Silver Bay Eco-Industrial Business Park Mission Statement To ...

Silver Bay Eco-Industrial Business Park Mission Statement To ...

Silver Bay Eco-Industrial Business Park Mission Statement To network businesses to work with each other and the Silver Bay Community in order to create and diversify living wage employment, by improving resource productivity, eliminating pollution and expanding markets through renewable sustainable energy development. How it Began October 2008 interdisciplinary project team of stakeholders discussed how to transform Silver Bay Business Park into and eco-park. In 2008 the City applied for an MPCA Environmental Assistance Grant and awarded $40,000 in June 2009. Project assessed feasibility of using wind, biomass and biodiesel to generate renewable heat and power, and to apply industrial ecology methods to achieve "zero waste

- zero emissions. Silver Bay Eco-Industrial Business Park Project Team

City of Silver Bay Representatives/Stakeholders Scott Johnson-Mayor Lana Fralich-City Administrator Wade LeBlanc-Silver Bay EDA President Guss Krake-Retired Engineers Technical Assistance Program/Silver Bay Resident Bruce Carman, Cedar Tree Enterprises Inc., Project Coordinator Chuck Hartley, LHB Engineering Director of Energy Management Services Dr. Mike Mageau, UMD Center for Sustainable Community Development Bill Mittlefeldt, NE Clean Energy Resource Teams Coordinator Tim Nolan, MPCA Sustainable Development Coordinator Joe Nicklay, Silver Bay K12 Principal Gwen Carman, Cook County K12 Principal

Rich Sill, North Shore Trade and Tech Project, Coordinator Kim Skyelander, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Director Dave Abazs, Round River Farms & Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Paul Sandstrom, Laurentian R C & D Coordinator, USDA Don Peterson, Woody Biomass Consultant, USFS North Shore Mining/Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. State Support 2009 - $40,000 MPCA Environmental Assistance Grant Iron Range Resources $12,500 match

2010 - $298,870 Taconite Relief Funds, IRR 2011 - $14,000 Lake Superior Coastal Program, DNR 2011 - $579,975 DEEDs Business Innovation program 2009-2011 Technical Assistance MPCA Benefits to the Community Economically Sustainable Job Growth Revenue Source Environment and Health Reductions in Pollution Healthier and Fresher Food Socially Environmental Stewards Build on and expand the existing community pride. Competitive Advantage

Businesses will be attracted to locate within the park, to benefit from predictable renewable sustainable energy costs. The need for fossil fuel consumption will be eliminated and ultimately result in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, and waste. Eco-Park as a Revenue Source Renewable and Sustainable Energy Facilities Silver Bay EDA would own 51 percent Business, land owners and stakeholders 49 percent

Silver Bay Eco-Park Renewable Energy, LLC Power purchase agreement with local utility Revenue source to maintain the Eco-Park or other civic improvements Engineered green infrastructure for clean production. Silver Bay Eco-Park Renewable Energy System A new, publicly owned utility service for the generation, production and distribution of renewable, sustainable combined heat and power system

for the citizens and businesses of Silver Bay. Integrated Renewable and Sustainable Energy Generation Three Forms of Energy Generation Biomass Binary Combined Heat and Power Wind and Solar Biodiesel though Algal Growth Combined Heat and Power and Wood Pellet Production Synergy

Local industries and feedstocks from logging operations Sustainable Job Creation Local Economic and Environmental Benefits Co-located Pellet Production would use 1.6MW of the 2.5MW Conventional Condensing Power Condensing Power is generating electricity without using the waste heat. Fuel conversion efficiency for fossil fuel condensing power (utilities) is about 37%.

FCE for fossil fuels condensing power is 10,000 Btus/kW or more Biomass condensing power takes about 16,000 Btus/kW and is only about 23% efficient. Coal based condensing power results in over 1 ton of CO2 per MWh. Environmental and Economic Benefits Renewable-based CHP system will result displace approximately 150,000 tons per year CO2 emissions

Significant increase in fuel efficiency from 37percent - in utility sized coal fired condensing power plants to 75 percent Complete system emissions at maximum potential to emit will be less than 235 tpy Utilization of 100,000 tpy of wood pellets, displacing a 50/50 mix of propane and fuel oil, yields a total of 127,500 tpy of CO2 displaced

Approximately forty (40) construction jobs, fifteen (15) permanent pellet plant operating and 6 logging jobs could be created Large Wind Off-Site Finland Air Base Highest elevation in MN Very good use of the existing facility and the surrounding land

Infrastructure is already in place Small Wind On-Site Silver Bay Eco-Park Makes beneficial use of coastal wind source which is readily available. Can be harvested using low elevation turbines (less than 35 feet high) Environmentally and aesthetically friendly

Silver Bay Eco-Park Greenhouse Production Wind-Algae-Rain-Food Synergistic Systems Wind Solar Biodiesel Greenhouse Production System Biodiesel emissions Biodiesel Revenue Algae Ext Feed Revenue

Nutrient water Nutrient water N utrient w ater Rain water & Lake Superior Fish Fish Filter Fish compost for

soil Plants Nutrient water Clean water Fish Meat Revenue Produce Revenue Settling Basin Fertilizer Revenue Plant Material Algae Cellulose

Inputs Water loss, plant uptake and evaporation Fish and Produce Production Locally Grown Food Initiative: Food to Cafeteria (Schools, Hospitals & Assist. Living) Sustainable Job Creation

Better Quality & Lower Cost Production Food Security and Safety Eliminates Transportation

Reduces Cost Reduces Pollution Resource Conservation Works Synergistically with other System in the Greenhouse. Biodiesel through Algal Growth Emerging form of Renewable Energy Needed for back up power supply for the park Production can ramp up with the increase need for back up / emergency power within the park

Compatible with future economic opportunities within the park On Site Rain Water Capture Fresh Water Resource Reduces Storm Water Run-Off No Need to Remove Purification Chemicals Works Synergistically with other Systems in the Greenhouse.

Minnesota Equipment Vendor Near Zero Emissions Energy System Other Clusters in the Eco-Park Education Office Retail Tourism Need Design Standards Space usage Materials

Shared Facilities Summary Demonstrates how to reinvent industrial base to position for the future. Applied a can-do approach, involving many partners. Adopting environmental innovation can create local value and gain long-term competitive advantages.

A big step toward energy and food security. A model for others in the region and state. A win-win-win for the environment, economy and community.

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