Safety, Security, Comfort Systems, and Electrical Accessories

Safety, Security, Comfort Systems, and Electrical Accessories

Safety, Security, Comfort Systems, and Electrical Accessories Chapter 34 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Objectives

Explain how passive restraints work Give examples of passive and active restraints Describe air bag system operation Demonstrate knowledge of the operation and service of security systems 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Objectives (cont'd.) Describe the operation of vehicle comfort systems and electrical accessories Explain the operation of and differences among various vehicle sound systems

Troubleshoot problems with electrical accessories 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Introduction Each year brings more advanced features Features found on luxury vehicles years ago are now commonplace Comfort systems Added to a new vehicle or are provided as original equipment

2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Supplemental Restraint Systems Seat belts and air bags are examples of supplemental restraint systems Designed to stop the passengers momentum with as little damage as possible Automobile manufacturers realize that safety ratings are very important Intensive crash tests ARE performed

One in four accidents is a side impact Passengers are especially vulnerable 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Active and Passive Restraints Active restraint: activated by the passenger Passive restraint: takes place automatically

Seat belts: often three-point belts Air bag: flexible nylon bag that inflates almost instantaneously Driver and passenger side Side air bags in seat backs and side curtain Knee and rear seat Seat belt pretensioners: sometimes used with air bag systems 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

Active and Passive Restraints (cont'd.) Air bag parts Air bag module consists of air bag and inflator Air bag system also includes sensors, ignition device, an explosive propellant Inside sensors are called safing sensors Sophisticated electronic control module Squibs used in each air bag ignite the bag Smart restraint air bags Latest air bag systems Multistage ABS can inflate an air bag in stages

2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Active and Passive Restraints (cont'd.) Air bag deployment

Process takes about 0.1 seconds Side air bags deploy individually Smart air bag system uses various inputs OSS determines where passengers are located Newer systems consider vehicular forces Radar-based systems sense when a vehicle will not be able to stop in time 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

Restraint System Service After an accident All passive restraint parts are checked Necessary to use manufacturer's service and diagnostic information Air bags are expensive and cannot be reused Air bag sensors are sensitive to damage from mishandling 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

Security, Navigation, and Electrical Accessories Door locks Provided since early days Newer system features Resistance keys Keyless entry systems Light delay systems Electric door locks

Switch or manual operation Solenoid or permanent magnet motor operates the locks 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Security Systems Types

Pass key systems Electronic valet Resistance key Transponder keys Keyless entry Electronic key systems Intelligent key systems

Key fob batter Remote engine starting Illuminated entry 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Security Systems (contd.) Theft-warning systems Passive and active

Transponder passive antitheft systems Systems with an encoded transponder ignition key Antitheft system electrical operation Operate with different permission codes Transponder key replacement Manufacturers have different processes All are expensive 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

Vehicle Tracking/Navigation Systems Some newer vehicles are equipped with navigation systems tracked by the GPS Feature road maps and voice prompts Night vision Infrared technology is used to assist when driving at night Ultrasonic rear parking assist Ultrasonic or radar based

Rear view camera Provides backing and parking assistance 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems Audio systems AM and FM radio Components (e.g., antenna, speakers, etc.) Amplifying devices Crossovers and capacitors Satellite radio

Original or added equipment Multiplexer Allows additional inputs 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems (cont'd.) Active noise cancellation Reduces or cancels unwanted sounds DVD systems Available on many vehicles

Hands-free cellular phones Several technologies Rear window defoggers Electric grid baked on to the rear window 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems (cont'd.) Heated windshield Self-defrosting windows Heated mirrors Intelligent windshield wipers

Power mirrors Common on many cars Power seats Allow easy adjustment of seat position 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems (cont'd.) Memory seats Computer remembers seat position

Adaptive seats Use memory seat positions but move the adjustment to fit the driver as she or he shifts Adjustable pedal height Raises pedals up Heated seats Warm cushions 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems (cont'd.) Climate-controlled seats

Thermoelectric device heats and cools the seat Power lumbar supports Bladder in the lower seat back is inflated or deflated according to commands Power windows Open and close by drive motors Troubleshooting: try all of the windows 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Other Comfort Systems (cont'd.)

Removing a door panel Repairing an electric window motor or electric door lock Inner door panel is removed Removing a window Window is disconnected from window frame and hardware Can fall freely within the window slides Suction cups are available 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

Cruise Control Most cars are equipped with cruise control Driver controls vehicle speed from a switch Electronic cruise control Analyzes and acts on inputs Intelligent cruise control Maintains a selected distance from the vehicle ahead dependent on its speed Cruise control service Check fuse, linkage, vacuum hoses, sensors,

and brake lights 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Collision Avoidance Systems Use a camera and radar sensors Work with other adaptive cruise control sensor inputs to sense speed and location of other vehicles 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning Lane Departure Warning System Uses a camera that

sees the lines on the road Module flashes a light and sounds a chime to alert the driver 2012 Delmar, Cengage Learning

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