Sex-linked Inheritance - Wfisd

Sex-linked Inheritance - Wfisd

SEX DETERMINATION The sex of an individual is determined by the sex chromosomes contributed to the zygote by the sperm and the egg SEX DETERMINATION An egg can donate an X A sperm can donate an X or Y Therefore the sperm determines the sex

of a child SEX-LINKED INHERITANCE Some traits are located on the sex chromosomes, so the inheritance of

these traits depends on the sex of the parent carrying the trait. SEX-LINKED INHERITANCE Most known sexlinked traits are X-linked (carried on the X

chromosome). This is probably because the X chromosome is much larger than the Y chromosome. SEX-LINKED DISORDERS Some sex-linked traits are associated with

disorders. Most are found on the X chromosome, Ylinked disorders are rare. Males are at a much greater risk for inheriting sex-disorders because they only inherit one X, so if the X has the allele for the disorder, they will suffer from the disorder. Recessive lethal X-linked traits result in death.

EXAMPLES OF SEX-LINKED TRAITS and DISORDERS Male pattern baldness, red-green colour blindness, myopia, night blindness, hemophilia SEX-LINKED INHERITANCE Punnett squares are used to

predict the outcome of sexlinked inheritance. Assume the trait is X-linked unless told otherwise! Most disorders are recessive, some are dominant, the question will tell you. A carrier is a female who is heterozygous for the trait.

EXAMPLE Hemophilia is a recessive X-linked trait. What is the probability of a couple having a hemophiliac child if the man does not have hemophilia and the woman is a carrier? EXAMPLE

Sex determination TED Ed - Sex Determination Patterns of Inheritance Pedigrees A pedigree is a genetic family tree that shows how prevalent a trait is

in a family unit from generation to generation. They are often used to track the expression of genetic conditions and disorders. Pedigrees

Squares represent males and circles females. A coloured in shape means that person has the

trait in question. A half coloured in shape means that they are carrying an allele for a recessive trait.

Autosomal Dominant Inheritance Autosomal means not on the sex chromosomes. Refers to those situations in which a single copy of an allele is sufficient to cause expression of a trait. Autosomal Dominant Inheritance 1. Every affected person should have at least one affected parent.

2. Males and females should be equally often affected. 3. An affected person has at least a 50% chance of transmitting the dominant allele to each offspring. Autosomal Dominant Inheritance Examples Progeria (caused by a mutation) in which the person ages very rapidly. They die before they can reproduce.

Huntingtons Disease in which the central nervous system starts to break down around the age of 30. Autosomal Recessive Inheritance Refers to those situations where two recessive alleles result in a trait being expressed. Autosomal Recessive Inheritance

1. An affected person may not have affected parents. Parents would be carriers. 2. Affects both sexes equally. Can appear to skip generations. 3. Two affected parents will have affected children 100% of the time. Autosomal Recessive Examples Albinism is a genetic condition which is the loss of pigment in hair, skin and eyes.

Tay Sachs is a genetic disorder which is a build up of fatty deposits in the brain, eventually proving to be fatal. X linked Recessive Inheritance Refers to those situations where a recessive allele on the X chromosome can lead to a trait/condition or disorder.

X linked Recessive Inheritance Males are affected more often than females. Ratio of 8:1. Affected males will transmit the allele to all daughters, but not to sons. Homozygous recessive females can arise only from

matings in which the father is affected and the mother is affected or a carrier. X linked Recessive Disorders Hemophilia which is the inability of the blood to clot properly.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which causes progressive and degenerative muscle weakness. X Linked Dominant Inheritance Refers to situations where a single dominant allele on the X chromosome can lead to a trait/condition. Very uncommon.

X Linked Dominant Inheritance 1. Twice as many females are affected as males. 2. Usually half the children of an affected female will be affected, regardless of sex.

3. All the daughters of an affected male will be affected but none of the sons. X Linked Dominant Example Vitamin D resistant rickets which can lead to bone deformities, particularly in the lower limbs (bowed legs). PEDIGREES

Chart showing genetic relationships between members of a family Squares represent males, circles females

Colour shows infected person, shaded shows carrier

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