DON CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL EXECUTIVE JTEG Brief Mr. Matthew Koch DON Corrosion Control & Prevention Executive ASN RD&A-DASN RDT&E IMPACT OF CORROSION $22.4 Billion/Year Problem for DoD UNCLASSIFIED 2 ACTIONS TO ADDRESS CORROSION Congress enacted legislation to address corrosion and DoD has developed policy and guidance GAO audits military departments on compliance with USC 2228 requirements and reports findings to Congress 2003

Congress establishes DoD Corrosion Executive (P.L. 107-314, 10 USC 2228 2005 DoD implements corrosion planning requirements (DoDI 5000.02 2008 Congress establishes Service Corrosion Executives (P.L. 110-417, 10 USC 2228 2009 DON appoints Corrosion Executive, stands up Corrosion Cross-Functional Team, and delivers first annual report to Congress 2010 DoD requires Corrosion Prevention and Control Plan (CPCP) for all ACAT I program (DoDI 5000.02)

2013 Corrosion Planning requirement expanded to both the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) and the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)(Interim DODI 5000.02) UNCLASSIFIED 3 ROLE OF NAVY CORROSION EXECUTIVE Policy (DON-Level and Alignment with OSD & SYSCOM Policies) Develop Strategic Plan for Addressing Corrosion in the DON Annual Report to Congress on DON Corrosion Health, Needs, and Initiatives Corrosion Planning Review in SEP, LCSP, CPCP during Acquisition Annual Assessment of Department CPC Program(s) Hex- Chrome Waiver Authorization UNCLASSIFIED 4

ROLE OF NAVY CORROSION EXECUTIVE Primary POC for Interaction with OSD AT&L Corrosion Policy & Oversight (Projects, Reports, etc.) Lead Cross-DON CPC Communication (Chair Corrosion CFT) Facilitate Cross-DOD CPC Standards/Specifications Adjudication of Cross-DON CPC Issues Response to DON Corrosion-Related Congressional Inquires executed by GAO UNCLASSIFIED 5 DON CORROSION ORGANIZATION Corrosion Cross Functional Team (CFT) is chartered by Flag Officer panel and represented by SYSCOM SME UNCLASSIFIED

6 CORROSION CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAM The Corrosion Cross Functional Team (CFT) includes members from OPNAV, SYSCOMS, ONR, and US Coast Guard Meets Bi-Monthly to ensure ongoing and up to date forum on the state of corrosion health and challenges in the Navy Encourages cross talk between acquisition, research, logistics, and sustainment communities CFT members provide a direct link between the corrosion office and various activities, program managers, engineers, and assets Creates an up to date, knowledgeable community capable of identifying and addressing systematic corrosion issues UNCLASSIFIED 7 ORGANIZATIONAL-LEVEL CORROSION SUSTAINMENT EFFORTS IN DON AIR Maintenance Readiness Teams (MRT)

Provides Organizational-level corrosion prevention, detection and repair at fleet aviation command locations SHIPS Corrosion Control Assistance Teams (CCAT) Provides ship-board tools, training and technical expertise on organizational level corrosion repair GROUND VEHICLES Corrosion Service Teams (CST) Rate the current corrosion condition of the asset Provides on-the-lot organizational level corrosion repair and application of corrosion preventative compounds UNCLASSIFIED


1. Feedback into Acquisition 2. Training and education opportunities 3. Communication and Collaboration 4. Proper representation in Annual reporting UNCLASSIFIED 10 DON FY-14 ANNUAL REPORT ON CORROSION Requirement Title 10 USC 2228 Scope

CPC accomplishments & activities Current FY focus areas & funding levels Recommendations pertaining to Department CPC activities Audience Department of the Navy Secretary of Defense United States Congress UNCLASSIFIED 11

DON FY-15 STRATEGIC PLAN FOR CORROSION Requirement Title 10 USC 2228 Goals & Objectives Institutionalize Corrosion Prevention & Control CPC in Policy & Guidance CPC in Technology Development & Integration Education & Training for CPC Workforce Communication & Collaboration as a Tool Performance Metrics

Quantifiable metrics for success Audience Department of the Navy Secretary of Defense United States Congress UNCLASSIFIED 12 MEGA RUST 2015 JUNE 23-25, 2015 | NEWPORT NEWS , VA AMERCIAN SOCIETY OF NAVAL ENGINEERS The most current Navy-wide preservation issues will be discussed by a wide range of key

leaders and practitioners in the government, military, shipyards, intermediate and depot level repair activities, research facilities, ship owners/operators, and coatings manufacturers & suppliers. DON Corrosion Executive is orchestrating Government approvals for conference travel to facilitate this event. For 2015, this event encompasses all Navy. Newport News Marriott 740 Town Center Drive Newport News, VA 23606 Questions: [email protected] (703) 836-6727 UNCLASSIFIED 13 CORROSION EXECUTIVE STAFF Mr. Matthew Koch DEPARTMENT OF NAVY Corrosion Control & Prevention Executive Pentagon BF963 Washington, DC 20350 Cell: 302-723-9268 (best option) Pentagon: 703-614-3440

Quantico: 703-432-3471 [email protected] Ms. Elena Lucas DEPARTMENT OF NAVY Deputy Corrosion Control & Prevention Executive, Program Assessments Pentagon BF963 Washington, DC 20350 Cell: 202-834-3483 Pentagon: 703-614-0097 NRL: 202-767-4294 (best option) [email protected] DON CCPE Staff Lauren Paladino Chief of Staff [email protected] Stephen Spadafora Advisor, CCPE 2011-2014 [email protected]

Dail Thomas Advisor, CCPE 2009-2011 [email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 14

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