The General Plan a) Epithelium a) Circular Muscle

The General Plan a) Epithelium a) Circular Muscle

The General Plan a) Epithelium a) Circular Muscle

a) Longitudinal Muscle MA = tunica mucosa SU = tela submucosa

b) Lamina Propria c) Muscularis Mucosae MU = tunica muscularis externa

S = tunica serosa Esophagus tunica mucosa tela submucosa tunica

musularis exrterna tunica adventitia Gastro-Esophageal Junction Stomach (fundus region)

1. Translucent convoluted areas are gastric pits in tunica mucosa 2. below are fundic gastric

glands in tunica mucosa Stomach (Pylorus) Duodenum

Duodenal glands Small Intestine, Duodenum Pointer is on doudenal (Brunners) glands in the tela submucosa the layer (tunica) above is just the general view of the tunica mucosa

with intestinal glands Brunners gland

Small Intestine, Duodenum (100x). Pointer shows Duodenal (Brunner's) glands in the tela submucosa, their ducts pass through the muscularis mucosa Small Intestine, Ileum

Payers patch Large Intestine, Colon Mucus gland

Pointer - Mucus glands with many goblet cells. Liver (lobule)

Central vein of the Liver, (central pointer) Hepatocytes (everything around it, dark staining) Sinusoid (capillaries)

The Central Vein (drain) Pointer at Lumen of central Vein 2.

3. 1. 1. Pointer is in the lumen of a branch of hepatic portal vein 2. Pointer is on a branch of the hepatic artery

3. Pointer is on a bile duct (simple cuboidal epithelium) Hepatocytes (cells) = dark staining all around w/ nucleus 3 Friends! The Pancreas

Pancreatic acini Pancreatic islets The Pancreas

Pointers show pancreatic islets Everything else around are pancreatic acini Gorgeous! Trachea

tunica mucosa tela submucosa hyaline cartilage Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium

(with goblet cells) at blue pointer. Trachea 1) 2)

3) 1) pseudostratified ciliated columnar epi 2) tracheal cartilage ring 3) trachealis muscle

Liver, Portal Area Branch of hepatic portal vein (Biggest Lumen) Bile duct (smallest circle, top pointer) Hepatic artery (thick walled)

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