Lecture 8: Oct. 18, 2007 Notes: I still

Lecture 8: Oct. 18, 2007 Notes: I still

Lecture 8: Oct. 18, 2007 Notes: I still need to teach you guys floating point and division algorithm I am looking for a good ECE undergraduate student to do research with me Analog/Digital Circuit Design; Computer Architecture There is a stipend/scholarship involved Amount is unknown, but reasonable; other payment available See me after class or in OH if you are interested I will need a resume

Homework posted on web: Chapter 6 Pipelining Chapter 5 Questions; Due Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007 Paper reading: Paper Summaries, Oct. 25, 2007 Ron Ho (Sun Labs) Future of Wires Li-Shiuan Peh (Princeton) Peruse(fast reading):

A 4.6Tbits/s 3.6GHz Single-cycle NoC Router with a Novel Switch Allocator in 65nm CMOS Orion: A Power-Performance Simulator for Interconnection Networks Flit-Reservation Flow Control Part 1 of Class Project: PopNet Todays Lecture Lets start discussing the class project BTW:Sony to sell PS3 chip production lines to Toshiba What is computer architecture? A computer architect Makes design tradeoffs, given the entire sets of knowledge

Type of software applications Manages complexity and practicality Understands Amdahls Law (The Weakest Link) Understands fundamental tradeoffs: What are the changes occuring in: Technology (transistor scaling, I/O bandwidth, lasers Consumer / Enterprise Purchasing A bad architect is one who doesnt understand all

of these various issues and their interplay So what does that mean to me? Class Project Build a Interconnection Network Here is your chance to tell me what to do: A professor is used to telling how things are What if I told you I dont know what to do? Its up to you, as an architect, to help determine this I can tell you, in all honesty: I can probably build any circuit/block you ever wanted Or I know enough to know how such might be built

Given these facts, how would you change your architecture? Your Job: Class Project 1st: Take existing code set (PopNet) and understand various excitation parameters Size/Number of virtual channels Depth of input/output buffers Size/Number of tiles Type of expected network traffic (traces) This will be the first part of the homework for this week (due next Thursday)

Project: Part 2 Given the results of your simulations: What can we deduce from the design What to do next with the design NOTE: You dont need to use PopNet You can use any simulator you choose You will eventually need to revise this code End result is to come up with some interesting results Other Project Notes

You will need to revise/this C-code Extra Credit given to those people who help significantly in deciphering this code Final presentations given on Oct. 29 10-15 minutes per Class Group/Project 40% of your grade is the project If your final project results are amazing: I will try to help you write a brief paper on your idea I will write you a recommendation letter for industry/graduate school And yes, I am self-serving with this project

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