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ECOSOC Meeting Dr. Eric Jallas Victoria Fall, April 2017 Short presentation of itk A Deep Tech Company with a dual competence Artificial Intelligence (Crop Modeling, GA, ANN, RES) Computing Strong company 14 years of experience Over 100 full time employees (40 PhDs, 55 Engineers/Masters degree) 2 patents

Strong Partnerships Crop and Animal management tools for precision farming Our Main Technology Process Based Models : The heart of precision agriculture OUR JOB: developing DDS for the Ag. Sector Our Job is to make all this work together The challenge:

Population growth from 6Mds to 9 Mds Food consumption changes From 750 kg/y To 1000 kg/y We need to double the Ag production !!! The challenge: What Solutions ? Arable land expansion ? Maximum 10% by 2050 Genetics ? Today Genetic gains are lower than 1%/y Max 15% by 2050 Yield increases ? It will be the main driver : 75% by 2050 We need to do much better on each of the current fields !!!

Innovation is the solution: Intelligence (i.e. Usefull Data: right time and frequence, low cost, right quality) Technology (i.e. NTIC, IoT, Cel. phone, but also tractor, high quality seeds, herbicide, pesticide) Knowledge (i.e. understand processes, interaction between G x E x Tk) A smarter food system is more productive, less wasteful and

more profitable. It uses resources more efficiently to produce and deliver food where and when it is needed. (Rabobank) - high value crops Irrigation Fertilization Protection Securing yields Improving quality Reducing treatments

Growth & Yield Prediction Observation IoT Ready Predict to better decide Vineyards Water deficit

Quality Prediction Precision Irrigation Gain = 20 to 40% water saving Quality increase Only $10 to $100/acre/y 30,000 ha/y - row crops

Irrigation Fertilisation Protection Yields optimization Production adaptation Reduction of activities Prvision Observation

IoT Ready Adjust farmers practices to weather and environmental conditions (Soil, Pests pressure) Yields optimization Production adaptation (irrigation, fertilization, pest

control) Reduction of activities Only $0,2 to $1/ acre/y 2,4M acres Gain = 10% yield increase 20% costs decrease

Control & collect : the IoT solutions Flowmeter communicating real time with a vine irrigation Prescription Tool D CTE E P EX 017 2 Raingage Disease Detection Insect Detection Control the irrigation

Connected sensors Only $20/s but 20% to 40% of water saving ITK flow sensor To the pump Assemble Gnrale, 11 Avril 2017 Monitoring Animals and Herds Soon : $10/y/animal HW included

Gain = - $55/y Gain = + 10% HeatPhone Heat detection = how to Manage Reproduction & to Increase Conception Rates Gain = 35 days, $250 to $350 per Y FeedPhone Nutritional disorders detection = how to Manage Nutrition & to Optimize Feed Efficiency

VelPhone Calving detection = how to Reduce Mortality & Enhance Calving Mortality = 0 SanPhone Health problems detection = how to Improve Early Management to Better Health One African example: 1600 Crop Yield 1400kg/ha

should be the lowest yield ! 1400 1200 1000 Yield distribution, 1981 800 Strong Extension Service 600 400

200 0 1975 1980 1985 1990 Some farmers yield more than 2000kg/ha Weak Extension Service

1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 We need to provide Farmers individual recommandations A Solution :


A Solution : THE REVOLUTION : Combining Ag. DSS with Cel. Phone A FARM E R'S M O S T VALUABL E TO O L: THE MOBILE PHONE A Solution : A 3 tiers Relationship : Internet Internet Internet

Extension services Cel. Phone Direct communication A Solution : Only $1/ha/y itk CAP ALPHA - Av. de l'Europe 34830 Clapiers France Phone : +33(0)4 67 59 30 47 www.itk.fr

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