Revision for the Writing Test - Primary Resources

Revision for the Writing Test Watch and listen carefully. Writing Test You will do two writing tests and a spelling test and all these added together will make your writing score which is out of 50 marks. Dont lose

marks by forgetting the following: VCOP Vocabulary Connectives

Openers Punctuation Vocabulary Dont use boring words! Dont write said or nice or big but bellowed or exquisite or gigantic!

Connectives To be a level 4 remember to use a range of connectives eg however, subsequently, as a result, therefore, furthermore, thus consequently, lastly, finally or eventually.

Openers Start all sentences with a different word so it is not then, then and then or I, I and I! Think about your sentences before you write! Punctuation

Show the marker you can use: full stops . commas , apostrophe Jims coat Im speech marks, Hello exclamation marks ! question marks ? ellipses Level 5

Can you also use Dash Hyphen

Colon Semi colon Brackets If you can you should! Paragraphs Organise your work into paragraphs and can you link the flow of your text so it all

makes sense and follows on in a chronological and logical manner. Get marks Up to 20 marks are for making it lively, interesting and imaginative. 12 marks for sentence

structure and punctuation. 8 marks for organisation. Spelling and handwriting Then spelling is worth up to 7 marks so listen carefully and try hard. Handwriting is worth 3 marks.

Try to ensure people can read it clearly. Types of writing There are lots of different types of writing and you have to do 2. One will be fiction and one will be non fiction.

Recount A recount tells you about something that has happened in the past. It may include personal opinions or comments. Eg letters, diaries, newspaper articles and news reports.

Instructions Instructions tell you how to do something in a step by step way with imperative verbs and clear instructions. Eg instructions for a board game, building models, recipes, directions, how to repair something.

Non-chronological report Non-chronological reports give facts about a subject eg encyclopedias, information books, posters, leaflets and travel guides. Explanation

Explanations tell the reader how or why things happen or how and why something works eg leaflets, posters, manuals, letters, diagrams and information books. Persuasion Persuasive writing will

try to influence the way someone thinks about a person or subject eg advertising posters, articles, leaflets and SPAM email. Balanced argument/discussion Both viewpoints are given and the readers

are left to make up their own mind eg newpaper articles, newspaper letter pages, magazines, information leaflets and posters. Story Introduce characters and setting.

Build up to the characters doing something. Problem Resolution Ending CHECK YOUR WORK Leave some time to read your work to yourself and you will

probably see any mistakes you need to change. Remind yourself of the VCOP things you havent used yet! Well done If you can work at a steady pace and think about your writing in

the planning time and before you write you should do really well!

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