Poster Title Must Have a Subject and a

Poster Title Must Have a Subject and a

Poster Title Must Have a Subject and a Verb
Your Name, School of Nursing, California State University, Fullerton
Section headings are in colored boxes. You
can add more, remove some, or move
them around to accommodate your
Copy the color box, place it where you
want it,
and choose
The heading font should be clear, easy to
read, and all the same font size.

This template is designed in Microsoft PowerPoint because it is easy to use.
There is more sophisticated software available for poster creation. If you choose to use
another software or web service to design your poster, please contact our School of
Nursing for access to high resolution logo files.

These blue square bullets are an example
of customized bullets. This is fine just
makes sure all bullets on your poster are the

Use a picture if it helps illustrate a point.

Draw a text box and input or copy/paste
content. You can customize your bullets.
(Just copy/paste these existing boxes as
the font is already the correct size.)

Images should be royalty free

Use visual displays for data wisely by adding charts, figures, graphs, etc. that clarify your
message without unnecessary detail.


Use bulleted lists to make reading easier.

Some items in this template have been grouped. If you need to make adjustments, please
use the ungroup feature.


Font should be at least 28, preferably 36


Keep visual depictions of data as clean and easy to understand as possible. Resist the
temptation to use fancy fonts, too many colors, special effects, etc.

PowerPoint images are acceptable, but
clipart is extremely outdated. Dont use
Images captured from the web must be high
enough resolution to print in this huge size.
Enlarge to 100% and carefully review!


You can create visual data in any program, including PowerPoint.
Cut words and use white space wisely

This poster will print 48 x 36

Use as few words as possible to convey

PDF it before uploading it to print.
Depending upon the printing service, you
can then convert the PDF to a JPEG to

Use white space appropriately! Let the
eyes rest.

Note that some bullets, images, and
headings become misaligned when opening
the file on different computers AND in the
PDF process. ALWAYS enlarge to 100%
and double-check EVERY SINGLE PART
before uploading and printing.

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