College Admission Requirements! Are you on my list?

College Admission Requirements! Are you on my list? Accuplacer will be available for you to take on Wednesday, August 15th during our class! You MUST provide me with your 8 digit student ID number from Rio by the end of class this Thursday! Not sure how to get your MEID & ID number? Directions are on the next slide! Even if you havent met your admission requirement yet you CAN still register for classes! If you are taking multiple dual classes AND you need to take the reading Accuplacer, you can take it here in our class! College Admission Requirements! How do you get your 8 digit student ID number and MEID? Go here: (this link is also in our Canvas class under Rio Registration module)

Click on Apply for Admission Follow the directions write down your MEID and your eight digit Student ID number! Bring your Student ID number to me ASAP to get you on the Accuplacer roster! Rio Registration! Everything is online! Go to my web page and click on Rio and Dual Enrollment Information OR look in Canvas under the Rio Registration module OR follow the directions on your Dual Enrollment Registration Flyer! Period 5: ENH 110 35336 Fall You must know the CORRECT section number for our class period!

Spring All ELA classes are clean classes!! To stay in our class you MUST be receiving dual credit! Please tell me as soon as possible if paying may be an issue so we can get you properly placed into another class! The quicker this happens the easier it will be for you to be caught up and not miss content, assignments, and instruction in your new class! $85 per credit hour for Maricopa County Residents One Time # of Credits for Price for three Total Fee if you

Semester our class: credits: are just taking Registration Fee OUR class: 3 $255 $15 $270 Keep in mind you can set up a payment plan through Rio if you

are unable to pay your tuition all at once! If you have questions about this, just ask! If you applied for a tuition waiver, you should have been notified about approval! Where to find registration information . . . . School Web Page! In Canvas Have questions? Just ask! I know this can be confusing!

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