Welcome to the Wisconsin Test Administration Q&A Session

Welcome to the Wisconsin Test Administration Q&A Session

Welcome to the Wisconsin Test Administration Q&A Session for the ACT Test with Writing Spring 2018 Administration, Transportation, and Interpretation For Audio Please Call: 800.260.0718 Participant Code: 442860 Test Dates - ACT February 27 Initial Standard Time February 27-March 13 Accommodations Test Window March 20 Makeup Standard Time March 20-26 Makeup Accommodations Window April 3 Emergency Makeup Standard Time April 3-9 Emergency Makeup Accommodations Window

2 Test Administration Webinar #1 Orientation, Configuration, Verification and Preparation https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/RecordedWebinarWI-TestAdminQandA.pdf Testing facilities Type and Size Seating Arrangement Testing Staff Who can serve

Conflict of Interest Policy Responsibilities Test Security Pre-test Session 3 ACT Contact Information Wisconsin ACT Testing Website: www.act.org/stateanddistrict/wisconsin Department Phone

Email Test Administration 800-553-6244 ext 2800 www.act.org/stateanddistrict/contactus Accommodations and Supports 800-553-6244 ext 1788 [email protected] 4

Briefing Session Designate arrival time for room supervisors and proctors at least 30 mins prior to examinee check-in. Make staffing adjustments, if needed Review procedures Answer questions

Announce any last-minute changes Remind staff about authorized personnel and introduce observers, if applicable Distribute materials to room supervisors after briefing session 5 Authorized Observers Only authorized personnel may enter the testing area: Trained staff (includes locally trained staff) ACT, State, or District observers

Must have ACT authorization letter or ACT, State, or District identification Test coordinator must call ACT to verify the individual is authorized to observe Check and verify Unauthorized observers include parents/guardians, children, school board members, or members of the media. Under no circumstances are cameras allowed in the testing room(s). 6 Completing Required Forms Complete the following forms for each testing room, as applicable: Test Administration Forms Folder

Timing Report Seating Diagram Test Room Report Testing Roster Administration Report (accommodations) Testing Staff List Irregularity Report (if applicable)

Reader/Interpreter/Scribe Agreement (if applicable) 7 Standard Time: Test Room Report Test Coordinator completes Before Testing portion of form. Test Coordinator hands materials to the room supervisor. Room supervisor counts test booklets, verifies serial numbers. Any discrepancies must be resolved.

Room supervisor signs form. Test Coordinator initials next to room supervisors signature. 8 Room Rosters Room rosters are prepared by the Test Coordinator in advance. Use your room roster to mark attendance. 9 Identifying and Admitting Examinees

Secure materials before admitting examinees into room. Personal recognition or ID required Verify examinee identification at the door and mark roster. Mark absent examinees with a dash. Check for cell phones or other electronic devices. Check for or provide calculator.

Direct examinees to assigned seats (students do not pick their seat). No late arrivalsonce test booklets are distributed, examinees may no longer be admitted. 10 Filling out the Seating Diagram 11 Timing Report Standard Time

12 Test Timing Chart Standard Time 13 Distribution of Test Booklets Standard Time After examinees are seated Only when prompted by verbal instructions

In sequential, serial number order 14 Administering the Tests The ACT Sequence of Tests The ACT with Writing Tests must be administered in order or answer documents will not be scored

English 45 minutes Math 60 minutes Break 15 minutes Reading 35 minutes

Science 35 minutes Break 5 minutes Writing Test 40 minutes 16 Scheduled Break Standard Testing

15 minute break between Test 2 and Test 3 Read the verbal instructions which explain break policies Room must be attended at all times by testing staff. Examinees must not access cell phones or electronic devices Snack and drink outside of room Remind examinees to be respectful of other testing rooms Resume testing after 15 minutes even if all examinees do not return on time. Late examinees may be admitted but cant make up lost time.

Note any issues on an Irregularity Report. 17 Break before the Writing Test Per new ACT policy, your school may decide to break for lunch after multiple choice sections for up to 45 minutes During the break all examinees must be constantly monitored by school personnel for examinee conversations and any other means of sharing test content, including cell phone usage. Test booklet and answer document must be collected and securely stored during the break. Under no circumstances can these materials be left unattended or stored in the same location as the examinees during the break. 18

Timing the Tests 19 Exact Timing Use more than one timepiece (not cell phone) Time each room individually (no central timing) Record times during testing: Testing Report (Standard Time) ACT Administration Report (ACT-Approved Accommodations/Supports) 20 Irregularities 21

Completing an Irregularity Report Testing irregularities: interruptions and distractions which affect testing Group Irregularities Individual Irregularities Prohibited behaviors: actions which result in examinee dismissal and voiding answer document Complete an Irregularity Report to inform ACT of situations which impact testing. Refer to manual for form and detailed information. 22 Completing an Irregularity Report

Provide as much detail as possible. You must inform the student if voiding the answer document. Indicate if student will be scheduled for makeup testing. If in doubt, call ACT for guidance. 23 Prohibited Behavior Prohibited behavior does not need to be observed if you are certain it occurred Dismiss examinees and inform them their answer documents will not be scored

24 Voiding Answer Documents Only if: The examinee exhibited prohibited behavior and was informed scores would be void An examinee was scheduled for makeup testing 25 Test Day Documentation Room Supervisor Responsibilities Before dismissing examinees:

Account for all test materials Must have a test booklet and answer document for each examinee who tested Verify the following: Answer documents and booklets are signed Booklet number and form number are gridded Barcode label matches examinee name and signature After dismissing examinees: Organize materials for return to test coordinator Review all administrative forms for completeness and accuracy Administration forms are used as the source of truth- scoring decisions are based off of these forms. 26

Test Coordinator Procedures Immediately after testing, the TC must: Verify materials Check Documentatio n Order makeup materials if needed Pack materials for

return Ensure FedEx retrieves materials 27 Makeup Testing The ACT Eligibility for Makeup Testing Situation: Can student test on Makeup?

Student completed pre-test portion of answer document, but did not test on initial test day. Yes Student attempted to test on initial test day, but had to leave early (illness, for example). Yes-void first answer document and have student transfer non-test responses to new answer document before makeup test day. Student dismissed for Prohibited Behavior. No

Student completed the test on initial test day (paper or online). No 29 Ordering Makeup Materials Email sent to TC with instructions on ordering materials Place order in PearsonAccessnext Contact ACT State and District Testing at 800.553.6244, ext. 2800, if an email is not received Contact ACT Accommodations at 800.553.6244, ext. 1788 if needing to utilize the accommodations makeup window If you do not need makeup materials, no further action is required

30 Materials ACT Sends to You for Makeup Testing 31 State Use Questions Did Not Test Codes The TC is responsible for ensuring all students who do not test are correctly marked in PANext for ACT and/or WorkKeys Codes can be entered per individual student, or though an upload if there are a large number The Administration Supplement contains details on how to enter these ACT supplement is Green, WorkKeys supplement is Gold

If a student doesnt test/leaves your school, DO NOT remove them from PAN 32 Collecting, Packing, and Returning Materials The ACT If You Did Not Test Complete the outside of the Processing Envelope and mark Did Not Test

Discard the unused Site Header Place envelope in box Prepare other materials for return 34 Packing Materials After Testing After Testing, pack: All multiple-choice test booksboth used and unused Packing List

All used manuals Complete answer documents Reverse the carton flaps so the outbound shipping label is visible. Number the cartons in the following manner: 1 of ___, 2 of ___, etc. 35 Packing the Processing Envelope Test Admin Forms Irregularity Reports Site Header

Answer Documents Staffing List 36 Packing the Cartons 37 Materials Pickup

Refer to Schedule of Events for pickup dates. Carrier pickup is pre-scheduled-if there are any problems call ACT, not FedEx. Call ACT if carrier does not pick up test materials by the Monday after the scheduled pickup date (March 5, March 26, April 9) Keep materials secure until pickup. 38 Reporting The ACT Reporting Schedule Document Recipient Timeline

Description Student Report Student 3-8 weeks Paper report Student Online Scores Student 1 week after student receives score report

Online account H.S. Checklist Report School 3-8 weeks List of Examinees H.S Report School 3-8 weeks

List of C.R. Scores Student Score Labels School 3-8 weeks Record Labels Student College Report College 3-8 weeks C.R. Scores

Profile Report H.S. District June 12, 2018 Averages per H.S. Profile Report - District District June 12, 2018 Averages for District

Student Level Data File - District District June 12, 2018 All scores for all examinees 40 Test Dates - ACT February 27-March 13 Accommodations Test Window

March 20 Makeup Standard Time March 20-26 Makeup Accommodations Window February 27 Initial Standard Time April 3 Emergency Makeup Standard Time April 3-9 Emergency Makeup Accommodations Window 41

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