IR UPDATE April 2018 March 2019 INVESTOR PRESENTATION The India Digital Tsunami CONNECTED WORLD By 2020, smart phone users are expected to reach DIGITAL BUSINESS E-COMMERCE SMART CITIES E - LEARNING sales are driven by online channels Global online spend is expected to reach $4.48 Tn by 2020 Global smart city spend is expected to reach $34.35 Bn by 2020 Global online education to reach $275 Bn by 2021

IN INDIA: IN INDIA: IN INDIA: IN INDIA: 60% of global FMCG 2.87 Bn IN INDIA: 330 Mn connected smart phone users in 2017, 500 Mn by 2020 10-15% of FMCG sales are online in 2016, 40% of sales by 2020 Online spend to grow 2.5X to $100 Bn 2020 by $1482 Mn has been allocated for the smart city project Online education will grow by 8X to $2 Bn by 2021

The India digital economy is expected to reach $1 Trillion by 2025 2 Digital India a perfect storm NATIONAL DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS POLICY (2020 GOALS) PROPEL INDIA CONNECT INDIA 10 Gbps to all villages 100 Mbps to all schools Broadband to 50% of households 10 M public Wi-Fi hotspots Investments of USD 100 Billion Creation of innovation led startups Train/ re-skill 1 Million Expand IoT ecosystem to 5 Billion SECURE INDIA Comprehensive data protection regime Net neutrality principles Security testing and standards Encryption and security clearances The alignment of forces is creating a Perfect Storm of new opportunities 3 Trends changing the provider marketplace Trends Customers DC mobbing from on-premise to hosted DC & Cloud Advantag e DC and Cloud SP with Managed Services and Integration Capabilities

Build IT to Consumed IT Model Cloud Services Provider with Integrated ICT Offerings Outcome-Based Engagement Models Integrated ICT Players with Cloud Offerings & Vertical Expertise 4 Sifys key assets Relevance to Digital India 6 Pan-India DCs with 47MW capacity (utility) 5+ more DCs in progress, >2X capacity Hosting for hyperscale operators Centerpiece of the hybrid cloud Largest MPLS network (by connections) Spans 1600 cities and towns Internet growth from non-metros Platform to move content to edge Cloud Connect data superhighway 47 on-net data centers

Cost-effective terabit network scale Interconnect public and private clouds Remote Operations Centers NOC, SOC, managed services Global and domestic IT outsourcing Supports outcome-based services model IT-enablement for distributed businesses Supports digital transformation initiatives Applications and solutions Cloudinfinit, I-Test, Forum, SAP/Oracle Sifys assets are ideally matched to the Digital India opportunity set 5 What does it mean for Sify? Increased consumption of CLOUD BASED services Ubiquitous data connectivity and HIGHSPEED ENTERPRISE

NETWORKS Extensive need for Opportunity to to prevent threat and theft under outsourced model in a data center SECURITY SERVICES HOST DATA Demand for MANAGED SERVICES to host and manage application and platforms The digital India phenomenon will lead to many more growth opportunities6 Advantage Sify HYPER-REACH Sify can uniquely serve large multi-location IT projects BUSINESS MODEL Sify is fully aligned to the service provider model HYPER-SCALE Sify enables public cloud and scalable interconnection

PARTNERSHI PS Sify collaborates with the next-gen operators Sify excels in areas at the cornerstone of Digital India transformation 7 Engagement models Client engagement is Less based on defined Hardware business outcome Systems are owned by the client and annuity based payout for services generated by IT solutions and services People Licenses Reduced upfront investment as client subscribes to infrastructure owned by Sify as a part of their overall infrastructure requirement No upfront investment by client and payout is based on consumption 8 The Cloud iteration of our services [email protected]

DEMYSTIFYING A L I G N E D T O O U R C U S T O M E R S C L O U D T R A N S F O R M AT I O N P U R S U I T CLOUD ENABLING Cloud data centres Hyper reach/hyper scale transport AWS DirectConnect | XpressRoute Software Defined Network services Cloud build Private | Hyperconverged | Enterprise Security services for cloud Telecom CLOUD INSPIRED CLOUD PURE Sify CloudInfinit Hosted SAP/S4HANA Cloud AWS cloud service Azure cloud service Oracle Exadata-as-service EdgeConnect Multi cloud managed services Managed orchestration platform UC on Cloud DC2S TIS CLOUD ENHANCED

App Modernization Big Data & Analytics Forum NXT on Cloud Online test on Cloud Learning Management Solutions on Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) Industry solutions as a service Digital Services 9 Sify today: from a customer perspective Service provider with expertise in SYSTEM INTEGRATION AND APPLICATION domain Only ICT service provider to offer CONSUMPTION as well as BUILD models to clients Multiple commercial models COMPONENT ALIGNED, USAGE ALIGNED and BUSINESS OUTCOME ALIGNED Ability to compete and replace traditional TELCO & IT SERVICES providers, new-age DC & CLOUD providers and pure play MANAGED SERVICES provider 10

Our business units Data Center centric IT services Technology Integration Services Telecom centric services Telecom Services Applications Integration Services India Data Business Global Data Business Wholesale Voice Data Center Services Colocation Services White Labelling Hosting 11 Data Center Transformation Network Integration Information Security Services Collaboration Services End User Computing Services Collaboration Tools iTest eLearning App Testing

ForumNXT App Development & Maintenance Managed SAP, Oracle & Microsoft Services Cloud & Managed Services IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Managed DC services Managed Security Services Managed Network Services financial metrics for last 5 years in $ Mil in constant currency Revenue 400 1 USD @ INR 65 EBITDA % of 14 R G CA 60 284 300 of 12% CAGR 331 318 45 38 231 200

40 31 198 30 100 0 48 44 15 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 0 2018-19* 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19* PAT 20 R CAG

15 0% of 3 16 14 10 10 6 7 5 0 * Yr 2018-19 Figures are Unaudited 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19* operating performance and financial position Operating Performance In INR Mil Description Quarter ended March 2019 (Unaudited) Revenue Cost of Revenues Selling, General and Administrative

Expenses 5,623 Year ended March 2018 (Audited) 21,547 20,686 (3,546) (13,602) (13,435) (1,255) (4,823) (4,395) EBITDA Depreciation and Amortisation expense Year ended March 2019 (Unaudited) 822 3,122 (394) Net Finance Expenses (199) Other Income (including exchange gain) Other Expenses (including exchange loss) 2,856 (1,533) 77 -

(1,755) (682) (368) 217 (52) 190 13 Profit before tax 306 1,072 923 Strategic partnerships Technology Partners Cloud and Acceleratio n Partners Application Partners Security Partners 14 thank you 15

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