Realignment vs. Dealignment

Realignment vs. Dealignment

AP Government Terms & Concepts Gabby Perry, A2 Realignment vs. Dealignment Realignment are periods of a sharp, lasting shift which occurs in the popular coalition supporting one or both parties. The issues that separate the two parties change, and so the kinds of voters supporting

each party change. -For example: Election of 1800 when the Jeffersonian Republicans defeated the Federalists. The increase in Independent voters marks a shift in party dealignment. This shift can be an indication of either a highly informed electorate that is issueoriented or a hyper pluralist political environment unwilling to form coalitions. Basically, a weakening of party structure.

Straight Ticket Voting for candidates who are all of the same party For example: voting for Republican candidates for senator, representative, and president. Soft Money Funds solicited from individuals,

corporations, and unions that are spent on party activities rather than on behalf of a specific candidate. These funds need not be reported to the Federal Election Commission. Examples: Voter-registration campaigns and voting drives. Open Primary A primary election that permits voters to

choose on election day the primary in which they wish to vote- dont have to decide in advance. They may vote for candidates of only one party. Virginia is an open primary state. Caucus Members of a political party or subgroup may meet to coordinate members' actions, choose group policy, or nominate

candidates for various offices. An important part of the nomination process. Example: Iowa Caucus (first and largest in the election cycle).

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