Welcome to Physics 2135. PHYSICS 2135 Engineering Physics

Welcome to Physics 2135. PHYSICS 2135 Engineering Physics

Welcome to Physics 2135. PHYSICS 2135 Engineering Physics II Dr. S. Thomas Vojta Instructor in charge Office: 204 Physics,

Phone: 341 4793 [email protected] www.mst.edu/~vojtat Office hours: Mon+ Wed 11am-12pm and by appointment Course website: Textbook: Vol. 2 www.mst.edu/~vojtat/class_2135

University Physics with Modern Physics, Young and Freedman, 14th Edition Course components Lectures (Monday & Wednesday): discuss important concepts, solve example problems please read the reading assignment before lecture! sections 1AA, 1BB are in-seat lectures, 1CC is an

asynchronous online lecture (for details click here) Recitations (Tuesday and Thursday): review concepts focus on problem solving (practice problems!) boardwork: you may be asked to solve a homework problem without your notes Laboratory (every other week): connect learned concepts to physical experience details see lab instructions below

Course information Course handbook, syllabus, and official starting equations were handed out during the first recitation These documents and others (special homework problems, instructor information, exam times, ) can be found at the course website: www.mst.edu/~vojtat/class_2135

Know your recitation section and recitation instructor! He/she is your first contact for Physics 2135 questions How to read the syllabus How to read the syllabus

Reading assignment. Please read chapter 21 sections 1 to 4 before this lecture! How to read the syllabus Homework assignment. Problems 14, 25, 36 and 74 of chapter 21 as well as special homework #1 are

due at the start of this recitation. How to read the syllabus Lab, odd and even refers to your lab section number Laboratory information Laboratory website:

http://physics.mst.edu/currentcourses/labs/index.html Professor in charge of lab: Dr. Dan Waddill, [email protected], 341-4797, 103 Physics You must purchase a lab manual at the Physics Office, room 102, for $25 (cash). You will not receive lab credit without a lab manual. Your lab section is numbered 3L"some number". If "some number" is even, you are in EVEN labs. If "some number" is odd, you are in ODD labs.

There are no labs this week! Physics Learning Center Monday & Wednesday 2:00-4:30pm and 6:00-8:30pm rooms 129 +130 Physics attending the PLC is voluntary open learning environment

faculty and peer learning assistants provide problem solving and homework help I hope your time in Physics 2135 will be productive!

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