Trees Matter: Secrest Arboretum Storm The Tornado of

Trees Matter: Secrest Arboretum Storm The Tornado of

Trees Matter: Secrest Arboretum Storm The Tornado of September 16, 2010

The New Jack and Deb Miller Arboretum Building: 9-10-10

Welcome: 9-10-10

Dave Nielsen and Fred Robinson Arrive at the Workshop:9-10-10

Plant DiagnosticWorkshop: Joe Boggs Teaches: 9-10-10

Cactus Outside New Building 9-10-10

Joe Boggs Teaches Streeter Amphitheatre

Nielsen and Herms Pavilion 9-10-10

OARDC Storm Command Center 9-17-2010:One Day After

Planetrees in Fisher Parking Lot 9-17-2010

Urban Elm Downed: 9-17-10 Ken Cochran and Dawnredwood

Ambassador Burney Huff: 9-17 A View up Crabapple Lane: 9-17

A View of the Stone House: 9-17

The Sycamore Forest: 9-17 Crablandia I: 9-17-10

Crablandia II: 9-17-10

Rhody and Crabapple Blowing In 9-17-2010

But part of that rhody holds on and will survive!

Silver Maple Stands Amid Debris 9-17-2010

The Rock Sans Spruce Grove 9-17-10

Entering the New Gardens 9-17-10

Ken and Joe Cochran: Cleanup Begins 9-17-10

Water Garden & Fernleaf Beech 9-17-10

Jack and Deb Miller Pavilion 9-17-10

Force of the Wind from Pavilion 9-17-10

The View From the Pavilion 9-17-10

Pavilion Contents in the Trees 9-17-10

The Chair & White Pine 9-17-10

Forest Behind Rhododendrons 9-17-10

Ohio Buckeye and Background 9-17-10

View to the Amphitheatre 9-17-10

President Gee, Bobby Moser, Steve Slack, Bill Ravlin, & Ken Cochran: September 17, 2010

Umbrella Magnolias to the Right 9-17-10

The White Pine Archway 9-17-10

The Farm Shop 9-17-10

Shredding of Leaves on Trees 9-17-10

The Powerful Nature of Wind 9-17-10

Kristen Jackson Overview 9-17-10

The Parry Family Overlook 9-17-10

Uprooting of Trees 9-17-10

The Secrest Forest Plots 9-17-10

Arborvitae Grove Lives! 9-17-10

Freeman Maple Shows Decay 9-17-10

Majestic Silver Linden Felled 9-17-10

Ag Engineering Building 9-17-10

The Power of Wind 9-17-10

Crabapple and Debris Behind 9-17-10

Phenology Pavilion Is Intact! 9-17-10

Benches to Rebuild 9-17-10

A Stark Reminder of the Wind Crabarians Enshadowed

9-17-10 Stone House Oaks

9-17-10 Stop

OARDC Shines On and On 9-17-10

The Iconic Red Car 9-17-10

Cleanup Begins in Earnest 9-18-10

Steve Slack & Bobby Moser 9-18-10

Governor Strickland 9-18-10

Carol Whittaker, Bobby Moser, Dan Herms in the Arb: 9-18-10

Smaller trees often prevailed 9-18-10

But it could be devastating 9-18-10

Greenhouses were crushed 9-18-10

Major Damage: Ag Engineering 9-18-10

Dolgo Crabapple Sculpture Roy Lichtenstein? 9-18-10

Remember That Cactus? 9-18-10

Still standing, but leaves blew in! 9-18-10

Sign of the 9-16-10 Times

Lost Tree Inventory: 9-19-10 From the Future: Cathy Herms

9-19-10 Tree Stump Tells of Past Perils

9-19-10 GPS: Primitive &Advanced

9-19-10 Pin Oak Diameter of 42 Inches

9-19-10 Urban Elms Behind Gourley

9-19-10 Ken ever said these really grew

9-19-10 Ag Engineering Bldg Damage

9-19-10 Charles Krause Surveys His Lab

9-19-10 With Help From His Friends

9-19-10 From a Nearby Greenhouse

9-19-10 Loss of Magnificent Pin Oaks

9-19-10 Crablandia I is a Memory

9-19-10 Ken and Steve Confer

9-19-10 Raining Acorns!

9-19-10 Parvis e glandibus quercus

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow Felling Trees in Sycamore Forest

9-20-10 Cardina Measures 42 Sycamore

9-20-10 Sycamore: Bone Structure of the Landscape

9-20-10 Sweetgum Sculpture

9-20-10 Bruce and John: 53 Sycamore

9-20-10 Golden Crabapple Dust

9-20-10 Crabapple Pyre

9-20-10 Gourley Hall Greenhouse in Crablandia I

9-20-10 Stone House Oaks and Campus

9-20-10 Oaks: John, Cathy, Bruce

9-20-10 Bruce and Root Ball

9-20-10 Bruce and Root Ball II

9-20-10 John with Selby Hall in Background

9-20-10 The Tree Amigos

9-20-10 Cathy Hugs a Tree

9-20-10 Joe, Ken, and Jim Karcher Plan the Next Step

9-20-10 The Ginkgo Stops the Silo

9-20-10 The Ginkgo Stops the Silo II

9-20-10 Ken Greets Denise Ellsworth

9-20-10 Secrest Curator Ken Cochran

9-20-10 Joe Cochran Rebuilds

9-20-10 We Look At Clouds From Both Sides Now

The Beauty of 9-20-10 A Hawk Surveys Its New Domain

9-21-10 A Little Bit Disorienting

9-21-10 This Clematis Climbs New Landscapes

9-21-10 An Artificial Leaf Flies In from Somewhere

9-21-10 Umbrella Magnolia Arise!

9-21-10 White Pine Forest Deconstructed

9-21-10 John Continues The Inventory Of Ecological

Services Lost - & To Come: 9-21-10

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