Centre of Excellence for Microstructurally Designed Advanced Materials

Centre of Excellence for Microstructurally Designed Advanced Materials

Centre of Excellence for Microstructurally Designed Advanced Materials Development CoE TEQIP II (1.2.1) Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur Howrah 711103, West Bengal, India Objective(s) of the COE and Indicators To develop a multidisciplinary knowledge centre with the involvement of faculty members and researchers of the institute and promote the role of microstructural understanding in designing advanced structural, magnetic, sensor and bio-implant materials. Faculty members from Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science, Aerospace Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering are active members and constitute the main decision making body of the Centre. Members 1. Prof. Amitava Basu Mallick, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. 2. Prof. Partha Bhattacharyya, Electronics and Telecomunications Engineering. 3. Prof. Mainak Sengupta Electrical Engineering. 4. Prof. Amit Roy Chowdhury, Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

5. Prof. Swarup Kumar Ghosh , Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. 6. Prof. Debdulal Das , Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. 7. Prof. Chirashree Roychoudhury, Electronics and Telecomunications Engineering. 8. Prof. Manojit Ghosh , Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. 9. Prof. Partha Pratim Chattopadhyay , Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. 10. Prof. Mallar Ray, Dr. M N Dastur School of Materials Sc. and Engineering. 11. Prof. Arijit Sinha, Dr. M N Dastur School of Materials Sc. and Engineering. 12. Prof. Tapendu Mondal , Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. To create state of the art computational and characterization facility. New laboratories established 3D Optical Profiler Laboratory Thermal Evaporation System Lab. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Laboratory Hall Effect Measuring System Laboratory Multipurpose Tribometer Laboratory Composite Laboratory (Melting )

To augment collaboration with other Universities and research institutes Joint publications in refereed journals with international authors: Total : 05 Nos. Prof Hans J. Fecht : Ulm University, Germany Prof Chia-Wei Lu : National Taiwan University, Taipei Prof. Mon-Shu Ho : National Chung Hsing University, Taichung City Prof A. Miroux : Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Prof L.A.I. Kestens : Ghent University, Belgium

Prof. S. Bandyopadhyay : University of New South Wales, Australia Joint publications in refereed journals with authors from other institutes: Dr. Amitava Mitra : NML, Jamshedpur Dr. V. Manjuladevi : BITS, Pilani Prof. K. K. Ray : Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Dr. Tapatee Kundu Roy : Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, (VECC) Kolkata Dr. Mithun Das : CGCRI, Jadavpur, Kolkata Dr. Arjun Dey

: Indian Space Reserach Organistion, Bangalore Prof. D. Chakraborty : Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, Kharagpur Conferences and workshop organized: 1. International Conference on Advance Materials & Energy Technology, held on 17th December to 19th December 2014. 2. International Conference on Challenges in Product Development of Medical Implants and Devices held on 18th to 19th December 2015. 3. A 10 days workshop on Materials Characterization: Principles and Practices (MCPP-2016) held on 25th July to 5th August 2016. 4. A Colloquium on Nuclear Materials (CNM 2016), held on 25th August 2016.

5. International Conference on Functional Nano-materials (ICFNM 2016) held on 28th to 29th September 2016. Conferences and workshop attended by research scholars and faculty members Faculty Members Research Scholars : 04 : 33 Collaborative research work with other Indian Research Institutes National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur Magneto caloric materials for refrigeration (Joint Ph.D program) Development of rare earth free permanent magnet ( Joint Ph.D program) FeCo/Cu core shell nanostructures (M.Tech thesis, Completed) Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences', DAE Mumbai Development of palladium based membrane over porous stainless substrate for selective separation of hydrogen from mixture gases ( Joint Research proposal submitted to BRNS for funding) Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore Development of heat shield materials for space vehicles (M.Tech thesis, completed) Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata Development of ZnO-based high performance varistor by grain size control

(Joint PhD program) In-house research work in CoE IIEST Shibpur Development of Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Development of Al based intermetallic reinforced composites through reactive stir casting route Studies on Magnesium alloys as a biodegradable biomedical orthopedic implant Structure-Property correlation of Age-hardenable Al-alloys Preparation of bio-ceramics mainly hydroxyapatite (HAp) from biogenic resources viz., seashells (calm shells), fish bones and fish scales Development of Al2O3/Al Nanocomposite by Ultrasonic Cavitation assisted Sir Casting Development of Ultra high strength steel Development of hybrid sensors for spoilage and ripeness detection of fruit and vegetables To obtain external grants in the thematic areas of research. Industry sponsored project Fatigue Property Evaluation and Micro structural Characterization of Hot Rolled Steels Tata Steel Pvt. Ltd., Jamshedpur Rs. 14,85961.00 International Research projects Influence of solver and tin on the microstructure and texture of Al-Zn-Mg alloys Indo-Belgium Research and Technology Cooperation Rs 17,20000.00 Research projects sponsored by national funding agency Texture Evaluation and study of mechanical properties during Electron Beam Welding for materials used in nuclear applications

Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE) & Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) Govt. of India Rs. 21,69300.00 To increase patent files and obtained, or other manners of knowledge commercialization and transfer. Patents filed : 04 A process for forming an undoped p-type TiO2 based sensor device for accurate sensing of low ppm ethanol at low temperature, Partha Bhattacharyya, Arnab Hazra A process for forming a TiO2 Nanotube based room temperature (270C) alchohol sensor device, Partha Bhattacharyya, Arnab Hazra A process for fabrication of nanostructured TiO2 based p-n homojunction diode with high rectification efficiency, Partha Bhattacharyya, Arnab Hazra A process for fabrication of hybrid junction of reduced graphane oxide nanoribion and TiO2 nanotube array (TNTA) based gas sensor system, Partha Bhattacharyya, Debanjan Acharya. To increase publications in refereed journals. 2014 : 05 2015 :

16 2016 : 21 conference : 03 To integrate the activities of the centre with the UG and PG programs linked to materials related courses offered by other Science and Engineering departments of the institute. The members of CoE were involved in designing the courses for the newly introduced following M. Tech. programs in the institute M.Tech program on BioMedical Engineering is offered from the Centre of Healthcare Science and Technology (CHST). M.Tech program on Surface Engineering is offered from the Metallurgy and Materials Engineering department. The UG and PG students of ETC and Met and Mat departments use the instrumental facilities of CoE for their laboratory classes. Awards and recognitions Material Research Society of India (MRSI) medal, 2015 Prof P. P. Chattopadhyay Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (ISSS) Young Scientist Award 2016 Prof P. Bhattacharya Material Research Society of India (MRSI) medal, 2017 Prof P. Bhattacharya,

Best oral paper Award Arnab Hazra, Research Scholar in Young Scientist Colloquium2014, Organized by Materials Research Society of India (Kolkata chapter), Best student research paper award Subhranshu Chatterjee, Research Scholar in the 3rd Annual International Conference on Materials Science, Metal & Manufacturing (M3 2015), Singapore held on 18th January 2016. Two research scholars (Basanta Bhowmik and Debanjan Acharya) of COE TEQIP II secured CSIR Senior Research Fellowship with effect from 01.10.2015. Expenditures Sl. No Particulars Allotted Amount in lakhs Expenses as on 30th September 2016 in lakhs Expenses in % 275 275.07076

100.03 50 + 22.61= 72.61 65.315** 89.95 1 Procurement 2 Teaching/Research Assistantships 3 Industry-Institute Interaction 25 13.00000 52.00

4 Research & Development 50 45.70287 91.41 5 Faculty and staff development 50 40.66527 81.33 6 Incremental Operating Cost

50 22.61= 27.39 22.2471** 81.22 500.00000 462.001 92.40 Total ** Note : Rs.22.610 Lakhs reallocated from IOC. Future plans Industry Institute Interaction To enhance industry supported collaborative research for knowledge creation. Explore possibilities for student placement and joint Ph.D program with the industry. Academic assistance in solving industry problems. Continuing education program for the industry. Research and Development Support research scholars in attending conferences in India for presenting their research papers.

Increase number of research publications Increase in the number of patents to be filed. Increase in the number of sponsored projects Induct post doctoral fellows and Inspire faculties in the centre Faculty and staff development Publish edited proceedings of the International conference on functional materials held on 28-29th September in Materials Today Proceedings. Publish a book titled Materials characterization: Principles and Practice We l co m e to I I EST, S h i b p u r Thank you

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