Powerpoint template for scientific posters (Swarthmore College)

Powerpoint template for scientific posters (Swarthmore College)

Tracheostomy Tube Security Device
Rebecca Clayman, Paul Fossum, Katie Pollock, Kim Safarik

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Paul Thompson Client: Dr. Timothy McCulloch, Department of Otolaryngology


Final Design and Testing

In patients who have had a tracheotomy performed, a major post surgery
problem is discomfort from the tracheotomy collar. The collar must be secured
tightly to keep the tracheotomy tube in place so the patient can successfully
breathe. However, if the collar is kept at too high of a tension, it can result in
ulcers on the patients skin. Our goal is to design a tracheotomy strap that is
comfortable, easy to clean and equipped with monitoring devices to ensure
that proper pressure is maintained on the neck.


A red LED light is attached to a
battery in series. Connections to
the other side of the battery and
light rest on a thin piece of plastic.
As the tracheotomy strap becomes
looser or tighter, it moves which
causes the leads to make contact
with the foil attached to the strap
and complete the circuit, turning
on the light. This will alert the
nurse on duty of a potential
problem when she checks on the

Client Requirements
Easy to clean/maintain
Monitoring system to ensure proper
Material to adequately
expand/Contract with neck
5-7 day use


Strap Connection
Current Straps:
Ulcers and Banding
Caused by excess pressure
Loose strap = loose tube
Accidental Decannulation
Readily absorbs moisture
Neck Dependant


Belt-Strap Design:
Jersey mesh material
Belt holes and pin
Fits neck size approximately
11 to 20 inches in circumference
Easily adjustable

Equal area sections of strap were
allowed to soak in 10mL of water
for 1 min. The straps were
removed and the volume of
remaining water was measured.
The volume difference was taken
as the volume absorbed.
Foam (Blue strap): 0.3014mL/cm2
Mesh (Our strap): 0.0274mL/cm2
Cotton(White strap):

We polled an unbiased, random
sample of people on their opinion
of comfort, safety and function
while wearing three straps: the
cotton strap currently used by our
client(1), the blue Velcro strap
used by many of his
colleagues(2), and the strap that
we fabricated(3).
Our strap was ranked best in
overall comfort, tied for least
abrasive, ranked highest in safety,
and highest in overall function
according to our subjects.

Final Design Strap Features
Belt connections
Alarm circuit
Comfort balloons
Breathable/Non-absorbent mesh material

Cost Analysis

Future Work
Patient Testing
Clinical feedback and testing
Different size necks; child/infant
and bariatric straps
Sound Alarm
Self adjusting/correcting


Professor Paul Thompson
Timothy McCulloch, M.D.
Chairmen of Otolaryngology, University of Wisconsin School
of Medicine of Public Health
Anna Krupp, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Department of Biomedical Engineering

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