Presentazione di PowerPoint - Paolo Coletti

Presentazione di PowerPoint - Paolo Coletti

Microsoft Windows Windows 8 (2013 2015)) not appreciated user interface designed for tablets Installed on 7% of computers 24 Oct 2017 Precourse Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro Windows 8 Enterprise 1 Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 (2015) ) Basically Windows 8.1 Installed on 43% of computers arket-share/desktop/worldwide/ #monthly-201309-201808 Enterprise edition is installed on UNIBZ computers 24 Oct 2017 Precourse Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Education Enterprise

2 Regional and language settings for Windows 8.1 and 10 Windows+X Control Panel Clock, Language and Region Region Formats Additional Settings Mac: System Preferences Language & Regions Advanced Switching keyboard on unibz computers left ALT + shift Windows + space 24 Oct 2017 Precourse

3 The computer locks Press the X on your program window CTRL+SHIFT+ESC Mac: cmd + Q Choose your program and end it! Mac: cmd + ALT + ESC CTRL+ALT+DEL Shut Down Mac: cmd + CTRL + ALT + power Keep power button pressed for long time Warning: you Precourse will lose your unsaved 4 24 Oct 2017

File types Windows+X Control panel Appearance and Personalization File Explorer Options View Unselect Hide extensions for known file types Mac: Finder Preferences Advanced Show all filename extensions 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 5) File types Programs (run directly) .exe .com .bat Compressed archives (7-Zip or IZArc or Windows) .zip Text files (Notepad) .txt

Documents (Word) .docx .doc .rtf Documents (Acrobat Reader or Windows Reader) .pdf Sheets (Excel) .xlsx .xls .csv Images (depends) .jpg .jpeg .gif .bmp .png Videos (depends) .avi .mov .mpg .mpeg Audio (depends) .mp3 .wav Web pages (default browser) .html .htm 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 6 Double-clicking on a file Run a program Open a file with default application

Right-click Open with Do not change default application unless you want to 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 7 File system Finding a file or a folder Alternative ways: searching for it (not best choice when you have tons of files well organized) browsing the file system typing the absolute path in the address bar. As an exercise, try to find the following file: C:\Windows\System32\napipsec.dll

Mac: /System/Library/SystemConfiguration 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 8 Find a file - solution Windows+X File Explorer Mac: Finder double-click on: C:\ then on Windows then on System32 Mac: double-click on your hard disk, then on System Alternative: type the full path in the address bar Mac: Finder Go Go to Folder on German keyboard: \ is ALTGR + ? Mac: you can get the files address from: right-click Get Info General Where 24 Oct 2017

Precourse 9 Entering network directories Windows on unibz computer Windows on your notebook be sure to be on ScientificNetwork Wi-Fi Finder Go Connect to Server \\ (try smb:// if that one does not work) Home on VPN (sometimes also from notebook)

be sure to be on ScientificNetwork Wi-Fi digit \\ on any Explorer address bar Mac on your notebook digit \\ubz01fst on any Explorer address bar digit \\ on any Explorer address bar When asked for login name and password enter as login:\loginname on German keyboard: \ is ALTGR + ? on German Mac: 24 Oct 2017SHIFT+ALT+7 Precourse 10 Network directories \\ubz01fst\courses\course_coletti

\\ubz01fst\courses\exam_coletti\LOGINNAME \\ubz01fst\courses\scratchECO \\ubz01fst\students\...\...\LOGINNAME Max 300 MB disk space (emails do not count) 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 11 Virtualization at unibz Windows 10 is not running on your current computer The operating system is running on a server: virtualization Windows configuration is on that server

Desktop and Documents are on the network disk \\ubz01fst\students\...\...\LOGINNAME Your quota limit is 300 MB When over quota, delete files from here On your own computer use VMware: 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 12 Folders (directories) Solve the following exercises in order to get familiar with handling directories: Create on your Desktop a new directory called course_computer

Rename the new folder as course_ex1: right-click on your Desktop New Folder type the folder name (course_computer) Mac: Desktop New Folder right-click on the folder Rename type the new name (course_ex1) Exercise: In course_ex1 create 2 new folders named: first_folder and second_folder. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 13 Copying files Windows offers to the user 3 different ways to

make a copy of a file already present in the file system. Exercise: \\\Courses\Course_Coletti\ contains three text files: ex1_first.txt; ex1_second.txt; ex1_third.txt; copy those files in course_ex1\first_folder; keep the same names; use a different copying method for each file. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 14

Copying files First method: right-click Copy then right-click Paste Mac: right-click Copy ex1_first.txt then right-click Paste Item 1. 2. 3. right-click on ex1_first.txt Copy; enter directory course_ex1\first_folder; right-click (somewhere in the window) Paste. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 15) 16 Copying files Second method:

CTRL+C then CTRL+V Mac: cmd+C then cmd+V 1. 2. 3. 4. 5). 24 Oct 2017 Go to the network folder; select ex1_second.txt CTRL + C; Mac: cmd+C enter course_ex1\first_folder CTRL + V; Mac: cmd+V Precourse 16 Copying files Third method: drag and drop Go to the network folder: 2. Take ex1_third.txt and drag it to course_ex1\first_folder There must be the + symbol If not, keep CTRL pressed; Mac: ALT

3. Drop the file (release the mouse button); 1. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 17 Copying files Exercise: Try to copy files from first_folder to second_folder; Try to use each way; Rename each copied file adding _copied at the end of the name (before the extension). 24 Oct 2017 Precourse

18 Deleting files Alternatives: right-click Delete Mac: right-click Move to Trash drag the file in the Recycle Bin and drop it; select the file and press DEL (ENTF-CANC). Mac: cmd+DEL or cmd+Backspace As an exercise try to delete each file in second_folder : Use all three available methods. Delete one of them permanently with SHIFT+DEL (Mac: cmd+ALT+DEL) 24 Oct 2017 Precourse

19 Moving a file Mac beware! You cannot cut, system is very different Alternatives: right-click Cut then right-click Paste; Mac: right-click Copy filename then right-click alt Move Item Here drag and drop without +, otherwise press SHIFT MAC: cmd CTRL + X and CTRL + V Mac: no (easy) way 24 Oct 2017 Precourse

20 Moving a file As an exercise consider the three files in first_folder and move them to second_folder use all the available ways (one for each file); Exercise: Try to move files back to their original folder; Use a different method 24 Oct 2017 Precourse for each file. 21 Links

Beware: a link is not a real file but only a shortcut to a file (or a folder), it is a sort of address Links are identified by an arrow at the bottom left corner of the icon. Two ways to create a shortcut: drag the file with the arrow otherwise press ALT or SHIFT+CTRL; Mac: cmd+ALT right-click Create Shortcut; Mac: Make Alias Exercise: in second_folder create a shortcut of files in first_folder. delete the links.

24 Oct 2017 Precourse 22 Links REMEMBER what follows: If you copy a link you do not copy the real file If you delete the real file, the link does not work anymore; General hint: during the exam ensure that you actually copy your work in the given folder instead of making a link. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse

23 Folders Moving, copying and deleting folders is the same as for files; When you do something to a folder you do the same to its contents. Exercise: 1. 2. 3. Copy second_folder in first_folder with drag&drop and rename it as third_folder; Delete third_folder in first_folder with DEL; Copy again second_folder with right-click copy and rename it as third_folder 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 24

Group of files/folders Any operation can be performed on a group of items (files or folders); To select a group of files/folders: use the mouse to encircle them CTRL + click on each item; Mac: cmd+click for a list: select the first and SHIFT + click on the last; Exercise: Copy all files in first_folder down to third_folder in one shot; Move all files in third_folder to second_folder; Rename files in second_folder adding _moved at the end of the file name (before the extension). 24 Oct 2017

Precourse 25) Compressing If you are using your own computer, you should have a compression program already installed: 7-Zip, iZArc, Keka or another compression program as suggested in the first lesson. Warning: IZArc 4.1.7 4.1.8 4.1.9 contain a virus 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 26 Creating an archive To create an archive, select a file/folder and then: right-click 7-Zip or IZArc

Add to Archive Add to Mac: open Keka, select zip format and drag the files on it Exercise: Compress the file ex1_first.txt in first_folder as 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 27 Extracting from archives

Exercise: extract in second_folder; Solution1: right-click and choose Extract here Solution 2: double-click Windows or 7-Zip or IZArc opens a folder-like list Drag the file where you want to extract it Mac: double-click on the archive file to extract everything. With Keka it is not possible to look inside. Pay attention: the folder that you see is only a list of the archive content, it is not a real directory! Do not edit files directly from here, but 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 28 extract them first! Compress folders

Exercise: compress the folder course_ex1 in the archive; Same way as for files: right-click 7-Zip or IZarc Add to; Double-click on to see the archive content; Notice that the archive includes the whole directory structure. 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 29 Extracting folders To extract single files: Extract ex1_first.txt from

Click on the file you want to extract and drag the file the directory structure is lost. Extract the whole archive right-click on the file and choose Extract here 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 30 Encrypt archives Exercise: compress the folder course_ex1 in the archive adding a password with AES25)6 encryption. right-click 7-Zip or IZarc Add to

Insert a password Choose AES 25)6 as compression method Try to list the content of the folder extract the content of the folder 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 31 File permissions Right-click Properties Security Mac: right-click Get Info Sharing & Permissions Users and groups

Administrators Authorizations Read Read and Execute (for programs) List content (for directories) Write (for directories) Modify Full control Mac: Read Only/Read and Write/Write Only 24 Oct 2017 Precourse 32

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