Слайд 1 - GiMA

Слайд 1 - GiMA

POST SHOW REPORT 13th Kazakhstan International Exhibition - TOURISM & TRAVEL 24 26 April 2013 Almaty, Kazakhstan, IEC Atakent Pavilions 10 & 11 OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY Official Opening Ceremony took place at 11.00 at the central entrance of Pavilion 10 on the 24 th of April. The honorary attendees of the opening ceremony included: Tuleushin Kanysh Amanbayevich Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turdaliyev Serik Melisovich Deputy Mayor of Almaty Region Zhulamanov Bakitzhan Tolevzhanovich Head of Almaty Regional Administration of Tourism Edward Strachan Regional Director, ITE Group Plc

KITF 2013 FACTS & FIGURES Exhibiting Countries: National Expositions: Argentina Australia & Oceania Azerbaijan Brazil China (including Hong Kong) Cuba Czech Republic Dominican Republic Egypt France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary India Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Latvia Malaysia Maldives Mauritius Morocco Netherlands Philippines Russia Seychelles Slovenia South Korea Spain (Catalunya Region) Sri Lanka Switzerland Thailand Turkey UAE Ukraine United Kingdom USA Vietnam Azerbaijan China Czech Republic Dominican Republic Georgia Hungary India Indonesia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Lithuania Malaysia Morocco South Korea Spain (Catalunya Region) Sri Lanka Thailand Turkey UAE (Dubai) 7 100 square meters of exhibition area 337 exhibiting companies 170 exhibition stands 43 countries of the world 19 national expositions

42% of exhibitors took part in the exhibition from 2 to 5 times 28% of exhibitors presented their service novelties at the exhibition more than 5 times 30% of exhibitors exhibited at the show for the first time Q-DATE OF THE EXHIBITORS Please mention the number of visitors at your stand per day How do you evaluate the exhibition on: The number of visitors The geography of visitors 35% Excellent Good Fair The guality of visitors 20% 23% 45% 56%

47% 17% 15% 15% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 140% 160% Were there any contracts concluded or any agreements achieved during the exhibition period? ; 9.00% ; 15.00% ; 76.00% How helpful has KITF 2013 been in terms of helping you boost future sales potential? ; 32.00% ; 58.00% KITF 2013 VISITORS Advertising Campaign to Attract Visitors: personalised direct mail of invitations to the cities of Kazakhstan (not including Almaty city) (2,000 addresses)

SMS distribution using the database of Almaty city (7,000 addresses) personalised distribution of VIP invitations (1,000 addresses) radio advertising (Retro-FM and Love-Radio stations) distribution of invitations to medical centres, hotels in Almaty spot telephone calls to the tourism companies of Kazakhstan, including Almaty city outdoor advertising video translation on LED - displays

advertising modules in specialised, advertising and socio-political publications of Kazakhstan e-mail invitations using the database of final consumers of tourism services (40,000 addresses) INFORMATION SUPPORT OF THE EXHIBITION web sites TTG MENA Xenios & Xeniosworld Freesun News Travel and Tour World Veter Stranstviy Nalogi I Finansy Assortment Art Print Yellow Pages of Kazakhstan Iz Ruk v Ruki Mir Puteshestviy Let's Go Gid-Putevoditel Kurorty Kazakhstana i Mira Vash Dom .KZ Skidki EuroBAK Association WorldMonitor Media Systems Travel Pages Inform-Vest Biznes Mir Spravochnaya BiS Ne Vopros Iskusstvo Interera Board Magazine SCAT Vremya v Puti 2GIS Business and Power Delovoy Kazakhstan Discovery Central Asia Discovery Horizons www.travelforlife.ru www.nur.kz www.travelandtourworld.com

www.discovery-bookshop.com www.ocamagazine.com www.centralasia.travel www.discovery-horizons.com www.gorizonti.com www.veters.kz www.Travel.HoReCa.ru www.new-hotel.ru www.newsline.kz www.mydestination.com www.prodengi.kz www.otpusk.com www.turpravda.com www.irr.kz SPECIAL EVENTS OF THE EXHIBITION More than 20 specialized seminars and presentations during 3 days of the exhibition. Special sector Medical Tourism, which presented clinics, hospitals, spas, resorts and hotels around the world and Kazakhstan in particular. Dedicated to the exhibition specialized seminars from industry supervising bodies (Committee of Tourism Industry MINT RK on the topic "Tools of government support for the tourism industry" and "The cooperation with tour operators in Kazakhstan within the framework of EXPO-2017". Additional marketing measures at the stands of participants (special promotions, lotteries of companies: Travelsystem, Transaero Airlines (tickets), Australia & Oceania Travel (cash bonuses), Renti Tours with the participation of Astir Palace (trip to Greece), and others). The final event of the show has become the entertaining festival "Tamgaly-Tas". The memorable awards were given to the winners: The most thoughtful participation in the exhibition and the best advertising TravelSystem company The most extensive exposition of KITF - Touroperator Gulnar Tour

The most variable exposition - Almaty Regional Administration of Tourism Active participation in the exhibition Natalie Tours company The Best Presentation of Region Georgian National Tourism Administration Best presentation - Catt Tour company The most well-coordinated work on KITF 2013 - CIP & Magic Travel The most extraordinary approach Silk Way Kazakhstan company The best organizational work Transaero Airlines Mega-growth of the exhibition - Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing The best preparation for the exhibition Touroperator Kompas The best hotel presentation Mardan Palace We will be glad to see you at the tourist exhibitions in Kazakhstan! 10th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Exhibition Astana Leisure 2013 (25 27 September, 2013, Astana) ***** 14th Kazakhstan International Exhibition KITF 2014 Tourism & Travel (23 25 April 2014, Almaty) FOR ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT : Tel.: +49 (0)40 235 24 368 E-mail: [email protected] www.kitf.kz

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