Receiving, Transportation, Storage & Shipping Practices

Receiving, Transportation, Storage & Shipping Practices

Receiving, Transportation, Storage & Shipping Practices Getting the Product into and out of the Plant Handling stages Receiving: Deals with raw materials, ingredients & packaging material at beginning of process In-process handling: Product is moved around the plant and sometimes held at various points

Finished product handling In-plant storage Shipping to other locations 22 Dec 07 2 Receiving Incoming transport

Highway trailer or container may be public carrier or owned by client or selfowned Sanitary conditions 22 Dec 07 Check inside of carrier for cleanliness & presence of pests Temperature check of sensitive materials 3 Incoming material Contamination

by dirty transport or pests can create health hazards Inspection information should be recorded Approved materials Letter of no objection Raw materials transported under sanitary conditions Temperature checks 22 Dec 07 4 Handling & storage of materials & ingredients Ingredients & packaging materials

Prevent damage, deterioration, contamination Use rotation (FIFO) Chemicals No cross-contamination with food MSDS should be present Store in clean, labeled containers Handled only by trained personnel 22 Dec 07 5 Receiving area Under cover

Directly from transport to enclosed loading dock Preferably backed up tight against flexible seal at a door into loading dock Separate raw materials / ingredients / packaging / finished products Use 22 Dec 07 separate areas / times 6 Transportation in plant Pallets moved by fork lifts or pallet movers Require maintenance and cleaning

Proper operation by trained drivers Overhead conveyors Belt conveyors Clean & sanitize regularly Maintain 22 Dec 07 7 In process handling Clean overhead structures Insulate and maintain pipes Product may be held between process

steps Protect from contamination by cleaning sprays, air-borne contaminants Move to safe location / cover Watch temperature control 22 Dec 07 8 Finished product storage Finished product forms Bulk or packaged Dry or liquid or slurry

Frozen or chilled Heated or ambient temperature Store & handle finished product To prevent damage, deterioration or contamination Protect 22 Dec 07 packaged product from moisture 9 Product shipping Inspection

of outgoing transport Operating properly, satisfactorily cleaned, correct temperature before loading Transport product under conditions to prevent damage / deterioration Temperatures must be monitored for frozen or chilled product 22 Dec 07 10 Loading practices Secured

to prevent shifting during transport Allow for proper air circulation in reefers Dont leave product in unregulated area Transport only approved food products in same transport Identify defective or suspect returned products 22 Dec 07 11

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