Shell UAD OPS0077-Temporary Equipment Use this area for cover image (height 6.5cm, width 8cm) Shell UA Deep Water August 2010 1 Agenda Time Topic Presenter 8:00 - 8:45 Introduction/ Emergency Procedures/ Safety Moment/ Recognition 8:45-10:00 Standard introduction T. E. Team (video) and review

10:00 -10:15 Break All 10:15-11:15 Finish T.E. Presentation T.E. Team 11:15-Finish Q&A All Chris C. January 2011 2 Why are we here? Why do we need a Temporary Equipment Standard? -The Increasing frequency of hydrocarbon gas releases in conjunction with electrical audit findings in recent years means increased exposure to fire and explosion events.

-An ALARP study conducted by Shell in 2001 confirmed a high risk of gas ignition from temporary equipment. Temporary Equipment such as diesel engine skids, pumps, electrical equipment, etc. have many sources of ignition, and barriers to control these ignition sources needed improvement. -An alarming number of gas ignition events have occurred in our industry with great loss of life. The following list is short and covers the more notable events, however the list of gas events with ignition is virtually endless. January 2011 3 History of gas ignition disasters: Piper C.P. Alpha 1988 -168 deaths- $3.4B in asset damage Baker Drilling Barge 1964 - 22 deaths1st major offshore diaster in world Perforadora Central Usumacinta Jack-Up 2007 -10 deaths-18 missing (unknown status) Mumbai (Bombay) High North 2005 - 11 deaths-11 missing- total loss of asset

Bombay High India 1999- 22 -$195MM- total loss of asset Steelhead Lake Gulf Maracaibo, Venezuela 1993 - 11 deaths- $122B total lost revenue of Mexico, USA March 19, 1989 - 7 deaths- ARCO Platform B total loss Enchova Central Offshore Brazil 1988 - 42 deaths- $461M damage/ clean-up Petrobras GSF Platform Marathon 1987 - 300ft fire, extensive damage to new asset P36 Offshore Brazil 2001 - 14 deaths- total loss of asset (SEMI sunk) Adriatic IV Jack Up Egypt 2004- Total loss of asset- fire more >7 days January 2011 4 These requirements are not new and are required by these regulatory bodies (BOEMRE, API 14F, NEC 500, Etc). Due to recent events in the industry regulators are more focused on

elimination of ignition sources from temporary equipment Ask yourself how effective are the barriers youve been using to control ignition sources from temporary equipment. Do all personnel at your location have awareness knowledge of this REAL hazard? What do I mean by REAL hazard? From Jan 08 till July 08 our industry averaged one gas release per week! January 2011 5 If an incident happened tomorrow, how motivated would you be? We need that motivation now, be proactive by taking ownership in this standard January 2011 6 Temporary Equipment Standard Intro and Review Temporary Equipment Standard Temporary Temporary Equipment Standard Equipment Procedure

Temporary Equipment Checklists (4) Engine Driven checklist Electric Motor Driven Checklist Tanks/ Vessels Checklist Temp Bldgs Checklist Associated Documents Quick Stare Guide T E Log Equipment Tags Continuous Manning Checklist Temporary Equipment Website January 2011 7 Temporary Equipment Standard- How do I get a copy?

UA Contractor website ( Standards/ Procedures/ Guidelines Section (top right pane) Contact Kevin Hoffman (985 628 6099) to gain access to S/P/G section Drilling/ Production Matrix Shell C&P Rep Shell CSMP Rep Shell Internal: UAD Standards page / Temporary Equipment Website January 2011 8 TE Requirement Effect on Business TE standard in place and implemented Standard in place that dictates the requirements of all TE coming on location. Sets requirements for request, inspection, placement, and operation of all TE on location TE Focal Points Someone specifically recognized on location for TE management. Schedule & Conduct roll out session (s) with Business Area personnel; Be listed on TE Website as Business Area Focal Point; Insure weekly checklists are taking place; Solicit & review revisions to standard to business area; manages and maintains the TE log for asset Rigorous Inspection

process Each piece of TE is inspected before being shipped to location. The vendor and 3rd party inspector will conduct an inspection of TE functions and safety devices in vendor yard. Then the offshore inspector inspects the TE when commissioning. Each TE will have a representative checklist to go along with TE that is maintained on location in the TE log 3rd Party Inspectors Oilwell Tubular Consultants (OTC) have been named the approved inspectors for TE. They will inspect and document each TE that gets shipped for location, filling out a respective checklist to record the inspection process and results. MOC required for each TE In the standard it requires that an MOC be requested and approved for each piece of TE. This MOC will have marked up GA drawings depicting the laydown area of the TE. Guideline 2 (PR01-GL02) outlines the process of consolidating MOCs TE training Required training of TE will be rolled out and conducted via CBT for FPs and knowledge level personnel. Skilled level personnel (inspectors, both 3rd party and offshore) are required 4hr Instructor Lead Training (ILT). Awareness is set as a comm-roll out attempt. Permanent TE

Added requirement that all TE on-board for more than 45 days has to have a new checklist filled out and inspection conducted. After 60 days, the GA drawings for your location must be updated to reflect the TE. January 2011 9 Temporary Equipment: What to expect T.E. Standard and Implementation Plan: ROBUST ONSHORE SCREEING: Dedicated Electrical Inspector joined TE implementation team (Perry Scioneaux) Built curriculum and conducting Skilled level training (offshore inspectors included) Will be part of numerous 3rd party inspections as support for OTC (3rd party) T.E. Standard has been Signed by UAD and Wells Organization (18-Nov-2010) and published for implementation . Focal Points for Producing / Developing assets have been NAMED and communicated to. SOU Training Profile created for FPs Drilling to be included in Focal Point training (each rig to supply FPs) Training Modules Completed (Knowledge and Skilled CBTs)

Multiple Training Session Conducted with OTC (face-to-face; over the shoulder training/ support continues) January 2011 10 Changes (cont.) Focal Point Training FPs will be required to obtain Knowledge-Level training CBT Inspector Training Skilled-level CBT required for offshore inspectors Inspections/ Function Testing Function Testing will take place @ vendors yard with 3rd party inspector present Commissioning-type function tests will still be required of the Offshore Inspector (Fire & Gas, ESD, Grounding, etc) NOT NEW Temp Equip Website January 2011

11 Reasons for manning Temporary Equipment: Equipment doesnt meet Regulatory or Area Classification requirements Equipment does not provide required fire & gas detection Equipment does not accept required ESD shutdown MOC required for each TE: Required MOC be requested and approved for each piece of TE MOC will have marked up GA drawings depicting the lay down area of the TE. Temporary Equipment Time Requirements all TE on-board for more than 45 days has to have a new checklist filled out and inspection conducted.

After 60 days, the GA/ Elec. Class drawings for your location must be updated to reflect the TE. January 2011 12 Temp Equipment Focal Points OPS-0077A Temporary Equipment Business Area Focal Points Business Areas Construction/ Diving M&I Wells Well Services Drilling HSE / SD Sub-sea Surface Surv P&T Logistics Mars Ursa WD-143 Fairway Field ST-300/ 301 Ram/ Powell

MP-252 Cognac Auger Bullwinkle Boxer Brutus Enchilada/ Salsa BA-19 Perdido Total Office Total Field Total Number of Focal Points 1 1 2 2 2 (per rig) 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 14 29 43 Names Jason Reasor; Keith Short, Joshua Breaux; Will Naquin; Keith Gonzales, Perry Scioneaux Mike Corcoran; TBA TBA TBA Paul Rogers; Chris Camardelle David Weekly Rely on location focal point (no need one for group, but Facilities Eng will take CBT) P&T and OR&A only need briefing Fred Dawson Jimmy Donald and Jimmie Harmon (Marine Supervisors) Chris Louviere Process Staff Associate; Richard Crabtree Process Staff Associate Jack Stalans and Pat Hicks (Process Staff Associates) Tom Lambard - FW - WPT; Josh Young - YH - SAEP Eddie Cross; Jimmy Carrier Jimmy Leeper; Mark Hoover

Chad Royer- WPT; Phil Hay - WPT Ben Chitty - Staff Associate; Derek Collins - Staff associate Mike Guidry- Marine Supt.; Melvin Butler - Marine Supt. Joel Faucheaux; Royce Thomason Mark McDaniel Staff Associate; Don Hamilton Staff Associate Francis Olbrys; Seth LeBlanc Doug Eubanks- Marine BCO; Tommy Washington- Marine BCO January 2011 13 Sustainability Q2 Spot Audit: Perry Scioneaux to conduct offshore spot audit (s) to gauge implementation / compliance. Local Audit Process: Temporary Equipment has been added to the asset Local Audit Process (LAP) which is cyclical and conducted annually. Temporary Equipment is slotted for the 4Q. (Fabre) Audits (M&I Standing Audits/ Independent Audits) Internal Audit team (Doyle Galloway) as a subject/ topic for focused/ internal/ independent audits. Will train auditors on requirements of TE. Will also be a major topic of Electrical Hazardous Location (HazLoc) audits. January 2011 14 January 2011 15

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