Remote Control

Remote Control

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control How can the channel changer on your remote control help you stay focused?

1. You need to be AWARE when youve changed channels. 2. As soon as you are aware that you changed channels, press the channel changer button to get back to the correct channel. Learning about Continents

What should I do after school? Learning about Continents Please feed Ginger Minecraft is so Awesome!

Please feed Ginger The PAUSE button helps us remember to stop action so we can slow down, think, relax, and make good choices. Notice whats going on with your body. Slow down your breathing.

Think about what could happen. Act in a way that makes you feel proud of yourself. The FAST FORWARD button helps us look into the future to imagine what could happen before we act.

FAST FORWARD Do your choicesmatter? Directions: Use yourfast forwardbuttonto comeup withsomeideasof what couldhappenif you make a positive choiceversusa negative choicein the followingsituation. Youre sittingwithyour two best friends, Sandy and Lewis, at lunch. Sandy leavesto throwaway some trash, and Lewisstartsto tell youa story about Sandy, whojust left. The story soundslike gossipthat

would makeSandy feel bad. You Negative Choice You laugh at the story and encourage Lewis by saying, She is

so weird. Positive Choice You say to Lewis, Sandys our friend. Lets not spread gossip about her.

What HappensNext? Sandy overhears you as she comes back to the lunch table. She is hurt by your words and will not talk to you.

What HappensNext? Lewis stops gossiping about Sandy and realizes that youre right. He learns that you have your friends back, which makes him glad to be your friend.

The REWIND button helps us learn from our mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes! What Can I Say to Myself? Instead of I should have done

better on that Math test. I never should have showed off to impress my friends. I should not have gotten so mad at my friend. I should have more friends.

I should pay attention better in class. Try thinking Next time I will be more prepared for that Math test. Next time I will remember that I dont have to show off to true

friends. Next time Ill try to understand my friends point of view. Next time I will introduce myself to someone nice. Next time Ill notice when Ive changed channels. Ill use my remote control to change back!

When our body starts to react to feeling stressed, we use our SLOW MOTION button to calm down and relax. Play G o a

w/ for Yog a my ru n Call kids my

mom Walk in natu Liste nre to musi

c CHILL Cube In the three squares across the top and the center squares going down write your top six strategies to slowing down when you are stressed. Then cut

along the dotted lines and fold along the solid lines. Fold in the shape of a cube and tape together. When you begin to feel stressed, roll your ice cube for an idea to help you Chill! The WAY TO GO button reminds us to use

positive self-talk and to give ourselves credit for effort, improvement, and achievement of goals.

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