rigor - ALEX

rigor - ALEX

RIGOR Creating Lessons and Activities that are Challenging for ALL Students Learning Targets Deepen understanding of RIGOR Develop insights related to what RIGOR looks like in classrooms Reflect on current practices that support

RIGOR Guidelines for Todays Learning Be open to and respect all points of view. Listen with an open mind and expect to learn from one another. Accept responsibility for active and equitable participation by each group member. Check for understanding. Before you counter an idea, be sure you fully understand what has been said.

Allow think time before and after someone speaks. Welcome questions. Prepared Graduate Possesses the knowledge and skills needed to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing,

first-year courses at a two- or fouryear college, trade school, technical school, without the need for remediation. Possesses the ability to apply

core academic skills to realworld situations through collaboration with peers in problem solving, precision, and punctuality in delivery of a

product, and has a desire to be a life-long learner. What are some reasons to care about RIGOR? What are some reasons to care about RIGOR? Rigor fosters persistence.

Rigor fosters resilience. Rigor fosters flexibility. Rigor fosters purposefulness. Rigors fosters metacognition. Rigor fosters ownership. What is RIGOR? Rigor is creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels, each student is

supported so he or she can learn at high levels, and each student demonstrates learning at high levels. (Blackburn, 2008) Myths about RIGOR Lots of homework is a sign of rigor. Rigor means doing more. Rigor is not for everyone. Providing support means lessening rigor.

Challenges and Obstacles Lack of understanding of the purpose for increasing RIGOR Misunderstanding of the true meaning of RIGOR Resistance from teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders Strategies to Increase RIGOR Teachers

Raise the Level of Content Alabamas CCRS; Selecting Appropriate Texts; Multiple Sources of Information; Depth, Not Coverage Increase Complexity Digging Deeper; Quality Questions; Ratchet Up Reviews; Take it Up a Notch Give Appropriate Support and Guidance Modeling; Gradual Release; Working with Struggling Learners; Extra Help and Support Open Your Focus Begin with Discovery; Choices; Perspectives; Connections Raise Expectations

Student Motivation; Beliefs and Actions; Ensuring Rigor for EACH student; Celebrating Progress RIGOR made EASY Engages all students Accommodates all learners Scaffolds learning Yields results Strategies for Increasing RIGOR Leaders

C Create Positive & Supportive Climate O Ownership and shared Vision M Managing Data PProfessional Development A Advocacy SShared Accountability SSupport Structures Williamson, R., & Blackburn, B. (2012). School Leadership Strategies for Classroom Rigor. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

Where do we go from here? Rigor does not necessarily mean throwing away everything you are doing. Rigor in many cases means adjusting what you do to increase your expectations and the learning of your students. Rigor is ensuring that each student is provided the opportunity to grow in ways they cannot imagine. By taking the necessary steps, you as a principal can make a lasting and positive impact on students and on the teachers who work with them. Williamson and Blackburn (2010). 4 Myths About Rigor in the Classroom. Larchmont, NY: Eye On Education, Inc.

RIGOR Reflection and Next Steps Team Reflection and Planning Share insights gained during todays sessions What similarities and differences emerged around the topic of RIGOR in the content sessions? What are your current practices to support RIGOR in your

schools/districts? What can you do to advance rigorous instructional strategies across your schools/districts? What district/SDE supports do you need to increase RIGOR? THINKING FORWARD

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