Review - Currituck County Schools

Review - Currituck County Schools

REVIEW Match the words or pictures in column 1 with the words or pictures in column 2. Column 1 Length Time Mass

Weight Temperature Column 2

Column 1 Length Time Mass Weight Temperature Column 2 MASS The amount of matter in an object. Mass of an object is always constant it does not change unless more matter is added to or removed from an object.

QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE V.S. A quantitative property is one that is used in measuring, representing a quantity. Usually a numerical value. A number. A qualitative property is a property that describes the physical characteristics of

an object. Some examples: lengthy, short, soft, hard, cold, hot, turbid, transparent, bulky, stretchy, etc WEIGHT: A CHANGEABLE PROPERTY OF MATTER In addition to giving an object inertia, mass is also the reason an object has weight.

Weight is another general property of matter Weight can change even when an objects mass remains the same. An objects weight, unlike its mass, is also dependent on its location (where it is). WEIGHT AND GRAVITY

The force of attraction between objects is called gravity. All objects exert a gravitational attraction on other objects. The greater the mass of an object the greater its gravitational force. The pull of gravity on an object determines the objects weight. Although an object in space is said to become weightless, it does not become massless. WEIGHT AND GRAVITY

The metric unit of weight is the newton (N). The newton is used because it is a unit of force, and weight is the amount of force the Earths gravity exerts on an object. VOLUME AND DENSITY

The amount of space an object takes up is called volume. Matter is anything that has mass and volume. The properties of mass and volume can be used to describe density. Density is the mass per unit volume of an object. Density allows you to compare different types of matter. VOLUME AND DENSITY

In order to compare the masses of two objects, you need to use an equal volume of each. For example, a piece of steal has a greater mass than a piece of wood OF THE SAME VOLUME. All matter has density. The density of a specific kind of matter is a property that helps to identify it and distinguish it from other kinds of matter.

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