Second Life: Because your 1st life….isn't all what its ...

Second Life: Because your 1st life….isn't all what its ...

Second Life: Because your 1st life.isnt all what its cracked up to be. Henry Vo Inf327e What is Second Life? RealNetworks Linden CTO Philip Rosedale Lab inspired by the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, and the Cyberpunk literary movement.

metaverse Active Worlds & Entropia Universe Pricing Second Life has three membership plans. [2] Basic Free Additional Basic one time fee of US$9.95 Premium There are three billing options for Premium accounts: Monthly US$9.95 Quarterly US$22.50 (US$7.50/month) Annually US$72.00 (US$6.00/month)

lifetime subscription for a one-time payment of US$225.00. Now, 4096m2 of land. Stipends Those registered before May 29, 2006 receive L$50/week Those registered after May 29, 2006 receive no stipend Premium accounts :July 21, 2006 receive L$500/week . November 1, 2006 receive L$400/week . November 1, 2006 receive L$300/week

Land Ownership own land (up to 512m2 without additional fees). US$5 a month up to US$195 a month for an entire 65,536m2 of land or individual island avatar Residents are the users of Second Life multiple accounts = multiple Residents single Resident = multiple avatars

Client based Scripts and 3D content. animations, textures and sounds have to be created outside the client but every experience in Second Life is entirely user-created. Open standards publicly available and implementable standards = increase compatibility between various hardware and software components (open software) Operated by anyone. no licenses to patent rights both the client and the server will be

released as open source [9]. Open standards instant messaging system will be replaced with Jabber virtual machine will be replaced with Mono uBrowser - display the Help documentation Economy Linden Dollars (L$ \ generated US$3,596,674

GDP of $64 Million may purchase L$ directly through the client or LindeX Currency Exchange, exchange rate L$243/USD Land sales and Regions First Land program - 512m2 blocks (16 by 32 meters) 16 acre (65536m2) regions Region auctioned - accessible from the main continent Purchased regions - not allowed to be accessible high land tier fees (US$195 a month)

hold up to 100 users Buying Land Choose from six different topologies Islands are priced at US$1,675 for 65,536 square meters maintenance are US$295 Acquiring Land Residents can acquire land in several ways: First Land Parcels are 512 square meters and

sell for L$1 per meter to those who have never owned land. Go into SL and click on the Search button Buy Land from Residents Residents are always putting plots of land up for sale. See what's currently on the market Go into SL and click on the Find button Select the Land Sales tab Auctions Buy newly created land with either Linden $$ or US $$ depending on the auction. See what's currently up for auction or learn more at the Auction FAQ.

Private Islands Private, expandable islands. Customizable - 5 different terrains Businesses and Organizations Aimee Weber Studio Anshe Chung Studios The Electric Sheep Company SL Business Magazine Businesses and Organizations

20th Century Fox held a premiere for X-Men: The Last Stand in Second Life. [edit] A-F Adidas Reebok will be creating a permanent presence in Second Life with assistance from Rivers Run Red American Apparel opened a branch inside the game selling digital renderings of clothings broadcast the Home Run Derby and a Red SoxYankees game into SL, with the help of the Electric Sheep Company. Reuters has a news bureau which reports news in the virtual universe Dell sell PC in Second Life.

Residents Virtual achieved fame or notoriety through Second Life Alex Harbinger Shoshana Epsilon Johnny Ming Residents Reality Duran Duran Jeff Howe- editor for Wired Magazine SLname: Bingham Roundfield

Tod Maffin - broadcaster (CBC Radio / CBC Television) and podcaster SL:Second Life name: Davo Nabob Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia. Subcultures and countercultures fee of L$100 3 days to recruit an additional member centered on a particular interest ownership of land and resources subcultures revolve around events Moskau Dance, Ulae, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Entrepreneurship Aloft Hotel Finish Date: 2008 caters to active, urban 30- to 50year-olds 3D-design shop The Electric Sheep Company 16-acre square of beachfront

marina and a bridge access Entrepreneurship Julian Dibbell $70,000 a year creating female

avatar clothing Marcos Fonzarelli (SLsn) earns $250 a month as robot tailor for avatars. real money is in the female clothing market. Qing Xu Wei paid to level out players. internet games section of Ebay saw more than $9m (5m) in trades in 2003 alone. JULIAN DIBBELL

author of Play Money: Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Tra ding Virtual Loot buying and selling gold pieces, suits of armor and other artifacts from Ultima Online annualized rate of $47,000 in income allows people to buy their way to a playing level that others have invested countless hours

reaching UO is not built on a rigid quest and leveling system that leads you by the nose up a fixed ladder. Choose a skill and begin working on it. Say you want to be a warrior; begin working on Swordsmanship by hunting through the forests near your home city. As you train up any of the more than 50 skills, you'll find yourself adventuring further and further from home, developing new tactics for skillbuilding, and most importantly, meeting other players. Business Opputunities

party and wedding planner pet manufacturer casino operator tattooist nightclub owner

automotive manufacturer fashion designer aerospace engineer custom avatar designer jewelry maker architect XML coder freelance scripter game developer fine artist machinima set designer tour guide dancer musician custom animation creator

lottery operator theme park developer real estate speculator vacation resort owner advertiser bodyguard magazine publisher The Marketplace fully-integrated economy to reward risk, innovation, and craftsmanship.

virtual goods and services (retain the IP rights of their creations ) succeed by the ingenuity, artistic ability, entrepreneurial ability, and good reputation LindeX (our official currency exchange), or at other unaffiliated third-party exchanges. Linden Dollars are matched with residents who want to buy Linden Dollars at real estate market provides opportunities for Residents to establish their own communities

and business locations. GAMEPLAY Creating an Avatar: Mapping

The Map. Imagine you want to find people socializing. View upcoming events' information on the web map by clicking the the green dots being shown. The Search Menu. Now you'd like to learn more about a particular event you saw on the web map. Search for it, and read its description. It sounds

great, and you teleport there. Other People. Once you arrive, right-click on anybody's avatar and choose "View Profile" to learn about them. Meet People nightclubs attend fashion shows art openings games

Movies Own Virtual Land and Creating Things build, display, and store your virtual creations $9.95 a month plus a Land Use Fee proportional to the amount of land you own building tools, using

geometric primitives Build live, in real-time, right in Second Life scripting language (i.e. butterfly scripted to walk with you) ADAPTATION

The idea of taking reality and adapting it to a technological social network Putting your daily life into your virtual life. All aspects of life is can be portrayed in Second Life. Except sports but not too far fectched. Manipulate who you are, hide you inhibitions behind you avatar

Maintain social order. You can fly!! Have Fun hundreds of games, from multi-player RPG's to puzzles and grid-wide contests casinos, dance clubs,

shopping malls, space stations, vampire castles and movie theatres something to do at any time of the day or night LOTS OF EVENTS REGARDLESS OF THE TIME. Events -Discussions, Sports, Commercial, Entertainment, Games, Pageants, Education, Arts and Culture and Charity/Support Groups.

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