President's Management Development Program

President's Management Development Program


Established principle of universal access within certain admissions requirements Recognized transfer function as an essential component of the commitment to access Reaffirmed commitment to principle of tuition-free education

CSU GOVERNANCE Board of Trustees (appointed by the Governor) Chancellor (appointed by the Trustees) Campus Presidents (appointed by the Trustees) Chancellors Office Administration BOARD OF TRUSTEES RESPONSIBILITIES

Develop broad administrative policy for the campuses Oversee the efficient management of funds, property, facilities, and investments by the system and the campuses Provide broad direction and coordination to campus curricular development

Appoint the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors for the system and Presidents for the campuses as chief executives with certain delegated responsibilities Communicate to the people of California an understanding and appreciation of the current effectiveness and the future needs of the CSU HISTORY OF CSU 23 separate universities, coordinated by the Office of the

Chancellor First future CSU was San Jose State, founded in 1871 San Diego State was second, in 1897 San Marcos, founded in 1988, began as North County Center of SDSU Channel Islands is the newest campus, founded in 2002 MISSION OF THE CSU Primary mission is undergraduate and graduate education, with emphasis on applied fields and teacher education CSU admits the top third of California high school graduates Faculty research consistent with the primary function of instruction SDSU

Incorporates CSU mission, with a strong emphasis on excellence SDSU has higher admission standards for students outside its service area SDSU faculty engage in basic and applied research, scholarship, and creative activity SDSU is the system leader in joint doctoral programs and funded research HISTORY OF SDSU 1897: Began as 2-year normal school to train and certify teachers First student newspaper founded in 1913

HISTORY OF SDSU By 1920s became 4-year teachers college Student government created in 1922 Aztec name and colors adopted in 1924 HISTORY OF SDSU 1929: Ground broke on Montezuma Mesa 1931: New campus dedicated in 1931 Aztec Shops began as a non-profit in 1933

HISTORY OF SDSU 1935: Official name San Diego State College offering a liberal arts curriculum Success in securing state and federal funding made other state colleges jealous Post-WWII growth at rate of 25% 1945 : SDSC authorized to provide graduate education 1959 : IVC began Faculty Senate (first in system) created 1960: KPBS founded in 1960 HISTORY OF SDSU 1961 : CSU system created

Loss of autonomy 1965 : First joint doctoral program (Chemistry) in 1965 1967 : Position paper on importance of research Colleges created in 1960s 1972: Name changed to San Diego State University SDSU Emerged as major comprehensive university in 1980s 1983: Collective bargaining began Explosive growth until early 1990s

HISTORY OF SDSU Budget crisis of early 1990s Severe cuts in state funding Increase in mandated programs Increases in student fees Growing dependence on external funding Enrollment management and impaction Controlled growth (unlike 1980s) Availability of classes Higher entry standards Acceleration of graduate/research mission

SDSU STRATEGIC PLAN "Building on Excellence" focuses on three broad institutional goals: Student Success Research and Creative Endeavors Community and Communication

Includes: International mission Comprehensive campaign Focus on diversity and inclusion

Expanded role of the arts SDSU: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Office of the President Research Foundation Academic Affairs Business and Financial Affairs

The Senate Student Affairs University Relations and Development SDSU: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Academic Affairs Colleges Arts and Letters

Imperial Valley Campus Business Administration Library and Information Services Education Graduate and Research Affairs Engineering Division of Undergraduate Studies

Health and Human Services Instructional Technology Services Professional Studies and Fine Arts Enrollment Services Sciences Extended Studies FACULTY LEADERSHIP BOT invests responsibility for campus in the President Each CSU has an elected faculty governance group, which recommends

academic policy to the President Shared governance is the foundation of SDSU Faculty play a critical role in the governance and make this type of institution unique in its operations, including business and financial affairs SDSU Senate is delegate assembly elected by faculty, with representation from staff, administration, and students POLICIES Governed by: State and Federal Laws and Regulations

CSU Systemwide Policies Collective Bargaining Agreements University Policies WHERE TO FIND: SYSTEMWIDE POLICIES: Board resolutions: Executive Orders: Coded Memos: COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS: UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Senate (SDSU Policy File): Business and Financial Affairs:

Student Affairs:

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