ARGOS Mallory Grossman, Daniel Hopkins, Sumer Alamam, Nicole

ARGOS Mallory Grossman, Daniel Hopkins, Sumer Alamam, Nicole

ARGOS Mallory Grossman, Daniel Hopkins, Sumer Alamam, Nicole Arita GEOGRAPHY Lies on fertile Argolid plain in eastern

Peloponnese, Greece Ancient Argos- built on two hills: Aspis and Larissa There is a 6 mile distance from the cities Argos and Mykenae (Mycenae) FOOD SOURCE

Breakfast was eaten just after sunriseconsisted of bread dipped in wine Lunch- bread dipped in wine along with olives, figs, cheese, dried fish Dinner-main meal, eaten near sunset, consists of vegetables, fruit, fish, and sometimes honey cakes Soil wasnt fertile so they had to fight to grow food which they did successfully

GOVERNMENT 2nd oldest city after Knossos There government was a monarchy, which means they had a king and queen Argos was a long time rival of Sparta

from the 5th to 7th century BCE RELIGION Believed in twelve major gods, each had a special and unique power People of Argos were very religious,

and respected their gods Each city-state including Argos had a acropolis, a fortified hill with a temple of a certain god ARCHITECTURE Had tombs They had an odeum for performances

Theatres had 81 rows which had a ability to fit 20,000 people WRITING They were wonderful poets They wrote in Greek Spoke Greek

SOCIAL STRUCTURE They traded for food because certain food was scarce. ARTS

Mycenaean people built tombs and theatres. The theaters were called odeums. They were used for musical and theatrical purposes.

They had mosaic floors that depicted Dionysus and the months of the year. The Mycenaeans also made geometric style pottery. Made stone sculptures of athletes. LEGACY They did numerous things effectively

Such as the development of coinage Coinage made trade much easier TECHNOLOGY They had the invention of coinage which helped them with trade Had bronze armor


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