Review of PERSONAL PRONOUNS NOMINATIVE CASE Used as subjects and predicate pronouns Singular Plural

I We You You He, She, It They We shall work-out after school today. The smartest girl in my class is she.

Nominative He jogs after school. The runner is he. OBJECTIVE CASE Used as objects (objects of prepositions, direct objects, or indirect objects) Singular Plural Me Us

You You Him, her, it Them I went to the movie with him. Please give me a copy of the test. Objective Please give me some cookies.

May I have them now? Dont put them near her ! POSSESSIVE CASE Used to show ownership or possession Singular

Plural My, mine Our, ours Your, yours Your, yours His, her, hers, its Their, theirs My book is on your desk.

Did their mom bake those delicious cookies? Possessive Her apple sits atop their books. Your chair appears uncomfortable.

CASE is determined by USE! (She, Her) loves (he, him.) (He, Him) loves (she, her). (She, Her) gave (he, him) a guitar. In the park (they, them) sing original melodies. DIAGRAM:

In our classroom the girls sit near him. Before our quiz she reviewed the definitions with them. The dog sat in his owners lap and drooled on his jeans. Dont give us a pop quiz, please.

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