a support service for carers and sufferers came from

those who had experienced having no support! Clincarthill Parish Church A Church for the Community How did we develop our Dementia Friendly Service? Doreen Watson who is a Clincarthill member, was passionate about developing a support service for dementia carers and sufferers. Doreen cared for her mother who had dementia and felt a strong sense of isolation and inadequacy, and didnt want others to experience what she had gone through. Doreen has a social work background and she contacted Sandra Shafii who is one of the four Scottish National Allied Health Professional Consultants for Dementia. Sandra helped us to set up our project and gain accreditation for the church.

Clincarthill Parish Church A Church for the Community Clincarthill drew up a covenant with Alzheimer Scotland who award accreditation to Dementia Friendly organisations. This covenant required the church to make seven commitments: 1. Run Dementia Awareness sessions for Elders, Parish Visitors and Befrienders. 2. Set up a support network from volunteers who have experienced dementia. 3. Develop intentional relationships with local community stakeholders. 4. Raise awareness of dementia among the congregation & community. 5. Raise awareness among our youth organisations through projects. 6. Agree to work with Alzheimers Scotland & NHS Greater Glasgow (Fund raise)

7. Invite Alzheimers Scotland to take a table at church and community events. Clincarthill Parish Church A Church for the Community Clincarthill signed a Covenant with Alzheimers Scotland on 21 st September 2013 and to date, Clincarthill has completed all of the seven commitments made. The Brownies and Guides, and Boys Brigade sections have all completed projects such as reminiscing books and old Glasgow DvDs and have presented them to their local care home, where 50% are dementia sufferers. A monthly film club has been established for dementia sufferers and their carers where old films are shown, refreshments are served and friendships are made. Queens Park football club have worked with the

Church to establish their Still Game club. Queens Park Football Club Chaplain Hampden Park lies within the parish boundary of Clincarthill, and I was the club chaplain for past six years. You may not think of a football club as an environment suited to mission, but I was amazed at how open Queens Park FC was to me being around the place. My normal routine was to go into the club on Thursday afternoons and after talking to the office staff, I stayed on for the Thursday evening training sessions. In doing this, I built up a good relationship with the coaching staff and directors. I attended most home games and the odd away game if it was close by.

Queens Park Football Club Chaplain Benefits of Football Club Chaplaincy: 1. Support the players and staff weddings, funerals, life crisis, affirmation. 2. The chaplain demonstrates that the club is built on good values, and this is important in a sport where its image is constantly in need of improvement. 3. The chaplain brings the church into an environment where there are all faiths and none, and players and staff can express their spirituality in a safe environment to the chaplain. 4. The chaplain can use the clubs resources as a mission tool match tickets for outreach events / youth organisations / mens groups. 5. Supporters tend to behave with more respect and restraint when

they know the chaplain is around! Queens Park Football Club Chaplain Late 2013, the club had funds to be used for community outreach and they asked me to consider what form this community outreach could take. We came up with a weekly club called Still Game. Still Game is a community program aimed at adults who are over the age of 55, and it will be an activities based club offering a diverse range of events including light exercise and excursions as well as presentations and talks and not forgetting..a cup of tea! Still Game is open to all people from within our community and will appeal to both men and women. Still Game was launched in January 2014, and has attracted over 35 people each

week, including people who were visited by Befrienders, and people who suffer from dementia along with their carers. Thornlienbank Parish Church The Refresh Cafe is closed for the summer break. We will re-open in the Session Room on Thursday, 13th August, from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Come along for a cuppa and meet new friends. All will made very welcome!

Taste & See At the cafe in Thornliebank Main Street on Thursday, 3rd November at 7.00pm. For more information, please speak to Fiona Richardson or Mike. Resources and contacts The Mount Befriending Service Mrs Sheila Morrow on 0141 649 6733 [email protected] Dementia Friendly Church Mrs Doreen Watson on 0141 639 5618 [email protected] Mrs Sandra Shafii, AHP Consultant on Dementia 01236 771055

[email protected] Still Game at QPFC George Watson, Community Officer on 0141 632 1275. Cafe Church resources are widely available on the web. Most cafe churches appear to be aimed at younger people but given that older people use cafes just as much, cafe church is just as relevant for an older demographic. General Resources https://communitymissionblog.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/the-challenge-of-an-ageing-society (this is an interesting and relevant blog on mission to an ageing society) https://www.resourcingmission.org.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/Who_is_my_neighbour.pdf (this is good for community profiling) And should you want to talk to me......Mike Gargrave on 0141 880 5532 or [email protected]

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