Sacramento City College New Employee Welcome

Sacramento City College New Employee Welcome

SCC new employee welcome CONVOCATION FALL 2009 CLASSIFIED STAFF Robert Burks Food Service Manager City Caf Tami Conger

Cosmetology Services Assistant Advanced Technology Kimberly Cortijo Financial Aid Supervisor Enrollment and Student Services Cady Daly Instructional Assistant Microcomputer Lab Learning Resources Division Margaret DCruz

Clerk III Business Division Lauri Drennan Library Media Technical Assistant Learning Resource Division Dora Franco Food Service Assistant II City Caf Leland Hunter Instructional Assistant Microcomputer

Lab West Sacramento Center Joan Kudin Clerk III - EOP&S Enrollment and Student Services David Lazzarone Maintenance Technician I Operations Phuong Le Clerk II - Financial Aid

Enrollment and Student Services Amy Martinez Custodian Operations Ruben Martinez Clerk II Dental Science & Allied Health Valerie Moore Student Personnel Assistant Counseling (Rise)

Enrollment and Student Services Dimitry Proshak Student Personnel Assistant / Financial Aid Clerk II Enrollment and Student Services Deborah Rocco Child Development Center Lead Teacher Behavioral And Social Sciences Nina Sholomytska Instructional Assistant Mathematics

Math, Statistics and Engineering Fong Vang Student Personnel Assistant Disabled Students Programs and Services Enrollment and Student Services Sarah Wright Administrative Assistant I Business Division Liliya Yakimuchuk Financial Aid Clerk II

Enrollment and Student Services FACULTY Name Position Division Name Position Division Name

Position Division Name Position Division Name Position Division Name Position

Division Name Position Division Name Position Division Name Position Division

MANAGERS Debra Knowles Interim Dean of Counseling David Rasul Interim Dean of Counseling John Ruden Interim Vice President of Instruction UPDATES

PLANNING SCC Strategic Planning Revised planning system implemented Sep 2007 Many component parts and revised processes Mission, Goals and continuous process improvement Data driven, outcomeoriented system

Annual Cycle Campus wide involvement and understanding is essential Training and information game plan includes Flex Activities & Workshops Planning Brochure www.INSIDESCC Web Site

SCC Family of Plans Strategic Master Plan Institutional Plans Educational Plan Program Plans Resource Management & Capital Outlay Plan

Staff Development Education Centers Information Tech Operational Unit Plans Resource Plans

Unit Financial Facilities Safety, Security & Environmental Distance Education Matriculation Student Support

Services Plan Student Equity Other Program Plans Plans Faculty Classified Staff

Information Technology Planning Cycle Overview, Timelines and Key Components DATA EVAL - OUTCOMES - SLOs/GELOs - Environmental Scans - Student Surveys

- LRCCD Strategic Plan - Accreditation Standards - Effectiveness Reports - Metrics - Program Review Aug/Sep Strategic Master Plan

Family of Plans Strategic Goals & Directions Set Objectives Set Resource Needs Defined Resource Allocation

Plan Implementation 1 Jul 20XX FEEDBACK Sep/Oct Oct-Apr May/June SCC Annual College Plan

Mission Data / Outcomes College Goals Unit Plans Annual College Plan Objectives

Outcomes Program Plans Objectives Execution Resource Allocation Decisions Budget Update & Modernization Projects

Fall 2009 Convocation Bob Martinelli, VPA 21 August 2009 2009-10 College Budget A Changing Picture Feb 09: CA Enacted Budget Two year deal2008-2010 correct $40B shortfall? May 09: Governors May Revise Reveals $24B shortfall for 2009

Cuts to CA Community Colleges severe Including reductions in FY 2008-09 July 09: CA Enacts Budget for 2009-10 Improved situation for CCC, but. Reliance on Federal stimulus not clear Significant changes by Governor before signing

Final numbers still pending; additional shortfalls? Three-year problem at leastplan accordingly Governors May Revise for California Community Colleges 08-09 General Apportionment Property tax shortfall Apportionment reduction Categorical Programs TOTALS

-$42.1 -85.0* 09-10 -$116.0 -120.0 -354.2 -$127.1 -$697.2 *LRCCD Bill to pay = ~$4M

NOTE: May Revise numbers serve as basis for LRCCD and SCC 2009-10 Budget Plan - Updates pending and being worked What it means for Los Rios in 2009 - 2010 General Purpose Reduction $11,200,000 (July Update: $7.6M/+$3.6M) Categorical Reduction $13,922,000

(July Update: $9.5M/+$4.4M) Relies on Federal Stimulus Total $25,122,000 Additional Increased Costs Step & Column Increases Medical Premiums $2,300,000 2,700,000

Utilities Increase 290,000 Total $5,290,000 Three Year Outlook 09-10: $30.4M 10-11: $36.1M

11-12: $43M Finding a Balanced Solution Priorities: students and employees Focus on Teaching and Learning Available Resources Enterprise Funds, Bond Program (Type II) Carryover strategy to prepare for the next year Potential Savings Look for efficiencies in all processes Reduce where possible (temp help/travel)

District Reserves May Revise will require substantial use Federal stimulus dollars a significant unknown Sacramento City College Approach Utilize Strategic Planning System Feb 09 Enacted Budget provided 2009-10 baseline budget plan (Presidents memo, March 2009) Adjustments based on May Revise changes Presidents memo, July 2009 (for 2009-10) Seek balanced reductions/savings based on mission/goal impacts Prepares for a three-year solution

Categorical Programs: district working (-57% vs 32/16%) Federal stimulus dollars pending District Reserves will be needed Consider inter-related impacts Bond projects will continue Budget committee reserves Source of FundsSpread the Shortfall 24 June Update Plan 09-10

CDF (-10%) Instructionally Related (-15%) Out-of-state Tuition State Instr Equip/LM (12) State Lottery Non-Instr Equipment (12) PFE (-10%) Total Categorical

Integration Bookstore Carryover Previous Year Unallocated B/C Reserve Total Grand Total Change to 0910 Plan ADJ 09-10 10-11

11-12 2,709,689 2,559,800 2,303,820 2,303,820 200,000

170,000 170,000 170,000 189,800 63,300 63300 63300

183,927 323,850 0 323,850 0 300,000 0 300,000

181,027 323,246 4,111,539 60,343 290,921 3,468,214 60,342 290,921 3,188,383 60,342

290,921 3,188,383 254,832 125,000 150,000 200,000 100,000 100,000 150,000 100,000

50,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 26,365 0 556,197 26,365 0 426,365

0 0 300,000 0 0 300,000 4,667,736 3,894,579

3,488,383 3,488,383 -773,157 -1,179,353 -1,179,353 Spread the shortfall over three years Commitments & Expenditures

With spread & ATL Reductions & -20% Base/24 June Update Plan 09-10 ADJ 09-10 10-11 11-12 Funds Available 4,667,736

3,894,579 3,488,383 3,488,383 spread Base Allocations CDF IR Lottery Total

2,217,796 200,000 175,000 2,592,796 1,774,237 170,000 140,000 2,084,237 1,774,237 170,000

140,000 2,084,237 1,774,237 170,000 140,000 2,084,237 20% 380,217 342,217

340,217 354,698 223,000 672,937 4,223,648 343,998 213,000 600,700 3,584,152

324,698 190,000 572,937 3,512,089 444,088 310,427 -23,706 -23,706

200,000 31,000 31,000 Institutional Expenses Instructionally Related Students Program Plans Total

Budget Committee BC Adjust 15% 20% 340,217 <38,40,40> 324,698 <11,30,30> 190,000 <10,30,30> 572,937 <66,100,100> 3,512,089

Summary & Conclusions Challenging fiscal climate dictates that we cannot conduct business as usual Focus on the mission: students and learning! Reductions are essential to be able to work through this period All must be involved with working the challenges that are ahead of us 2009-10 budget allocations have been completed Working with DO on categorical program budgets Updates at least quarterly and/or whenever new data is received

SCC Modernization Program Leads to Better Student Access State and Local Bond Funds Utilized State Bond Funding: some uncertainty; FPPs drive schedule (one/campus/year) Local Bonds: district discretion/plan Measure A / 2002 / $265M: Through Mohr Hall Measure M / 2008 / $475M: 2010 = First Sale LRCCD Fast Track Projects (SCC=Hughes) Assist with local economic recovery

Facilities Master PlanUpdate in 2009 Focus on standards/themes (e.g. bike/ped friendly) Campus Development Committee Involved Some schedule challengesWork Together Swing Space impacts Cafeteria, Cosmetology, Technology, North Gym already completed Building Modernization Schedule Education Centers August 2009 Update

PROJECT West Sacramento, Phase I New construction 10,500 ASF + Third Floor Davis Center, Phase I West Village Site/ 14,000 ASF Ground Breaking Occurred 10 August 09 CONSTRUCTION TIMING June 08 - January 2010 (Grand Opening for Spring 2010)

February 2010 August 2011 (Occupy October 2011) West Sacramento Center - Phase II - Phase III May 2014 Dec 2015 April 2016 Dec 2017 Davis Center - Phase II

- Phase III May 2014 Dec 2015 May 2017 Dec 2018 Working Together Pursuing Excellence Inspiring Achievement Unit Plan Analysis 2009 Sacramento City College Office of Planning, Research, & Institutional

Effectiveness (PRIE) Marybeth Buechner, Jay Cull, Anne Danenberg, Rose Fassett, Alan Keys 2008-09 and 2009-10 Unit Plan Objectives Goals 5 and 9 linked to the greatest number of Overview unit plan objectives in both years. Goal 5: response to emerging community needs

Goal 9: learner-centered education Unit plan objectives for both years include a wide range of proposed activities. Most 08-09 unit plan objectives were wholly or partly achieved in that academic year. Number of objectives

SCC 09-10 Unit Plan Objectives: Distribution by College Goal 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0

College goal Unit plan objectives by activity Student participation on campus Professional development Enrollment management Student outcomes analysis Collaboration across campus Major curriculum actions Outreach, response to community needs Administrative process changes Revised teaching methods

Student services processes Data analysis 08-09 09-10 31 55 41 199 70 64

98 118 130 132 199 22 34 45 70 72 81 115

117 120 140 204 Number of 08-09 unit plan objectives achieved by type of activity Number of unit plan objectives 250 200

150 Yes Partly No 100 50 0 Type of Action

Working Together Pursuing Excellence Inspiring Achievement Planning Data Highlights 2009 Sacramento City College Office of Planning, Research, & Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) Marybeth Buechner, Jay Cull, Anne Danenberg, Rose Fassett, Alan Keys

Sacramento City College Planning Data Fall 2009 Institutional Effectiveness Report External Environment Data Enrollment Data* Course Offering Pattern Data Staff and Student Characteristic Data* Student Achievement Data* Institutional Process Data *We will review some data from these areas today

SCC Enrollment Trends By End of Semester Headcount 30,000 25,000 Fall 2004 to 2008 21,609 21,767 22,768

24,602 2004 2005 2006 2007 25,788

2008 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Fall 2009: One week before classes start compared to last fall at the same time unduplicated student enrollment is up 8.9 percent. total WSCH is up 4.1 percent.

Source: LRCCD EOS Research Data Files Enrollment Data SCC Students Primary Languages (Fall 2003 to Fall 2008) 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 Spanish

Cantonese Russian Vietnamese Fall 03 559 418

297 280 Fall 04 756 609 474 395

Fall 05 820 581 522 400 Fall 06

894 574 453 369 Fall 07 889 578

553 352 Fall 08 951 536 543

302 Source: End of Semester Profile Student Characteristic Data SCC Student Household Income Level Fall 2008 Unable to Determine 21%

Mid or Above 30% Below Poverty 30% Low Income 19% Student Characteristic Data Note: This measure uses U.S. Department of Health and Human Services definitions for income levels. Source: End of Semester Profile

SCC Successful Course Completion Fall 2002 to Fall 2008 75 70 65 Percent Successful 60 55 50

45 40 All Students Source: LRCCD Research Website Fall 2002 Fall 2003 Fall

2004 Fall 2005 Fall 2006 Fall 2007 Fall 2008

63.6 64.2 65.1 65.7 63.9 63.7

66.5 Student Achievement Data Achievement Gaps Course success rates 50-60% for Students in developmental Math courses Students in developmental Reading courses First-time college students African American students Course success rates under 50% for First-time college students in DE classes

Student Achievement Data Academic Expectations Over two-thirds (68%) of students rated their exams as moderately to extremely challenging (score of 5-7). Nearly half (49%) of students report that they often or very often work harder than they

thought that they could. Over one fifth (21%) of students responded that they had never prepared two or more drafts of a paper or assignment before turning it in. Source: Fall 2008 CCSSE Data Student Achievement Data General Skills Outcomes

Experiences at the college helped quite a bit or very much with Acquiring broad general education = 65.9% Writing clearly and effectively = 55.2% Speaking clearly and effectively = 49.3% Thinking critically and analytically = 64.6% Solving numerical problems = 51.4% Source: Fall 2008 CCSSE Data Student Achievement Data PRIE

Planning Research and Institutional Effectiveness Sacramento City College INSTRUCTION BUDGET AND FACILITIES SCC West Sacramento Center West Sacramento on the Go!!! Current Location

Ground Breaking May 29, 2008 Construction August 2008 Construction December 2008 Construction February 2009 Construction

May 2009 Construction August 2009 Art Classroomst 1 Floor Transit Center Yolo Bus Architect Rendering

More to follow ACCREDITATION Standard I Implemented a strategic planning system that integrates planning and resource allocation processes Annual review of College mission, goals, and outcomes Renewed focus on student success data: Ed Initiative project

Noel Levitz and CSSEE surveys Broad data reviews and projects Standard II Substantial progress in developing SLOs for courses, programs, student services, and general education SLO assessment activities across departments and areas Increased course offerings at the Centers and through Distance Education Enhanced student support and learning support services to DE and to Center students Strong program review processes in instruction,

student services, and learning support services Standard III Successfully hired a large number of new faculty and staff during the past 6 years; smoothly transitioned to an online application system College master plan for modernization and new building construction that includes new centers in West Sacramento and Davis Implemented a replacement cycle for IT; converted to new Learning Management System Districts long-standing commitment to fiscal stability is proving vitally important in current State budget

crisis Standard IV Strong participatory decision-making processes: Unique commitment to tri-chairs (faculty, classified, manager) leadership structure for College activities ASG and student participation Excellent leadership from the Board of Trustees Effective collaborative relationships between District Office and the College

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