Turbulent waters in Indian Ocean Averys exploits Angered

 Turbulent waters in Indian Ocean  Averys exploits  Angered

Turbulent waters in Indian Ocean Averys exploits Angered the local leaders and made them cautious of the British Upset the East India Company powerful voice in English politics At roughly same time Captain Kidd buoyed by powerful patrons

Had commissions allowing him to enter region and capture pirates The rewards for success danced before him; the dangers of failure did not warrant dwelling upon Kidd headed south to tip of Africa First incident of bad luck hit Kidd Reaction to it soured relations with him and British Navy

December 12, 1696 Adventure Galley spotted a ship on Worryingly ship to the rear added sail As though to pursue Soon joined by three additional ships proved to be ship of the British Navy A sight to bring joy to the hearts of all on board the Adventure Galley After all they had commissions from Britain But this was not the case

The naval convoy led by Commodore Thomas Warren due to bad luck and inept leadership short of 300 men British Naval law time allowed navy to request half the sailors from any merchant ship they came across

o loss of this many crew e members would hurt Kidds a ability Still Kidd had no option Sailed together Kidd dining each evening with Warren and the other officers December 19, 1696 Kidd

once again dining on fine wine and the best food available However, this was the Returning to the Adventure Galley Kidd and the crew noticed that the wind had died as they entered the doldrums Quietly ordering his men to the oars quickly pulled away under cover of

Morning broke Warren notified of the midnight flight Distraught and angry at the loss of replacement men Referred to Kidd as skulking away Message passed on to Dutch and British merchants in the cape colony Kidd an old eminent West

India privateer was in the region looking for prey Fearful of retribution from Warren Bypassed cape headed straight for Madagascar arriving on Jan 21, 1697 Joined by the Loyal Russell slaver out of Barbados who had called at Cape Colony

Brought news Warren spreading the word that Kidd was a Kidd headed to Johanna for supplies no success no money Headed out careen the Adventure Galley crew dying of disease

Kidd headed back to Johanna hoping to find new crew Second visit to Johanna more successful Finds crew members with money to loan Sailors with money to spare pirates?!? Kidd heads out again Red Sea and Pilgrim fleet

Kidd settled in to Perim Island Location treasure fleet sure to pass by Also sent a scout to port of Mocha 50 miles to the north 17 ships ready to leave Few days later

watcher spotted the fleet approaching Waiting for nightfall Kidd floated out and joined fleet Waiting for an opportunity to strike Unfortunately a ship of the East India Co had joined the fleet Well armed and with a aggressive captain Over the next few hours Kidd remained out of the reach of the vessel finally fled the scene

Any hope of a quick hit and a faster disappearance disappeared Kidd consulted with the Crew Who were getting more frustrated Decided to leapfrog the fleet On this journey Kidd finally took actions that confirmed him a Pirate beyond doubt He may have acted as one before but due to various reasons had not committed piracy

Attacked a Bombay trader flying English colors, under Captain parker While Kidd was interrogating Parker for information Crew members grabbed a number of captives Tied wrists behind back Hoisted up on ropes Shoulders slowly pulled out of their socket Pirates also beat them

For info and for pleasure Releasing tension Negotiated with local officials Claimed to have been at Madagascar and Johanna looking for pirates Didnt mention the capture of Parkers ship Parker was at this time confined in the Adventure Galleys hold Kidd headed out again Looking for a rich pilgrim ship Or pirates attacking one

Ran into another East Indian Co Ship Loyal Captain Crew were all for taking Loyal Captain Kidd through force of will deterred them Hoping he could still defend his position Crew new better Heat, illness, lack of supplies, and frustration challenge to Kidd on October 30,

William Moore chatting with fellow crewmen about taking a near-by boat Walking past Kidd called him a Lousie dog Reply If I am a Lousie dog, you have made me so;

you have bought me to ruin Kidd Howard Pyle Kidd swung a wooden bucket with iron hoops struck Moore in the temple fracturing the gunners skull Moore died the next day

After Moores death, Adventure Galley took the Rupparell A large Moorish Ship Carrying French papers January 30, 1698 Kidd and the crew finally got what they were looking for The Quedah Merchant and a large booty Carrying French papers

After capturing large prize Kidd headed into port at Saint Marie Pirate stronghold Pirates eventually let Kidd in after he announced that I would have my soul fry in Hellfire Before he would harm those

Crew at this point insisted on dividing out the Kidd kept a large portion of the booty For his investors? After six tense months on the Island Kidd headed out again this time for New York Most of crew had deserted to other ships Pirates

Kidd had moved onto the Quedah Merchant Now the Adventure Prize Hoped that in New York Bellomont was Governor He could buy, bribe, or This was not to be Kidd had sailed out in one

era With influential backers, relaxed attitudes toward pirates, and an inefficient legal system And returned back into an new and tougher era Kidd returns home After leading Madagascar with a skeleton

Crew Kidd headed back to the West Indies His first stop was Anguilla Where he filled up with water and food After that he headed to St Thomas rebuffed Managed to meet with merchant - Bolton Off loaded goods and traded ships After leaving the West Indies Kidd headed North Arriving in Long Island in June Reunited with Wife and Children

Begins negotiations with Bellomont Bellomont in awkward position Eventually had Kidd arrested Bellomont tried to find Quedah Adventure Ship captain brought back piece of burned rope All that was left

Quedah found in 2007 Graduate Students Nicole Wiegand and Fritz Hanselmann Kidd was now lost If he had hidden in West Indies or Mainland America he may have been able to disappear Now he was to be the scapegoat for all the acts of piracy committed by a

generation of pirates in the Back in England Kidds actions had been brought to the forefront of British politics The powerful Whigs were losing ground to the Tories Vote of censure for the Whigs conduct was proposed Defeated but a sign of what was to come came from Secretary of State Sir James Vernon

Parliaments are grown into the habit of finding fault, and some Jonah or other must be thrown overboard if the storm cannot otherwise be laid September 1699 News arrives in London that Kidd has been arrested Ship sent out to bring him to London for trial

Ill and beaten after the voyage in the winter storm Kidd arrive in London in early 1700 Aware of what lay ahead he asked for a knife with which to kill himself Denied April 14, 1700 taken to the Admiralty building in Whitehall Questioned for seven hours then taken to Newgate Prison a bottomless pit of violence March 27, 1701 interviewed before Parliament

Only pirate ever to do so Pawn of higher politics than the crimes he had committed Eventually when the prosecution had collected depositions from numerous witness Including two slaves And important witness have arrived Including Coji Babba Merchant on board Quedah Merchant Kidd was told he had two weeks to prepare his case

Kidd asked for all papers that had been taken from him to prepare his case Documents brought to him missing were the two documents that he had been basing his defense upon The French Passports or Passes Kidd only claimed to have taken two ships, both of whom, including the Quedah Merchant, had been carrying French passes Making them legitimate targets

219 years later 1910 Ralph Paine American doing treasure hunting research Found the passes They had been misfiled By the Board of Trade Charged firstly with the murder of

William Moore Claimed self defense against mutiny Charged with Piracy against the Quedah Merchant and four other vessels Jury from the first trial came back and the second trial was interrupted Guilty of Murder Soon followed by Guilty of Piracy My Lord, it is a very harsh sentence. For my part, I am the Innocentest of them all, only I have

been sworn against by perjured persons Kidds parting words to the Judge Claim of innocence he would maintain to the last Friday May 23, 1701 Kidd was taken to Wapping for sentence to be carried out A full circle, it was in Wapping he had lived when he first arrived in London in 1695 In his last speech Kidd continued to berate those he saw as responsible for

his down fall The hangman pulled the lever and Kidd fell But not to his death In a final moment of drama the rope had broken New rope was quickly found and on the second attempt Kidd

the the the the the hero husband father privateer pirate died

Crowd dispersed two men came forward took down the body Painted it with tar and placed it in the cage in which it would remain Hanging by the side of the Kidds story revolves around a shift in

British attitudes Privateers/pirates had, like so many other occasions, helped to build an Empire However, with Empire built British merchants needed more secure and ordered sea lanes Profit was through trade not plunder In 1701, spurred by Kidds capture and forthcoming trial An Act for the More Effectual Suppression of Piracy passed by both houses of Parliament

Literature and Pirates a Preview Kidd and Literature Edgar Allan Poe The Gold Bug Story concerns impoverished New Orleans gentleman William LeGrand fled to avoid shame Ended up on a small island of the South

Carolina coast He lives in a shack on the island Only interest collecting bugs One day he finds a heavy bug which is gold in color Wraps it in parchment found near the bug When by accident heat is applied to the parchment, images appear A code a deaths head, and a baby goat (Kid)

After some strange behavior He eventually calls his friend They head onto main land and find the Treasure of Captain Kidd All was gold of antique date and great variety French, Spanish, and German Money

with a few English guineas J.M. Barrie Peter Pan Gives us another of the great childhood pirate icons Captain Hook But did you know that the action

takes place in Kidd bay? Barrie student a Edinburgh University While there friends with another well known writer of the era Arthur Conan Doyle Best known for Sherlock Holmes But, also wrote tales of the sea and piracy

Captain Sharkey Obvious Conan Doyle had read the story of Kidd And other pirate stories At one stage a crew member comes to Sharkey, to bring word of a mutiny and save for three beggarly scoops, [we] have taken never a vessel since we passed Bahama Bank. Also they [the crew] know that you killed Black Bartholomew, the

carpenter, by beating his head with a bucket Another Edinburgh Student friend of both Doyle and Barrie was Robert Louis Stevenson He and Barrie worked together on the school newspaper And of course Stevenson was the author of Treasure Island Which we will be watching soon To get you in the mood here is a

little sample of another example of the Muppets and Pirates

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