Shampoo Condition and Treat the Hair and Scalp

Shampoo Condition and Treat the Hair and Scalp

SHAMPOO CONDITION AND TREAT THE HAIR AND SCALP UNIT GH8 SESSION AIMS To know the massage techniques and terms and their benefits to clients. To be able to describe the basic hair structure. To know the hair and scalp conditions. What the contraindications are when

shampooing and conditioning and how these affect the service. What does COSSH stand for? The control of subsatances hazardous to health. What are our responsibilities under COSHH?

To know the hazards according to S TORE H ANDLE U SE D ISPOSE According to salon policies, manufacturers instructions and local

by-laws. What are our responsibilities according to the electricity at work act? Follow instructions for use Check all equipment before use Make sure your hands are dry before using Switch off mains before connecting or disconnecting

If equipment is broken or damaged what should we do? Label it clearly Remove it if it is possible Report it Who do we report it to?


Gloves to protect us from contracting dermatitis Apron to protect our clothes Mask to protect from respiratory problems Goggles to protect chemicals from entering our eyes What is client preparation?

Consultation Gown and protect with a gown, towel and plastic cape Position client correctly at the basin Shampoo and condition MASSAGE TECHNIQUES EFFLEURAGE

Gentle stroking movements used to spread shampoo and conditioner throughout the hair. WORKSHEET 2 ROTARY

Quick small circular movements used to loosen dirt and grit on first shampoo. Used to cleanse the hair and scalp on second shampoo. Also stimulates the scalp, blood flow and sebaceous glands. PETRISSAGE

Slow deep circular movements used when conditioning to stimulate blood flow and sebaceous glands. THE STRUCTURE OF THE HAIR WORKSHEET 3 What direction do the cuticles of the hair lie?

The cuticle scales overlap and lie flat from root to point when closed. WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW THIS? So when we are combing the hair it must be in this direction so we dont damage the hair. HAIR DENSITY AND HAIR LENGTH

We must consider the density and length of the hair so we can judge how much product we need and also to ensure that all the hair is shampooed and conditioned thoroughly. Usually thick or long hair will take longer to shampoo and condition. SCALP CONDITIONS There are 5 different types of scalp conditions. Can you name them?


OILY SCALP CONDITION Causes By not shampooing properly Using the wrong products The over production of the sebaceous gland Diet

Sweating How this affects the process Use the correct shampoo to remove the natural oils Repeat the shampooing process

DRY SCALP CONDIITON Causes Naturally dry skin A chemical process May have dried the skin Health problems Diet Under production of

sebaceous gland How this affects the process The product selection Advise on other services or treatments

NORMAL SCALP CONDITION Causes N/A How this affects the process The choice of product

DANDRUFF AFFECTED Causes By the overproduction of skin cells (can be oily, or dry flaky skin). How this affects the process The choice of

product Advise on other services or products PRODUCT BUILD UP Causes The hair may not have been cleansed properly Too much product

applied Incorrect shampoo used A high maintenance style How this affects the process The choice of product Repeat shampoo Advise on more

regular shampooing We will now have a ten minute break. REMEMBER Please leave the room quietly. Hair conditions

There are 4 types of hair conditions. Can you name them? Chemically damaged Heat damaged Environmentally damaged Product build up

WORKSHEET 5 CHEMICALLY DAMAGED Cause Colouring the hair Lightening the hair Perming the hair Relaxing the hair HEAT DAMAGED

Cause By using straighteners or curling irons a lot Too much heat on the hair from the hairdryer ENVIRONMENTALLY DAMGED

Cause By the sun By the wind Swimming (chlorine) Sea water PRODUCT BUILD UP Cause By applying too much product Over use of products

Using the wrong product for hair type WHAT ARE CONTRAINDICATIONS? Things that may affect, limit or prohibit the service being carried out. For shampooing and conditioning these are; skin and scalp disorders and diseases

cuts and abrasions product allergies recent scar tissue recent injuries to the treatment area. Group discussions

In groups of 3 you will now discuss how these may affect the shampoo and conditioning process. HOMEWORK Revise over worksheets and handouts for mini quiz next week. Have a nice week!!!

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