Section C: Contemporary studies in physical education and sport

Section C: Contemporary studies in physical education and sport

Section C: Contemporary studies in physical education and sport 5. Sporting issues Syllabus Sport and commercialism Links between sport and politics Sponsorship

Role of the media Ethics in sport/fair play, sportsmanship and gamesmanship Violence/by players and spectators Drugs in sport Much of this part of the syllabus requires pupils to research and source their own information Sport and commercialism Media influence TV rights etc Links between sports and politics 2012 London Olympics and the redistribution of resources thereafter Campaigns that are hinged on sports

Sponsorship/advantages and disadvantages to the performer and sponsor Provision of funds etc to an individual or event, in return for a commercial return (mutual benefit) Ambush or guerrilla Benefits Add value/brand or corporate awareness and image Disadvantages Uneven development The tobacco company, Rothmans, encouraged attacking batting and defensive bowling, and paid more in sponsorship when the ball was driven to the boundary which meant that their adverts appeared more frequently

Role of the media Newspapers Radio Television Ethics in sport Sportsmanship versus gamesmanship Violence/by players and spectators; solutions to the problems Aggression Hooliganism Suarez?

Drugs in sport Anabolic steroids (nandrolone and testosterone) artificial Narcotic analgesics (morphine and methadone) Stimulants (amphetamine and ephedrine) Beta blockers (antenolol and propanolol) Diuretics (triameterine and bendrofluazide) Peptide hormones (erythropoietin) Blood doping Additional information The basic structure of sports has remained the same, but commercialisation has been influential. Mass audiences sometimes demand drama and excitement rather than aesthetic appreciation

Control of sport needs to be balanced between the owners and the athletes Amateur sports are becoming pressurised by the need to generate more money The relationship between sport and aggression is a complex social phenomenon which requires a synthesis of perspectives Frustration combined with anger, opportunities and stimulus cues lead to aggression Sport, sponsorship and the media are all interdependent for their success and popularity Additional information The media can transform sport into a crucial part of peoples lives Violence among spectators can be determined by the event, the

crowd dynamics and other social factors Drug-taking has increased due to greater rewards and accessibility Technology occurs in the form of Equipment and clothing developments in order to improve athletes performance Assistance for officials decisions Wider accessibility for fans in the manner in which they receive sport entertainment

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