Housing Pipeline & NHSE Capital to supporting Transforming

Housing Pipeline & NHSE Capital to supporting Transforming

Housing Pipeline & NHSE Capital to supporting Transforming Care Jane Bellwood: NW Housing Lead NHS England [email protected] HLIN NW Feb 2018 www.england.nhs.uk Building the Right Support to reduce inpatient numbers by 50% Dec 2016. People should be offered a choice of housing, including small- scale supported living (ideally 6-8, but schemes can be bigger as this depends on designjust dont want large institutions again) Choice about housing should be offered early in any planning processes (most have 3.5 and 5 yr discharge plans) Where people live, who they live with, the location, the community and the built environment need to be understood from the individual perspective Everyone should be offered settled accommodation (not offers) residential The future needs of this group needs to be represented in local housing strategies, and TCPs Housing Plans.. So planning for future.. Not just the immediate need

www.england.nhs.uk 2 Challenge for the North 897 people in March 2017 40% have been in hospital for > 5yrs Aim to move 391 TCP patients by March 2019 Also people in transition & At Risk of hospital admission or who have no move on options from semi- secure accommodation to more independent housing settings Often Housing is considered after care and support not Housing First In reality Choice and Control for people is limited 3 TCPs in NW : GM, C&M, Lancs & S. Cumbria 2/3 have new TCP Housing Plans: demand & how this is being met All need to reflect Council Supported Housing Plans development (for LD/ASD and Transitions) within their planning Housing Options need to include Step Up (Crisis) or Step Down (Rehab) NHSE Capital Fund provides 20M opportunity to support building the right home www.england.nhs.uk NHSE Capital Grants (20M p.a.) From 2017 to 2021 (80m) but only part of this was allocated last year For settled and short-term housing options for children, young people and adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but may have Mental Health needs also Capital for buildings & land for new or remodelling or in-built equipment to adapt to meet personalised needs - but schemes can be part of larger footprint (Residential/ Step-Down/ ECH) if

residential fits best for the cohort it can be supported. Packages of care often have clinical support, so mixed funding Capital Bids need to come via CCG or in GM via Health and Social Care Partnership with Local Authority and/or Housing Providers, submitted via CCG sponsor 4 Health Lead Service Users: Commissioners: Commissioners: want their own Bespoke housing is Focused on existing front door, option expensive it takes needs and care and that gives time, can only support right in the independence & afford some of it community to security of having not for all. Its no enable move on, onsite/shared ones role to look discharge : care. at the housing planning takes Housing Providers LAs & Health not and Support requirements so Care

it time. always ready to can get missedProvider: talking to engage on whats LAs about possible needed or affordable, solutions, capital, not always able to find and links to space to work up Housing Developers solutions e.g. build but not easy to new, adapt existing, link potential HOLDSpecialist shared housing solutions ownership, shared to local plans Architect: Service space . Provider User and Some partners think All parties have dialogue is key something to bring

cutting corners with about improvement: this will mean the make Housing a key brief wont be right enabler to delivering for the client/s, we quality care/support, get one type for all independence & choice then tenancies may Live Capital Bids in NWopportunities for more? Liverpool CCG: Step through facility Lancashire CCG: Bespoke 3 x 6 (2 bed) bungalows with sleep in and crisis beds Wigan CCG: Various bespoke individual options. Others in North: South Tees : Transitional accommodation for CYPS forensic and urgency care/crisis provision Newcastle and Gateshead: 3 apartments x 5 bedrooms, crisis rooms and self contained flats Sunderland : 3 bids for remodelling existing spaces for personalised needs Full list available with final presentation www.england.nhs.uk 6 Learn more and get in touch https://www.housinglin.org.uk/_ assets/Resources/Housing/OtherOrganisation/building-rig ht-home-guidance-housing.pdf

NW NHS E Housing Lead : Jane Bellwood: can support: Development of capital bids and help with submissions Development of housing plans for TCPs with Partners Links with CCG and Council Housing Leads with LGA Links with TCPs in the North West [email protected] Mob: 07702 406740 www.england.nhs.uk CCG Description Amt Liverpool North Mersey Hub Specialist Residential Provision Belle Vale. 3 bungalows with 6 beds 462,000 Newcastle Gateshead Transforming Care Newcastle & Gateshead - 3 x self-contained apartments, each containing 5 en-suite, accessible bedrooms and a dedicated communal space within each apartment area & 3 crisis rooms and 1 self-contained flat (crisis) 280,000 South Tees Development of forensic Crisis bed for South Tees Locality. The self-contained flat will be developed on the site of a scheme which is currently under development by Middlesbrough Borough council and Mencap

Kirkleathan Integrated Care Centre (KICC) - Childrens & Young People provision - 6 accommodation units, 3 for long term admissions/residential, 2 respite beds and an emergency/urgent care bed. Beds will be of flexible use, i.e. health, joint or social care. South Tees 80,000 200,000 Sunderland develop the existing detached Annexe into a self-contained two bed apartment 85,000 Sunderland change the existing two person apartment into a one person apartment with two bedrooms. 40,000 Sunderland The proposal would be to redevelop the lower ground floor apartment into a self-contained 2 bed apartment. It would enable direct access to separate front door. 75,000 Northumberland Plans have been drawn up for the erection of 5 additional bungalows on this 0.8 acre site (five x two bedroom additional bungalows are built on this site to support four clients in single occupancy accommodation and the fifth bungalow to be used for emergency respite) 864,435 South Tyneside There will be 2 individual flats, with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and living area There will also be a staff 100,000

area with appropriate facilities. Sheffield Development of 32 new building across 4 within Sheffiield 672,000 Leeds Leeds Bid 1: Burley Willows: the provision of a specialised community residential facility for people with 3,413,512 learning disabilities and/or autism who display behaviour which challenges. Leeds Lancashire Leeds Bid 2: Single Supported Living Property To develop alongside Housing and Support providers 3 x flexible supporting housing bungalow schemes consisting each of 6 properties that could accommodate people in single or shared tenancies West Lancashire LD WL 1 West Lancs 43 Mayfield avenue house refurbishment Wigan Purchase and refurbishment of property in Wigan for complex forensic patient MANORLEY LANE, BRADFORD: development includes 16 x 1 bed specialist supported living apartments. Bradford Branshaw Respite and Supported Living Scheme Scheme 1 - New build Short Break (respite) service www.england.nhs.uk Scheme 2 - New build bungalows Supported Living 260,000 1,125,000 261,791 100,000 Bradford 140000

1,661,855 Sample schemes supported by NHES Grants: 1) Lancashire PCT Proposal for 3 schemes in different areas: offering 6 x 2 bed bungalows for single or shared tenancies for adults with autism or/and learning disabilities. They will offer a private but linked garden, with a pathway providing safe passage around the site as needed. The capital funding for the development will be shared between NHSE and the Local Authority and a Registered Social Landlord (RSL). On site provider background support will be delivered via a single staff unit, with the option to incorporate a staff sleep-in room at each site. Assistive technology will be integrated into the scheme, as well as a community room that provides electronic access to community information and space for clinicians to meet and work with tenants. The staff garden will offer a community allotment/or other similar project to support communal projects outdoors. Crisis support for be offered for tenants or community within one of the bungalows. A safe area will be provided for the person in crisis and the staff, providing an opportunity to deescalate the crisis through providing space between the individual and others. This will address a local gap in service and provide the opportunity for crisis support when needed to prevent and admissions and readmissions. 2) Merseyside PCT Proposal focuses on redevelopment of an existing LD service/site, with the aim of providing a step-through service for those who are part of TCP in partnership with third sector provider. The service will operate a residential model. There are plans for 3 bungalows providing a total of 16 units. CQC have been consulted and are supportive of the design and plans. Each bungalow will provide shared lounges, kitchen and breakout areas. This will allow for individualised support in a safe environment, to enable service users to develop their independent living skills in a community setting. The aim of the service is to support transition onto more independent living, with the space and support available in the community. Also it will allow for intensive work with patients to enable them to remain in the community, using active support and positive behaviour models. There will be a range of multi-disciplinary clinical skills available and a staff team that deliver individualised care to service users in crisis or who are learning new skills. www.england.nhs.uk

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