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Presentazione standard di PowerPoint

E-ADNI update and related activities WW-ADNI yearly meeting AAIC, Toronto, July 22, 2016 Jorge Jovicich, University of Trento, Italy SUMMARY: PharmaCOG WP5/E-ADNI European JPND Call: Acquisition Harmonization WP5 PharmaCog/ E-ADNI: Reminder Academic Industry EU project aimed at promoting drug development through markers of AD progression Funding Agency: European Commision (7 Program) PI: Academic Coordinator

Prof Rgis Bordet University of Lille (France) Project Coordinator Dr. Jill Richardson GSK (United Kingdom) Human Imaging working group leader (WP5): Prof. Giovanni Frisoni Consortium: 15 academic institutions; 12 pharmaceutical companies; 5 small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 11 EU countries: Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, U.K. and Luxemburg. Funds: Tot: 27.7 M Tot WP5: 5.1 M

Funded activity period: 1/01/2010- 31/12/2015 WP5 PharmaCog/ E-ADNI: Reminder Goal: Identify a matrix of biomarkers hologous in amnestic MCI and animal models of AD WP5 (E-ADNI) 150 aMCI Longitudinal: 6 months x 3 yrs ADNI cogn. tests ADNI struct 3T MRI ADNI2 diffusion MRI, rest fMRI EEG & ERPs CSF & Blood WP6 APP, APP/PS1, Tau, APP/Tau/

PS2 mouse and lemur monkeys Serial ass.t: 3 mos x 2 yrs Homol. cogn. tests Homol. struct MRI Homol. diff func MRI Homol. EEG & ERPs Blood & Histology WP5 PharmaCog/ E-ADNI: 2015-2016 progress Investigate enrichment criteria based on CSF o Three high/low risk models for AD conversion A, A/t-tau and A/p-tau For each model: evaluate markers sensitivity to risk groups o Cognitive tests o MRI: structural, diffusion,resting-state fMRI

o EEG: resting-state, oddball task o Blood For each model & metric: evaluate risk group sensitivity o At baseline (markers for AD diagnosis) o Longitudinaly (markers for AD progression) Enrichment based on CSF biomarkers: Mixture models for A, A/t-tau and A/p-tau Histograms and corresponding overlaid density curves Pos: high risk Neg: low risk Int: intermediate risk The mixture model analysis established three main Gaussian distributions and two cut-offs for each CSF biomarker

CSF and structural MRI markers at baseline A42 Hippoc. Subfield Volume: Right CA1 n.s. A42/t-tau A42/p-tau n.s.

Diffusion: Cingulum CSF A/p-tau 3 group classification is a better discriminators than A alone and than A/t-tau Biomarkers investigated for AD progression in WP5 aMCI patients, according to the most advanced phase of analysis Pharmacog Dissemination (last 12 months outline) AIC & AAIC o 9 Pharmacog presentations Methodological publications

o Marchitelli et al., HBM 2016 (phys noise rsfMRI) o Jovicich et al., Neuroimage 2016 (reprod. rsfMRI DMN) o Marizzoni et al., HBM 2015 (reprod. hippo. subfields) Clinical publications o Galluzzi et al., J. Int. Med. 2016 (baseline descr. clinical, npsy, markers) o Work in progress: Special issue (Neurob. Aging) Data o European JPND Call: Acquisition Harmonization EU JPND Harmonization Call

Call: January 8, 2016, EU Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease research ( Form community-led working groups (WG) Propose best practice guidelines: harmonisation of neuroimaging methods Domains Acquisition harmonization Simplification of web access & image environments Innovative PET markers Innovative ultra-high field MRI markers Duration: 9 months maximum for each working group Funds: 50,000 maximum/working group (workshop, admin) Expected outputs Best practice guidelines: publish & motivate funding future JPND actions SRA-NEDs Proposal SRA-NED: Create a Strategic Research Agenda for best practice image

harmonization guidelines relevant to NEuroDegenerative diseases Recommended for funding with other 9 proposals SRA-NED goals: I. Develop a survey to specify current criticalities for multicentre neuroimaging acquisition protocol harmonization (MRI/PET/EEG): Protocol definition Protocol deployment Protocol validation

Protocol adherence ... II. From the survey develop a strategic research agenda topics and actions deserving funding to implement best practice guidelines for neuroimaging harmonization SRA-NEDs Group Structure Coordination: PI: G. Frisoni, Co-PI J. Jovicich Working Groups: MRI (#13):

Method PI: J. Jovicich, Clinical PI: F. Barkhof PET (#11): Method PI: K.H. Wolfson, Clinical PI: B. van Berkel EEG (#7): Method PI: C. Mulert, Clinical PI: C. Babiloni

Advisory Group Key international opinion leaders (USA, AU, JP) C.R. Jack, W.B. Jagust, L. Prichep, C. Rowe, H. Matsuda International community of experts, groups and associations Pharma (PIs in IMI initiatives: EMIF-AD, EPAD and AETIONOMY) Thanks!

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